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Shalimar grinned at her downed opponent before offering her hand to help her up. Emma grinned to herself as she pulled Shalimar down on top of her, not caring for the moment that they were in the dojo in plain sight.
"Adventurous today are we?" Shalimar asked teasingly. Emma just gave her a mock glare before pulling her into an intense kiss before flipping Shal onto her back and gazing down at her.
"I'm not sure I can wait until tonight Shal." Shalimar smiled widely at her until she heard someone coming down the hall. She pushed Emma away before getting into a fighting stance. Emma caught on quickly and the two were trading blows half-heartedly. Jesse leaned against the doorway watching them for a while before speaking up.
"You can cut the act already. It's just me." They stopped immediately and he grinned.
"Hey Jess." Shalimar grabbed Emma around the waist and pulled her close, causing Emma to smile fondly.
"Hey Jesse, thinkin' about getting a round in? Cause I seriously feel the need to shower." She tried to step away from Shalimar but that only made Shalimar hold onto her tighter. She glared playfully at her before giving up and leaning into her. Jesse watched the display with a content smirk, knowing they were happy together making him hopeful for his own future.
"Nah that's cool. We actually have to meet with Adam soon, so I suggest you both get ready for another mission." Shalimar groaned and buried her face in Emma's hair.
"Ok we'll be ready in half an hour ok?" Jesse nodded before leaving them be. Shalimar still hadn't moved her head and Emma had to push her shoulder to get her attention. "Come on, we gotta get ready"
Shalimar grinned. "Care to join me in-"
"Yes I would." Emma grinned before pulling Shalimar to her room so they could take a shower together as usual.

They arrived at the meeting late to find Adam had already started his brief. They split up as they entered, Shalimar standing over by Jesse and Emma sitting next to Brennan.
"They're supposedly breaking into various genetic research labs and stealing some very rare, very specific chemicals. Near as I can tell they're trying to further mutate new mutants. I don't know why or how, which is why we're going in there. So are you all ready?" They all nodded, even Emma and Shalimar though they didn't know most of what he said they'd gotten the idea of the mission. "Ok then, lets get going." They all stood up and headed to the helix.

"It looks like they're trying to...I don't know. Breed certain things from the mutants, weaknesses." Adam said as he read over Jesse's shoulder.
"What does that mean?" Shalimar asked into her com ring bored as her and Brennan played watch dogs keeping an eye out for security. Along the way Jesse had done some hacking about the company and discovered that there were orders in place to the guards to signal a self distruct of the facility if intruders were discovered and too much for them to handle, so they had to play it stealthy on this mission or they'd blow it. Literally.
"Uh well, for example, Ferals are terrified by fire. So they'd cross them with a fire elemental and problem solved." Shalimar remained silent and Emma made a note to talk to her about it later, let Shalimar vent as soon as possible before she bottle it up. Emma was in the room next to Adam and Jesse, another file room. She'd been looking through the files for nearly half an hour and still hadn't found anything useful. Just as she picked up another folder a door-which she hadn't noticed at all what with it being concealed by filing cabinets-opened up and she found herself staring straight at a researcher arguing with a security guard. She shook herself from her stupor and tried to quietly get under the desk before they noticed her but she hit her knee as she stood up. Their heads snapped to her, their eyes wide. She didn't even try to explain but began to form an attack. The guard raised his gun immediately and fired at her twice in the chest. She felt one of the bullets pass through her arm, the other in her heart. She stumbled back and fell while the guard shouted into his radio.

As soon as Shalimar heard the gunshots she knew-just knew-it was Emma. She ran into the room, kicking the door down and saw Emma on the ground, bleeding out from the wounds on her chest. She never noticed the guard but luckily Brennan did and he zapped him. The researcher ran from the room before Brennan could get to him too and before they knew it alarms were blaring throughout the facility.
But Shalimar didn't notice. She kneeled down onto the ground beside Emma, not comprehending exactly what was going on.
"Emma! Emma please! Please wake up. Please! Stop kidding around here..." Shalimar pressed her hand against the gaping wound in Emma's chest, trying to stop the bloodflow but with no hope in sight.
"Shalimar...we have to go." Adam laid a hand on her shoulder, trying to pull her up but she wouldn't move.
"Get away from me! I won't leave without her!" She glared at him over her shoulder, eyes flashing. 'I can't live without her...' she thought miserably to herself. Shalimar turned back to Emma's pale form. "Emmaplease don't do this to me!" Shalimar felt tears coursing their way down her face as she pleaded with Emma to come back to her.
"Shalimar come on we have to go, the whole place is coming down!" Brennan shouted. Distantly she heard the sounds of foundation crumbling, labs exploding a few hallways away but she didn't care. She had promised Emma she would never leave her a long time ago and she had meant it. Shalimar was grabbed by the arms and dragged away from Emma, kicking and screaming, trying desperately to get back to her, to keep her promise. The guys-Jesse and Brennan- felt her getting more and more from their grasp the more she fought. Adam-who had run into one of the labs that was only partially damaged- came up beside them, sedative at the ready.
As she felt the needle hit her arm Shalimar screamed, no "No please! Leave me! Just go! Don't take me away from her...baby I'm sorry..." Shalimar cried non stop until the drugs kicked in. As soon as she was out Brennan hoisted her onto his shoulder and they ran from the building minutes before it imploded.

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