This is a Danny Phantom/Incredibles crossover. The story is about this girl, with unlimited powers, running from an abusive past, gets adopted by the Parr family. But is there more to this girl than meets the eye? Why does she keep sneaking out at night even though the Parrs are a great family?

Late one night, somewhere between Metroville and Amity Park, a young girl of 15 ran along the road-side early on night. She had waist length jet black hair, and ice-blue eyes. She wore simple blue jeans and a plain white t-shirt. Her name was Sonya and she had been running from an abusive foster mother since she was 10. Last year, she was adopted by the Parr family. While she was greatful to have a family that cares, she had received some information at school about a month ago that changed everything.

Flashback (Sonya's P.O.V.)

"Will Sonya Parr please come to the office at once." rang out over the P.A. system.

"What did you do?" asked her boyfriend, Max.

"Nothing, it probably is just my mom making sure I brought my inhaler."

Max was by no means exceptionally cute. He had spiked black hair and brown eyes and often wore skater clothes.

At the office the principal motioned for me to take a seat. Before he even said anything, he handed me a paper. "What is this?" I asked. "Just read it." he answered. I opened the note and what I read gave me the shock of my life.

It read:

Dear Sonya Parr,

This is the NSA to inform you that you were adopted into the wrong family. You are a twin. He is in many ways like you, except he does not have regular powers, he has ghost powers. His name is Danny Fenton. If you wish we could make arrangements for you to see him, but you will have to stay with the Parr family. We wish that there was some way that you two could be together, but there is not.


Rick Dicker, NSA

End Flashback (normal P.O.V.)

So, for the last month she would sneak out at night and try to find him. Tonight, however, was different. You see, a few nights ago, during a visit to Amity Park, she ran across a house with a big sign that said: Fenton Works. So she carefully watched the household activity for a few days before determining that this was the right house. As she reached the edge of town, she changed into her half super, half ghost self, and flew through the town to the Fenton household. As a half super, half ghost, Sonya had an outfit of black and sliver colors, and her long hair pulled into a ponytail. Her hair looked brown with white stripes in it. As she neared the house she practiced what she would say, because tonight would be the night she would introduce herself to Danny and his family.

Sonya landed in front of the house, changed back, and tentatively reached up and rang the doorbell. It was only 7:00 at night, so she figured it would be o.k to come. Maddie Fenton answered. "Um...hi...I'm Sonya...and" "Oh, are you one of Danny's new friends?" Maddie asked. Danny came running to the door at hearing his name. "Hey mom did you call me?" All Maddie could do was stare at the two kids, for just as the note said, they looked a lot alike. They both had jet black hair, ice-blue eyes, and strangely enough, had similar outfits.

"Are you o.k mom?" Danny asked, "You kind of look zoned out."

"Um...if I may say something." Sonya said.

"Sure, if you are going to explain how you look almost exactly like our son Danny!" Maddie almost shouted.

This drew Jack and Jazz into the room, and they both looked just like Maddie did when they saw Danny and Sonya. Danny told Sonya to come inside to explain. She explained everything, the abusive foster parents, the adoption, and the call to the principal's office. Then she pulled out the note and handed it to Maddie and Jack. After reading the note, Maddie just started to cry.

"I never thought I'd see you again." Maddie said through her tears. Jack comforted his wife and said, "A few days after you kids were born, the doctor told us that there had been some sort of 'baby kidnapping' and that 3 babies were missing, you being one of them." Jazz some what remembered the day her parents told her that she would only get on sibbling instead of two. "Wait a minute, you mean to tell me that I'm a twin!" Danny half shouted. "Yes" Maddie said, then added, "Sonya, it is getting late, could you come by here tomorrow morning and we'll talk more?" Sonya nodded yes and then headed for the door.

Well that was chapter 1. What do you think? Please read and review, no flames. Will Sonya ever be able to live with her twin brother Danny? And what happens when her bad past comes back to hunt her?