Well, here is chapter 4: past returns, settled future.

"Grrrr, I can't believe that little brat found her twin, now together, they'll be more powerful than ever!" Mrs. Jackson screamed. "True, but you have created a whole new army of evil robot minions designed to be the ultimate robot fighters. Even Miss 'I have unlimited powers' won't be able to stop us!" Mrs. Morby shouted. "Yes, but I still think we should hire some ghost villains too." Mrs. Jackson thought out loud. "Great idea, now our victiory is sealed!" Mrs. Morby exclaimed.

"That's great!" Sonya and Danny yelled at the same time. "So you are finally going to get to live with your twin after all these years, that is great!" Sam shouted. "Yes, Rick Dicker, from the NSA, said that the paperwork has gone through, Danny is officially dissowned, so we get to adopt him." Helen said. "Yea, I'm excited to be able to live with my twin, but I've lived with my parents all my life, I still feel sad." Danny said. "Well of course you will, but in time you will get over it. And besides, I've been through this a lot, I can help you get through it." Sonya said. "I thought you only went through adoption once." Max said. "I meant going through the feeling of not being wanted. I've also gotten in trouble with the 'law' before." Sonya replied. "You have been in trouble with the 'law'?" Tucker asked. "Yea, hello, running away from my foster mom without telling the agency why." Sonya said. "Oh, I guess that makes sense." Tucker said. "Well, since we don't have to go anywhere for now, if you kids want to go see a movie or something, you can." Bob said. So Danny, Sam, Sonya, Max, Tucker, Violet, and Dash all went to the movie theater.

They arrived at the movie theater, but hardly had any time to pick a movie, when some of Mrs. Jacksons robot minions and newly hired ghost villains appeared. "We'll go change." Dash and Violet said. "Going ghost!" Danny shouted. "Going ultimate!" Sonya shouted as Max, Tucker, and Sam ran off tho find a place to hid. "You say, 'going ultimate'?" Danny asked as Violet and Dash came back out. "Yea, because I have unlimited powers." "Okay, now that we have all reached an understanding on our battle cry, how about we kick their butt!" Violet shouted. Danny and Sonya flew up at the three ghost villains and Dash and Violet ran at the two robot minions. Sonya quickly wiped out the ghost she fought, and then swooped down to help out Violet and Dash, who were not doing so good. The one robot was chasing Dash, the robot fired a missle off at Dash. Dash could not dodge it quick enough and got hit on the arm. "Owwww, I can't help anymore." Dash stuttered. "Fine, go over there with Max." Sonya said and pointed to where they were hidding.

The three continued in a heated battle on getting ahead, and falling behind. They had destroyed the three ghosts but were having a hard time defeating the two robots. "We need more help." Violet shouted and went off tho the side to call in her parents. "Mom, dad, we need you down by the movie theater, now!" She hung up and went back in to help. In a short while, the Incredibles appeared. Then battle countinued to not go so well, and everyone was starting to get tired. Sonya multiplied into 3 and each fired at on robot, imoblizing it long enough for Mr. Incredible to disarm it. One down one to go. They tried to disrtact the robot and have someone sneak up on the robot, but it did not work. So next they tried an all out fire approach, but it still fought it off. Then just as they thought they were about to lose, Mrs. Jackson appeared in the dust.

"Ahhhhh." Sonya screamed as she ran to hid. 'Strange, the most universal fighter, is scared of a nonpowerful person.' Danny thought. But he would soon find out why Sonya was scared of her. Violet ran for cover also, right as she started to run, Mrs. Jackson changed into a big dragon. 'Wow, correction, she has powers.' Danny thought. Danny flew over to Sam and Tucker. "Guys, do you have anything on a dragon's weakness?" Danny asked them. But as Danny was talking to them, the robot fired at him, hitting him. Sonya saw this, and even though she was scared, she knew she had to do something. She flew at the robot, and when it was off guard fired a huge blast at it, destroying it. Because she knew that she could not defeat the dragon alone, she went over to Danny to see if he was okay. Fortunatley the hit only skimmed him. Together, they flew up at the dragon and started to fight it. They both started to fire at it at the same time. It seemed to be working for awhile, it could only dodge some of the shots. But when it looked like it was gaining strenght, Sonya traped it in a force field and told Danny to get ready to suck it into the thermos. "I'm going to open a little space in the shield, then you suck it in the thermos." Sonya shouted. She slowly opened a little space in the shield, and as she did, Danny sucked it in the thermos. They had won, and now nothing stood in their way of becoming a family.

Back at home, Sonya said, "That was awsome!" "You think it is awsome to fight ghosts and evil robots?" Sam questioned. "Yea, ever since I got my powers, I have not had much of a chance to use them for good. Now that Danny is around, all those ghosts that come after him will keep coming, so now I'll get to help in the fight now. I'll get to reach my full potential." "Well, I guess when you look at it that way, I guess fighting ghosts won't be that bad." Danny said. "Yep, and just think I'll get to work on a power I have not had much of a chace to work with. It is like a ghost portal power, where I could hit a ghost with it and it would send it back to the ghost zone." Sonya said. "Cool, power, but first, I think I'd like to see that movie, our first step to being a family." Danny said. They went and watched the movie, and had a great time, and really started to be a family. Sam, Tucker and Max quickly became good friends too.

Well that is my story. I could not think of anything else to write. But I might do a sequal if you guys have some good ideas (I only have a few). I'm currently working on another story called: Love: one wild ride. It will be about how Danny tells Sam he loves her, and what happens as a result of it. Please R&R, no flames.