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This story takes place at least a decade after Rin first began traveling with Sesshoumaru-sama and Jaken. She is now a young woman, but still very happy in her place as the ward of Sesshoumaru-sama. I'm a fan of Rin/Sess. I'm a fan of Sess/justaboutanybody. However, this happens to be a Adult Rin/Jaken, so if that bothers you, please stop reading now. This is in the Rin/Sess category because Sesshoumaru plays a major role in the story (that and they don't have a category for Jaken) If you're brave/have strong stomach/are in love with Jaken, then by all means please continue reading: sit back, have a few laughs and enjoy!

Sesshoumaru-sama had not been back for Rin in a very long time. He'd never left her alone for so many months before. Rin marked the passing of time with little 'x's on the tree just off the castle grounds, but she'd lost count after the fifth month.

"How long has Sesshoumaru-sama been away, Master Jaken?"

"Leave me alone, you annoying girl."

Rin turned away from the small, grumpy imp who was slumped against under the very tree where she made her daily marks, his ever-present staff of heads across his lap. Master Jaken had been her sole companion for…she finally decided that ten months seemed about right.

His company, grumpy or not, did not bother her. She was accustomed to being left for long periods with her Lord's loyal servant. After all these years, she rather enjoyed his company. Yet still, she ached for another person to talk to, ached to see another face. The two had not been far from the castle grounds since Sesshoumaru had left, having plenty of supplies to last them through the winter. So it was just she and Jaken.

Rin sang a song idly to herself as she carefully made her way through the brush and into the forest in search of the late summer mushrooms that she hoped might still be growing. At least, she mused, that would be a welcome change for her dulled palate. Jaken, as well, would appreciate this treat, the fleshy brown mushrooms being among his favorites. He preferred them raw, however, but Rin had in her mind a skewer full of juice-filled beauties baked slowly in the hot rocks of the fire.

"Jaken, prepare a fire. I will be back in a couple of hours, okay."

Jaken did not answer. He was already snoring away peacefully in the noonday sun.


Rin returned as the sun dipped low and red at the horizon, her face and hands grubby and hair pulled almost completely free of its bindings by low-hanging branches and brush. Her face held a contented expression, however, since she was holding a basket full of shitake and woodear mushrooms. Her foray had surpassed her expectations. She paused for a moment on the slope just off of the forest, looking down at the collection of gray and brown buildings she had called home for the last eight years. She closed her eyes and imagined Sesshoumaru-sama's white robes and silvery hair, shining like a star among the twilight landscape.

She sighed, trailing her finger across her lips in a sensual yet innocent gesture. How many times she had imagined running her fingers through those silken locks and over the magenta stripes that decorated his pale, smooth features. Those stripes fascinated her, perhaps because without them, he might have appeared otherwise human. The stripes always reminded her that he was different. He would always be there for her, would never abandon her. He was the eternal Sesshoumaru-sama, immortal and unswerving in his purpose. A human might lose interest, might be swayed away from her by any number of temptations and forget his charge. A human might die. Sesshoumaru-sama would never die. With him, she need not fear—not physical danger, nor the danger of being left alone again.

"Sesshoumaru-sama," Rin whispered, a cool, evening breeze from valley below whipping her dark hair completely free of its bindings. To anyone watching, the young girl, though her face was smudged with dirt, glowed with the soft radiance of youth, her beauty unmistakable under the disheveled appearance.

"Rin, Riiin, where have you been off to for so long!" Rin was startled out of her reverie by Jaken's raspy cry. "You ungrateful girl, I've been searching for you for hours. Why do you always insist on wandering off when Sesshoumaru-sama is absent?" Jaken's scolding continued, but Rin had long ago learned to block out the high-pitched admonishments. As Jaken joined her by her side, hoping up and down in the height of his tirade, Rin shook her errant locks away from her face and started walking towards home.

Watching the girl depart, her dark hair trailing down her back and waving with each step, Jaken finally fell silent. He had been her only spectator as she had stood on the hill, appearing unusually radiant with her hair tossing freely in the wind and eyes closed in a peaceful expression. She is becoming a lovely young woman, that one has. I wonder if Sesshoumaru-sama has noticed. Her eighteenth birthday has passed and I do not even think she herself even realized it. I would not think that he would care for a human for so long. She is pleasant enough, I suppose.

He shook his head and trailed after her in uncharacteristic silence.

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