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Jaken had been horrified to find Rin's quarters empty and her husband staggering about outside their hovel, calling her name.

What had happened, Jaken wondered fearfully. Was he perhaps too late?

He felt numb as he slipped into the forest, not even bothering to check the area for the attack dog from the previous day.

Have I come too late? Rin, my dear Rin, where are you?

Visions of everything from youkai attacks, bandits, to accidental drowning all flashed through his head. Rin had always had a penchant for getting herself into trouble.

Jaken moved through the trees at a brisk pace, wondering if he should go to Sesshoumaru-sama with his little problem. After a short deliberation, he decided against this course of action since he was fairly certain his master's voyage into the emotive waters of the soul would not be long-lived. If he were to find Rin and reinstate their little human successfully back into to their little group, his chances of success would be greatly improved if he worried his master as little as possible with the messy details.

And he would not lose Rin again, not while there was still a chance.

His Rin. His Rin had made him a better imp, a stronger imp. He would do anything for her, even if it meant…

Would he even be willing to leave Sesshoumaru-sama to be with Rin?

Yes, anything, a part of him demanded. Another part was not so sure of this, but it was still enough. He charged ahead. He would stop at nothing to save his beautiful Rin.

All the rest of the night and well into the next day Jaken followed what he believed to be Rin's trail through the forest. Since his olfactory senses were not well-developed, he relied mainly on his knowledge of Rin's habits, his visual tracking skills, and, of course, his gut instincts.

Needless to say, he was far away from the path Rin had taken into the forest. To make matters worse, he had gotten himself lost as well.

Fortunately, Rin's wilderness skills were slightly better. She had doubled back in search of the familiar pathways which might lead her to her former master and his retainer and her current course, with any luck, should lead her straight across the imp's path.

Jaken lay sprawled across the wide, mossy roots of a cedar tree, snoring loudly. It was early afternoon and sunlight dappled the forest floor. Having fallen asleep just before dawn, the imp slumbered away, oblivious to the noon-time sun.

His fingers twitched and he shifted his head. He was dreaming.

Lord Jaken, leader of the imps, had just returned from a great battle against the dreaded goblin tribe. Stumbling across the threshold of the leader's hut, he was met by a familiar voice as well as the pleasant smell of cooked lizard.

"Jaken-sama," Rin turned from her cooking and bowed low to him as he stood in the doorway, "I hope that you have fared well in your campaign. We are so lucky to have someone as brave, intelligent, powerful, brilliant, …."

She continued on like this for some time before the imp saw fit to interrupt her praise, "Rin, my love, you are too kind. Save your breath. The only thanks I require is to find you waiting here at the end." He then gave her a lecherous wink, "That, and perhaps a kiss, my lovely princess."

"How about something even better," Rin replied saucily and proceeded to let her kimono drop to the floor. She wore nothing underneath.

"Ah, w-well now, OH, y-yes. This is much better than a kiss," Jaken stuttered, his eyes bulging out of his head.

Rin waggled her hips in a very alluring but very unRin-like fashion, "come and get it, big boy."

The imp stepped forward and pulled the nude young woman against him, "Don't tease me, wench."

"Lord Imp, you haven't seen anything yet."

She ever so slowly lowered herself until she was kneeling before him. After a brief shuffling of clothing, his pants were tugged down to his knees and Rin leaned forward eagerly.

"Aaaah." Jaken threw his head back in blissful abandon, entangling his fingers in her raven locks as she…..


entangling his fingers in her soft, raven locks as she began to…

"Jaken, Jaken! Wake up! It's Rin."

Dammit why can't they just let him sleep for a minute longer! … she began to sensually move her head up and…

"Jaken, wake up." A pair of strong hands gripped his shoulders and shook him violently.

"Just one more minute, Sesshoumaru-sama," Jaken murmured, clenching his eyes shut and willing himself back to sleep.

...The Lord Imp gasped in pleasure, and suddenly another figure, clad all in white, stepped across the threshold. " I also hope to be of service to you, Lord Jaken," Sesshoumaru-sama intoned, "allow me to drop my robes and then I, too, will drop to my knees before you." The inuyoukai's clawed hand began tugging off his robes…



Jaken's dreamworld fantasies faded before his mind's eye as freezing cold water ran over his cheeks and down his back. In their place stood Rin, her face smudged with travel dust and her kimono ripped in several places. Not in any of the right places, however, a lecherous voice from the back of his mind observed.

Jaken stood up and shook his head in attempt to rid himself of his sleep-time alter-ego, spraying water in all directions.

"Jaken, stop it, you're getting me all wet."

"And how is it that I have come to be wet in the first place."

"You wouldn't awaken. I was worried."

"So you doused me with icy cold water," he replied acidly, still slightly bitter that his dream had been interrupted twice during the best parts.

Rin giggled and hugged the imp to her, wet clothes and all.

Jaken's irritation melted away as she pulled him close in a tender gesture. He sighed and relaxed into her embrace. Her arms felt so warm and comforting. Somehow, he no longer minded not having finished the dream after all. He would gladly choose this reality over smut-filled fantasy any day.

"It's good to have you back, Rin."

"Am I back?"

"Trust me, Rin, trust me."

Imp and human stood in front of their master in the pouring rain. The rain had begun shortly before they arrived back at the camp. If the gloomy weather were any sign of things to come, it did not bode well.

I don't think I've ever felt so nervous in my entire life, Rin thought as her stomach completed a series of nervous flip-flops under Sesshoumaru-sama's fierce, cold gaze. His amber eyes seemed the only hue not washed gray and dismal by the steady rain. They seemed to blaze with an unknown emotion for a brief moment, which she could only pray was not anger. Jaken had asked her to trust him, but now looking into those cold eyes it seemed so hopeless. Jaken covered her hand in his own an squeezed it comfortingly. He seemed to be waiting for something.

However, Rin could wait not any longer, her nerves were already fraying at the edges.

"Sesshoumaru-sama," Rin began softly, "I know it is your wish that I live with my own kind, but…."

Suddenly, Rin was at a loss of words and her master did not look in the least moved.

After all of my longing, all of my pain, all of my homesickness, why should I now be unable to speak of my deep love for the two youkai who stand before me. I am unable to declare my need to be welcomed once again back with my lord and Jaken. This is my only chance and I can't go back.

Warm tears streamed down her checks, mixing with the cool raindrops there. She must try.

Jaken squeezed her hand once again. He gave her a small, reassuring smile, but she paid him no heed. A feeling of panic was rising in her chest.

Pulling from the imps grasp, Rin threw herself forward, grasping Sesshoumaru-sama's hoari tightly in her fists and began sobbing against his chest. As before, the inuyoukai stood there stiffly, unresponsive.

Gripping his hoari tighter, Rin felt despair creep into her heart. He was not responding. He was likely repulsed by her uncontrollable sobbing and sickening display of emotion. He would throw her off of him any second now and he and Jaken would walk out of her life again.

This time, it would be forever.

That thought pierced her heart, causing her to begin whimpering hysterically.

"Se-seshoumaruu-samaaa," Rin wailed pitifully, "I'm so sorry. Please, I'll do anything, just take me back. I love you. I love Jaken. I promise...," she grasped as straws, reverting to a childlike state in her panic, " I promise to be good. Don't leave me, Sesshoumaru-sama!"

Rin slumped against her master, still sobbing. A black despair settled over her heart and she waited for the moment when she would be ripped away from her master and left, alone and crying, in the rain.

She cringed as she felt a clawed hand against the back of her head. I have so offended my lord that he would kill me for it. It this is to be my fate, then so be it, she thought with feeling of acceptance tinged with fear.

But his hand simply rested gently against her hair. After a few moments, his fingers began moving back and forth over her head in what could only be a comforting gesture.

Does my Sesshoumaru-sama still want me after all? A flood of relief warmed Rin's stricken heart and mind and she sighed contentedly against her master as he continued his gentle ministrations. Trust me Rin, Jaken's words came back to her in a rush. She turned her head slightly, peeking at the imp. He looked positively triumphant.

"Thank you, Sesshoumaru-sama,' she whispered into his hoari, "Thank you, Jaken."

The next day, the sun was shining brightly in the clear blue sky as if there had been no drenching rain the night before. An air of contentment settled over the motley group of travelers –inuyoukai, imp, and the young human riding astride a dragon-steed—as they made their way towards home. You would not know by looking at the inyoukai lord who strode several paces in front, his expression was as cold as stone. However, the girl and imp both positively glowed with good humor.

Rin clasped her kimono tightly around her shoulders, but the chill found its way to her bare skin nonetheless. She hardly noticed the cold. She was lost in her memories. The three of them had made so many journeys through the years. It felt right for them all to be traveling together once again. She glanced at the imp walking below. Jaken had always provided a welcome sparring partner and, often, comic relief. I wonder….Things are so happy now, things are back to normal. We are all back together again. Does that mean that Jaken and I will eventually fall back into having more…. intimate relations again? The thought made her face redden in embarrassment.

Feeling a pair of eyes boring into the top of his head, Jaken looked up and caught Rin's questioning gaze. By the intense look in her eyes and the blushto her cheeks, she can only be thinking about one thing…. A smirk worked at the corners of his mouth.

Jaken winked.

Rin blushed again.

And the three travelers continued on their way.


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