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--Field of dead bodies--

"O my. I'm defiantly getting closer. Soon I shall meet up with Inuyasha. Then he and I shall be together forever. Especially since I've already killed Kikyo. All that stands in the way is that Kagome girl. I shall prove my love to Inuyasha by killing his new lover and his ex-lover." said a crazy human.








"Listen Kagome, you gotta hear me out. I'm not a pervert." Inuyasha yelled.

"Then why did you lift up my skirt and grab the back of my thigh?"

"Because I had to!"

"What? Would I have died if you hadn't felt me up?"

"No, but Myoga was on your thigh and you would have killed him if you had found him on your thigh."

"Your still a pervert."


"How would you know he was on my thigh, unless you were looking at my thigh.?"

"Ummmm... I can explain."

"OK explain."

Ummm. Can you give me a minute to think of an excuse...I mean...I smelt him around your thigh?"

"Nice move, Mr. Smooth. SIT"


"I'm going back to camp now. I'll speak to you when your not a pervert anymore." Kagome turned on her heal and headed back to camp.

Inuyasha picked up his head and tackled Kagome. They fell to the ground just as sword landed where Kagome had been standing seconds ago.

"Dammit. I missed. O well second times the charm." said the crazy human.

"Why the hell did you attack us?" Inuyasha screamed.

"Because she need to DIE!" The human attacked Kagome again, but was thrown back by Inuyasha.

"Why the hell do you want to kill Kagome?" Inuyasha asked.

"Because once she's out of the picture we can finally show the world our love!" screamed the human.

"Why the hell do you think I would love you, a GUY, when I can love a WOMAN!" Inuyasha screamed.

"O well." Jakotsu said. "You'll learn to love me."

"No. I could never love you when Kagome..IS MY MATE!"

Wow. I got bored so I thought of a new story. I hope you like it. It won't be too long. Maybe ten chapters at the most, unless people really like the story. Review.

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