Sadly, it is now time for this story to come to an end. I was seriously considering just deleting it, but that would be mean. I have seen every episode so I've stopped watching the anime and that has been the reason behind the lack of updates. My other stories will also be ending soon, but I will writing more stories, but sadly they will most likely NOT be Inuyasha ones. I have truly enjoyed writing this and it gives me good pleasure to bring you this one last laugh.

I would like to remind everyone that this is a Humor story; therefore this is a funny/weird chapter.

Actually, it's a pretty retarded chapter, but whatever.

I do NOT own Inuyasha and Co. if I did I would have lots of money and would by D.Grey-Man manga.

- With Inuyasha and Kagome -

"Inuyasha, tell me again why I have to feed you by hand?" Kagome asked.

"I injured it getting fire wood, remember?" Truth be told he just had the overwhelming need for Kagome to hand feed him.

- With Jakotsu and Menomaru -

"Today we shall conquer over Inuyasha and Kagome. I call upon all the moths of Japan; COME TO THE CAVE SO WE MAY ASSEMBLE OURSELFS FOR BATTLE!!!" Menomaru yelled.

"That is a very bad idea," Came the voice of his homosexual assistant.

"Why is that?" Menomaru questioned at Jaktosu's reamark.

"Because this place is way too old too hold all those moths" Jakotsu said camly. Too camly.

As the words came out of Jakotsu's mouth the small cave began to fill with moths. As their wings fluttered in a mothy sort of way the walls around them shook. Stalactites on the ceiling trembled with such force that they fell and impaled the many moth monsters, causing others to cry in pain, and beg their master for a larger gathering area in which to gather in.

"Oh snap, this is so not happening," Menomaru said.

"What? You mean the authoress and authoress assistant's horrible puns, or the fact that we're dying…again?" Jakotsu yelled.

"Mostly the first one," Menomaru yelled.

"Yeah, I get what you mean. Dying isn't that big of a deal when you've already died twice," Jakotsu said while fixing his hair. Atfer all, who wanted to be having a bad hair day when they entered hell? Not him.

"Only you would say that." menomaru said accepting his fate.

Those were the last words spoken from either one of them. Mainly because they died, and partially because the angered the person in control of the keyboard.

- With Inuyasha and Kagome -

Eventually Inuyasha and Kagome made it back to the group where they explained the situation to Miroku, Sango and Shippo. After many, many, many months of pretending to be mates, they eventually decided to be true to their feelings.

When Naraku found out about the commit Inuyasha made to Kagome (for he too was in love with the half demon) he became mentally unstable, and revealed himself to actually be two sadist female midgets. The midgets have spilt up and are currently looking for employment by being Japans number one handy man-er woman.

Inuyasha and Kagome have decided not to have kids because they are smelly little bastards that pull hair and ask dumb questions.

Miroku and Sango have also chosen the path that Inuyasha and Kagome have created.

Now the four of them live together happily while Shippo was forced to America to create a chain of restaurants know as Subway. He is now super rich and visits them ever other year.

Sesshomaru also moved to America and has over time taken on different people. His most recent disguise is none other than Bill Gates and Rin is the person we know as Phoebe from friends.

Jaken is Micheal Jackson and has lost contact with everyone.

The End

Sorry for the randomness but I wanted to go out with an odd bang. Sorry if you don't like but, but o well. I hope you laughed a lot whilst reading this story and while continue to laugh at the odd existence that I call my life. If you are ever in Smithville give me a buzz.

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