Search Party

By Kikofreako


Sora's whereabouts are unknown, Kairi has some strange power, and what's up with this Blonde Haired Kid that's carrying around a set of Keyblades? Everything's spinning out of control as Donald, Goofy, the Destiny Islands crew and the FF crew are jammed together in efforts to find a certain brunette. SoraXKairi Some: Squiffie and SelphieXTidus


If I owned Kingdom Hearts, would I be writing this fanfic? Didn't think so.

The Random Quote of d00m:

"Wardrobe malfunction." -Kairi


Clothing flew helter-skelter as one frustrated redhead attempted to find yet another outfit for the day. "Stupid skirt...stupid shirt...stupid life..." Stopping momentarily, she yelled loudly. "MOMMMM! Do you have one of my shirts down there?"

"They're in the third drawer, Kairi."

Sure enough, there were the white, starched, school-issue shirts, all neatly folded of course. "THANKS MOM!" She pulled the itchy thing over her head, and tried to pull a brush over her hair. "Stupid hair..."

"Kairi! You're going to be late!"

She glanced at her clock. 6:50. Ten minutes!

Racing down the stairs, she grabbed her messenger bag, stuffing in last night's homework.

"Did you have breakfast?"



"Geez! I'll eat a banana on the way." With that, Kairi grabbed one and slammed the door running in the direction of the school.


Selphie watched Kairi kick up dust as she flew over the crest of the hilltop. "Where have you been? School's almost started!"

"Wardrobe malfunction."

The brunette screwed up her face. "Don't use that expression. It creeps me out for some strange reason. And why are you holding a banana?"

Shrugging, Kairi threw the banana into a bush and dug inside her bag for her homework. "Mom's Breakfast Brigade again. And I didn't finish our math homework."

Selphie groaned. "Again? Kairi!"

"I'm sorry! I had...things to do last night."

"Like what? Hiding in the Secret Place half the night?"

A hurt expression crossed Kairi's face. So what if she was in there a lot. It seemed to be the only thing left of Sora that she had.

"Look...I'm sorry. I just don't like seeing you depressed."

"I'm not depressed."

The brunette was about to say something else when the bell cut her off. "Time to go in."

Sighing, Kairi stuffed her blank assignment into her bag. "Yay. Another day of Mrs. Reich."



The bell sounded, signaling the end of another school day. Selphie jumped out of her seat and grabbed her pencils, flying out the door in her usual hyperactive style. Scanning the hallways, she spotted a crown of reddish-brown hair. "Kairi! Over here!" Waving her arms, she smiled happily as the Kairi made her way though the crowd. "How was your day?"

"Oh, you know." Holding out a pink slip, she smiled ruefully. "Only a half-hour though."

"The detention room has become your home lately."

Shrugging, Kairi turned and headed for the room. "At least I'm not on drugs!" she yelled.

Selphie's horrified expression changed as she realized that Kairi was joking. "HEY! Don't even joke about that!"

Kairi let herself smile quietly. Selphie was hilarious. Then, without a word, she handed the pink slip to her science teacher, the lucky one on duty.

"Nice to see you again, Miss Jacobs." Glancing at the paper, he looked over the CAUSE section. "Unwilling to participate in class." He sighed. "What happened, Kairi? You were never in detention before the Heartless attack. And that's fine now."

It was far from fine.

"I don't like to talk about it." She sat down in her seat and abruptly dug around her bag to make up that stupid math assignment. Who cares about sure has heck didn't help any of us in the Heartless attack... where's the stupid assignment anyways? Her hand hit something round. What the...

She pulled out the object and almost had a heart attack. It was a gummi block..

Okay. Calm Kairi. You don't even know how to use it.

"Umm... Mr. Lupein?" Tentatively, she got out of her seat and walked up to the desk, placing the small object on his desk. "Have you ever seen one of these before?"

He looked at it, amazement coming across his face. "Where did you get this?"

"I- um...found it..."

"This is a gummi block. A navigation, if I'm not mistaken."


Clearing his throat, Mr. Lupein went into Teacher-Mode. "Navigation as it specifically refers to a place."

Oh my gosh...

"Unfortunately, most parts of the technology were lost years ago. Something rendered the ships useless. We have some blocks- like these- but they're mostly just building, not navigation. Even if we did succeed in building a ship, it would have nowhere to go."

It was all Kairi could do to stop from pounding the desk in frustration and screaming aloud in frustration. "Can we make navigation pieces?"

The teacher leaned back casually in his chair, handing the small, rounded piece back to Kairi. "I don't know. We've never had a piece to go off of. And...we don't know the location of other worlds. If, per se, this piece was to another world, and if we could find the location of Destiny Islands in the cosmos, it might be possible. But we would have to translate that into the gummi ship's language, then make the actual ship. It's all skirting on impossible." He paused. "Besides- something made it so the ships work just as well as us wishing ourselves to other worlds."

Clutching the piece, Kairi smiled again for the second time in the day. "I've found wishing to be pretty powerful."


A silver-haired teen sat on the beach, his eyes closed as headphones blasted music into his ears. Casually, he opened one eye.

"Hey Tidus."

The blonde threw his sword on the ground. "How did you know! I was really quiet.."

"Not quiet enough."

Tidus looked away, then squinted. "What the... Kairi?"

The redhead ran as fast as her legs could carry her, shoes lost long ago somewhere on the beach. The hot sand stung her bare feet as they slapped against the ground. Skidding to a halt, she rummaged through her bag while talking rapidly. So quicky, in fact, that neither Riku or Tidus could understand what she was saying.


"KAIRI! Slow."

She took an exaggerated breath. "I was in detention-"


Kairi shot a "look" at Tidus and continued. "Like I said. I was in detention, trying to find my math homework. And this is what I found." She took a the piece out and set it in Riku's gloved hand.

"I can't believe it." Riku stared at the object in his hand. "A gummi."

Tidus stared. "A gummi? What's a gummi?"

Closing his hand around the little parcel, Riku looked up, smiling a slightly eerie smile. "A gummi is part of a rocket."

Realization slowly formed on Tidus' face. "A we might be able to other worlds?"

Kairi sat down on the sand. "I don't know." Relaying everything Mr. Lupein had told her, she added her own personal tidbit of information. "When I was with Donald, Goofy, Leon...those guys. They kept talking about the 'walls'. They keep the worlds isolated- the Heartless is the only thing that kept them down. Now that Ansem is gone, they're back up again."

"How do we get past them?"

"Word is, we can't."

Riku stretched, than looked at the two teens cheekily. "Impossible is nothing."



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