Disclaimer: None of the main characters are mine, but I would love to adopt J.Cena one day.

Authors Note: This is my first time writing a John Cena fic. So scared!

"So, you ever going to tell me what this is all about?"

While pretending to be enthralled in the almost-empty Corona bottle he was nursing, Chris sarcastically asked the person seated across from him: "Can't one man offer to buy another man a steak dinner without there being something up his sleeve?"

If this had been anyone else, John might've said that he guessed so, but seeing as though he was seated at a fancy restaurant with none other than Chris Jericho seated across from him, his quick witted response was: "Maybe...but not when that man is you--so, spill it, Jericho."

After letting out a small chuckle and then placing his beer back down on the table, Chris outwardly told John that he reminded him a lot of himself, "Especially when I first came into the WWE."

Not knowing what he was supposed to say to that, John kept quiet until it looked like Chris was about to continue.

"That fact is the reason why I brought you here tonight...I wanted to tell you face-to-face that after our rematch on Monday, I'm leaving the WWE--probably for good."

To say that John was surprised by that news would be an understatement.

There had been rumors going around backstage for a while now that Jericho's head wasn't really into wrestling anymore and that he had plans to fully commit to his band, Fozzy, but John had just thought that to be wishful thinking on everyone's part. He didn't really think that Chris was actually thinking of leaving the wrestling business for good. He couldn't believe it.

Not really knowing what to say, John waited a second to process this information before asking the older man what this had to do with him.

"More than you think." Chris outwardly replied, in a tone that clearly showed his sadness on the subject. "Like I told you before, I was just like you when I first entered into the WWE. I was younger, more attractive, and in better shape than most of these guys in this business. I was on the top of the world..."

"But then something happened to me...I woke up one day and discovered that I had completed everything that I wanted to do in this business. I had become the Intercontinental champion seven times, the WWF world champion twice, the WWF championship tag team champion three times, and the international, hard-core and heavyweight champion as well. I had done everything and I had nowhere else to go--and the fans could tell as well. I started getting yawns during my matches and boos even when I played a face. That's why I've decided to go peruse something else--somewhere else."

"That something else being Fozzy?"

If Chris had noticed the slight hint of amusement in John's voice, he didn't comment on it. "Yes, Fozzy...among other things. I have a lot of projects coming in right now and I'm going to take every chance I can get--and I think you should too."

Before Chris could continue on, John angrily replied: "If you think I'm just going to quit wrestling because you're having some mid-life crisis, then you can just forget it."

Noticing the tension in John's voice caused Chris to mentally back up a little and start over from the beginning. "That's not what I meant...what I mean is that, while you're wrestling I think you should really look at the offers that people are throwing at you. Your debut album is doing pretty good right now, but whose to say your next one will do just as well? And yeah, all the fans are screaming your name and the ladies are throwing themselves at you outside of every venue, but what happens when another wrestler comes in whose not only younger than you but also is ten times better looking than you as well. What are you going to do then?"

"I'm going to do what I always do...fight as hard as I can to stay on top and then when I'm there, I'm going to turn around and wave to all the people I passed bygetting up there."

Knowing that was something he would've said a few years ago, as well, caused Chris to smirk a little before continuing with: "I'm not trying to tell you what to do, by all means. I'm just telling you that you should keep your options open. I mean, look at Dwayne and Austin. They both probably felt the same way that I do and look at them now, they both have hit movies under their belts and still have time to wrestle every now and then, as well. They've made themselves into franchises and I think if you play your cards right, you can, as well. Just think about it, all right?"

As their waiter made his way back to their table with the check, John couldn't help but let Chris's question hang in the air for a few minutes before outwardly replying: "All right, I'll think about it."

" let's get the hell out of here before the waiter realizes I really don't have any money on me to pay for this."

Next part soon.