Authors Note: For this to work, I got to change history a little bit, but you know, that always happens in fan-fiction. :( Sorry.

December 15, 2008

"96..97..98..99...100..all right, ladies, that was the last set. Now, what do you say we hit the showers?"

After rolling his eyes at his best friend's comment, John had to hold back a small chuckle as one of the females in front of him retorted "In your dreams, Orton," before taking a sip out of the water bottle that set beside her; afterwords asking if they were still on for tomorrow night.

"Same time, same place," Randy commented, before helping Maria and then Melina off of the work-out mats they had been doing their crunches on. And then waiting until the two girls were safely out of hearing range, before replying: "What I wouldn't give for a piece of that?"

Knowing that the other man was all talk caused John to joke: "All you gotta do is cancel your wedding with Sam and I'm sure you could make it happen with at least one of them."

While making his way over to the work-out bench so they could finish their work-out routine for the night, Randy asked the other man if he had met his fiancee yet. "She'd kill both me and you if she even thought we were having this conversation...I told you her dad's an ex-Marine, right? They know how to kill a man in 26 different ways without ever getting caught...even my dad's afraid of her and they haven't even met one another yet."

After chuckling at the image of Bob Orton scared of Randy's fiancee, who barely reached John's chest at 5'3, Cena admitted to Randy that Samantha was a little bit on the scary side but that's what had attracted Randy to her in the first place.

She never took any shit from him.

"So, are you ever going to tell me what Jericho wanted to talk to you about earlier?"

Waiting until after he had handed Randy the weight so they could begin spotting one another, John replied: "He wanted to talk to me about my future outside of wrestling. He said I should look into maybe doing some acting or another CD sometime soon."

While concentrating on the bench presses he was doing, Randy furrowed his eyebrows in confusion while asking John why the older man was so concerned. "What? Does he think just because he's about to retire from the business we all have to leave, as well?"

I guess I wasn't the only one who heard that rumor going around.

"I don't know...I told him I'd think about it, though...I mean, Vince did make us take all of those acting classes a while back. We might as well put them to good use."

After giving Cena the weight back, silently telling the other man he was finished with his first set, Orton commented: "McMahon made us take those classes so we wouldn't screw up during our promos-not so we could retire from wrestling early and become some big shot Hollywood movie star...Jericho might want to do that, but there's no way in hell I would do so. I didn't think you would, either."

Knowing Randy really wouldn't understand where he or Jericho was coming from given the fact that Randy had never wanted to do anything but follow in his dad and grandfather's footsteps and become a professional wrestler caused John to wait until he had switched places with his friend, with him now lying down on the weight bench, before continuing with: "I didn't say I was thinking about retiring, I just said I was thinking about maybe taking up some acting or something else outside of wrestling. You know as well as I do, that the injury rate in our business is sky high right now. So, what if I put a couple of eggs in a couple of different nests just in case one day I need something to fall back on. It's just a thought-nothing more, nothing less."

After a second or two of letting Cena's words hang in the air, Randy let out a small sigh before saying that he didn't particularly agree with the move, but he would support John's decision whether he liked it or not.

"That's the spirit! I knew I could count on take this weight off of me before I accidentally strangle myself with it."

December 18, 2008


"Hey, at least with that one, you can work on your Spanish accent-cause believe me when I tell you that it sucks."

Without even bothering to reply to that statement, John pointed his middle finger up in Randy's direction, before turning back to the papers that were seated in front of him. "I still can't believe Stephanie got all these people to send me their scripts. I just told her two days ago that I was considering looking at some movie roles."

While casually flipping through one of the scripts that Cena had spread out in front of him, Randy retorted: "You actually think she just got these in the last two days? Stacey told me that people send Stephanie and Vince all kinds of scripts and different what-nots for us wrestlers. But unless you bring it up to her first, Stephanie doesn't think to let you know about it. It's kind of like: what you don't know, wont hurt you."

I guess...John commented to himself, before realizing what Randy had just said and raising an eyebrow in surprise: "Samantha still lets you talk to Stacey?"

Stacey was Randy's ex on-screen girlfriend and off-screen hook-up buddy. They had literally been joined at the hip until Randy had met Samantha a year and a half ago and the younger woman had told him that it had to be just her or nothing at all. He had reluctantly gone the monogamous route after that.

"Like I said...what she doesn't know wont hurt her...or me, for that matter. As far as Samantha's concerned, me and Stacey were never more than just friends. She's even coming to our wedding later this month."

Uh-oh, I smell trouble...John quickly thought to himself, but before he could voice his concerns to the other man, a knock at the door was heard, causing the thought to be pushed aside for the moment.

"I'll get it," Randy commented, before making his way towards the door to their hotel room; slightly surprised when, upon opening it, he found Stephanie's assistant Gladys behind it. "Don't tell me...more scripts for the movie king?"

"You know it," The older woman commented, before taking a bunch of papers out of her bag, handing them to Randy, and then afterwords handing the younger man two manila envelopes as well. "Also, Stephanie told me to drop these off to you two as well. There your story line books for the rest of the month. If you have any questions, you can call me on my cell. If not, have a good night and tell John to do the same."

With that being said, Gladys was gone just as quickly as she had came; causing Randy to shake his head slightly as he closed the door behind her. "That is one lady who deserves a break..I wouldn't want her job for the world."

While agreeing with that statement, John took the papers that Randy had in his hand from him, and then after throwing them to the side, he opened the manila envelope Orton had handed him, as well; flipping to his storyline for Monday night's Raw.

Santino complains about Santa...I interrupt...we go back and fourth...Marella gets involved...we agree to have a mixed tag-team match later that night..and my partner is...

After flipping the page of his book, Cena read the name of the person he would be teaming up with on Monday and couldn't help but grin at this information, causing Randy-who had chose to read his storyline later on-to furrow an eyebrow in questioning. "What..what's so funny?"

Without even bothering to outwardly reveal what he had just read, John handed Randy his story lines book and, a second later, he was met with a small grin from the other man, as well.

"Well, I guess what they say is true...dreams really do come true."

Any other day, John might have told his best friend that that was the corniest line he had ever heard. But today was now not just another day.

Today was the day that he had just found out that he'd be teaming with his school boy crush.

Trish Stratus.

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