Behind Blue Eyes

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He pointed the gun to the right and pulled the trigger . . . I jumped at the loud bang and then stared wide-eyed at the bullet hole now present in his wall.

The gun then focused on me.

"You know," He slowly stood from the bed, coming closer and closer until the gun was about a foot from my forehead. "I've never killed anyone before. Hell, I've never even shot anyone. But damn . . . I'd love for you to be the first."

I could hear my own heart pounding in my ears. Pinned between a wall and a guy pointing a loaded gun at me . . . not exactly where I wanted to be. He promised Seto he wouldn't hurt me and he just admitted that he has never killed anyone, so . . . maybe this is just a scare tactic! Yeah! Kind of like in the movies! Those smart-guy types always try to play mind games with the dumb guys! . . . not that I'm dumb or anything. I'm just probably not as smart as this guy . . . I could probably kick his rich-boy ass though if I really tried. The thought of my fist connecting with his jaw actually calmed me down a little bit.

A very little bit.

"I'm sure the housekeepers heard that gunshot." I mean seriously, the guy didn't even use a silencer! Perhaps he wasn't as smart as I was giving him credit for! There were people in the house; I saw them when we first arrived. There's no way that they wouldn't have heard that!

"What's your point?"

Seriously? "They'll call the cops."

"They won't." He sounded so confident! "I told them this morning that things might turn violent and ordered them to do nothing."

"And you think they'll follow your orders?" This is getting ridiculous! Is this guy actually part of the Yakuza or something?

"I know they will." He smirked, tapping the barrel of the gun against my chest once before taking a few steps back. Even during this he never looked away from me for even a second.

If I could just get him to let his guard down, I'd have the opening I needed to get the gun from him and turn the tables on this situation. Sounds easy enough, right? How the hell can I get him distracted? For someone that says he's never killed anyone, he sure seemed comfortable pointing a gun at me. His hand wasn't shaking at all! And that look in his eyes . . . I swear they were laughing at me the entire time. I can't stand cocky guys like him!

Alright, Jou, keep talking to him, don't let him know that you're plotting a way to take him down. "Are they afraid of you?" To have that much confidence that they wouldn't report him, he's got to be holding something over them! Is his father the same as Gozaburo? Does the CEO of Kitamori Corporation have the power to make people disappear? Just because he has a lot of money doesn't mean he has the influence to get away with murder.

"Yes." He spoke plainly without even missing a beat. "You should also fear me."

Oh believe me, Saki, I fear your crazy ass for sure. There aren't many things more frightening than a psychotic, gun-wielding rapist.

How could Seto have ever loved someone like this? "Why did you change?" There's no way that he was like this when Seto met him. "Seto loved you and you betrayed him!"

"I've already explained this to you! I haven't changed!" His 'cool' demeanor vanished instantly, the laughter in his eyes giving way to an angry glint as he gritted his teeth.

Hopefully he won't get pissed off to the point that he shoots me.

"What I see right now is a crazed stalker. I don't see a person that my Seto could love." I'm going too far. I shouldn't be testing his limits and yet . . .

. . . I just can't help myself.

"I see a sick man that cannot control himself. I see obsession, I see hatred, I see nothing but a territorial animal pretending to be a man." Who is keeping his cool now, asshole? I am! I will defeat you!

"Shut up!" Both hands went up to cover his ears as he clenched his eyes closed to fight off the words that he knew were true.

There it is.

I wasted no time in lunging forward, shoving a bewildered Kitamori Saki backward onto his own bed. The gun slipped from his fingers and was firmly in my grasp within a matter of seconds. I pressed the weapon between his eyes.

"Not so tough now are you?" I was sitting on top of him, straddling his waist and pinning his arms to the bed with my knees. "Seto may have told you not to kill me, but he told me that if I shoot you I need to make sure that the bullet kills you."

Grey eyes widened, but their owner said nothing. I don't get it! I thought for sure that the guy was a crazy stalker! An intelligent one at that! But . . . he's too careless . . . he's too quiet. Something is off about this guy. He's definitely a crazy stalker, but . . . perhaps not quite the type that I thought he was. I can't figure him out at all.

"What? Not going to say anything?" I have control of this situation. "Did you even hear me? Seto wouldn't mind if I killed you!" Let it sink in . . . I'd be the happiest man on this Earth if I could break you. Come on, cry again. Let me be the reason for your tears.

He began to laugh. It was the kind of laugh that sent a chill running up my spine . . . NO. I am in control of this fucking situation! "I don't think you understand the position you're in right now." What kind of dumbass laughs when he has the barrel of a gun pressed against his forehead? His body was wracked with laughter! Even his eyes were back to laughing at me! "Don't you get it? I could pull this trigger right now and that would be it!" Did the gun only have the one bullet? Had I been tricked yet again? What could possibly be so funny? I could kill him!

His laughter stopped as if I'd flipped a switch, but his mouth stretched into a grin. "Do it."


"Do it." At first I thought he was simply calling my bluff. However, when I looked down into those laughing grey eyes, I could see the tears welling up within them. So which is it? Is he afraid or is he not? His actions just don't add up! They're so inconsistent! Could the tears just be from laughing so hard? Was he actually hurt by what I said?

"You can't do it. Why can't you do it?" Is he taunting me now? "You hate me. I'm a sorry excuse for a human."

That's when it hit me. "You want me to kill you." Why else would he remind me how awful he is while I have his life in my hands? "You want to die but you're too much of a coward to do it yourself!"

His smile was eerie, "Or perhaps I can tell that you're weak and wouldn't have the willpower to take a human life."

He's lying. He's trying to make me mad. "Even if it's someone like you, I would feel guilty for killing you." There's also the possibility that he was trying to get this confession out of me all along. "Even if I was somehow able to get away with your murder, it would haunt me until the day I die." I returned his smile, "But that is what you want, isn't it? You would end your life and ruin mine all at once." He's a coward. "Have you even considered how Seto might feel if that happened?" He may not care for Saki as much as he once did, but those old memories remain. I think he'd be crushed if Saki were to die. There's a reason that Seto didn't turn him in two years ago.

"He'd probably throw a celebra-"

"He wouldn't." I cut him off. "Even though you hurt him more than anyone else . . . you're still special to him." It's true, isn't it? Saki was Seto's first love and is a part of fond memories for Seto. Regardless of how horribly Saki treats him now, I'm sure Seto would be very sad if Saki were to die . . .

"If you do shoot him, make it worthwhile . . . and shoot to kill."

Wait . . . am I wrong? Why did he say that?

"Katsuya . . . help me."

"I keep thinking that there's no way I could kill Saki . . . but . . . Katsuya, if he even tries to hurt you tomorrow . . . I'll kill him."

". . . I'll kill him."

If it was between me and Saki, he would choose me. If Saki tried to hurt me, he would rather Saki die. I mean more to him than Saki. I guess that kind of conclusion should be obvious, but I guess I've kind of worried about it all along. He loves me more.

"Seto might seem like an insensitive jerk, but he's actually a very kind person." He just doesn't want to be hurt anymore.

"Yeah, I know."

That smile on his face! Is this really the same person that I've encountered several times before? Someone like this . . . could he really be the one that hurt Seto? "What kind of person are you?" I just couldn't help but ask! I've never met someone that was this impossible to figure out! I had no idea what would come out of his mouth next!

"What?" The smile endured.

"You're acting completely different!"

He sighed loudly as if he was bored! Seriously? What weirdo is bored in this kind of situation? "Just how exactly am I supposed to act?" The smile had faded and was replaced by more of an annoyed expression.

"Like the psychotic, rapist, pedophile that you really are!" Okay, okay, so perhaps that was a little too honest. What else was I supposed to say? Up until now, this guy had given off that kind of impression, but now he seemed like a completely different person. Was he perhaps a twin brother and the two were trying to fuck with my head? I seriously wouldn't be surprised at this point. In fact, I would much rather that be the case! At least then this shit would make better sense!

He stared at me for the longest time, grey eyes unblinking, and then suddenly everything was flipped upside down . . . literally.

"What are you doing?" I did my best to turn my head so my voice wasn't silenced by a pillow.

Saki had lunged to the side, knocking me off of him. Before I even had the chance to react, I was flipped onto my stomach and both of my arms were held firmly between my back . . . and Saki's chest.

"I'm acting like a psychotic rapist . . ." He spoke those words as if my question was stupid!

"Quit playing around!" I managed to free one arm, but Saki caught it by the wrist. "Let go of me!" This is absolutely not the kind of situation I want to be caught in! We're just supposed to talk! He can't be serious about this!

"You think I'm playing?" His breath was hot against my ear and the hand that found its way under my shirt told me that he was definitely not playing around. "You're the one that wanted me to act this way."

"Let go!" I couldn't even recognize my voice anymore. What was that horrible tone of desperation? How could I let myself sound like that in front of this bastard?

And yet he let go. "The only one I want is Seto."

I scrambled to slide from the bed and stand up, my eyes searching frantically for the discarded gun. He isn't right in the head! There's definitely something wrong with him! Normal people don't change their personality at the drop of a hat! I can fight street thugs easily, but I don't know how to deal with a gun-wielding nutjob!

"Looking for this?" I heard myself swallow the lump that had formed in my throat as he waved the gun in one hand. "Listen . . . you may think that I'm a terrible person-"

"I know you're a terrible person!" That conclusion didn't require any thinking! "You say you love Seto! He cared so much about you! You were one of the few shreds of hope that he had and yet you ripped that apart!" What am I doing? He has a gun! "You raped him! You did to him the same fucking thing that all of those other sick fucks did to him!" I can't stop. . . "And you didn't just fuck up once! You decided you wanted to fuck him again! You left him cuffed and bleeding on my father's bed!"

Just the memory of finding Seto in that condition made my stomach churn and my blood boil. This guy doesn't deserve forgiveness, doesn't deserve mercy! "Trash like you should just die!"

. . . and then there was silence. Aside from my panting and the rapid rise and fall of my chest, there was no sound and no movement. I would rather him yell at me than be silent. He just stared at me, the gun held loosely at his side. Was he waiting for me to continue? Were my words running through his sick mind? Of the few things Seto has told me about Saki, I don't recall him mentioning that Saki is off his fuckin' rocker!

"Get out."


"Get. Out." He clenched his jaw as he bit off each word, grey eyes narrowed dangerously. He was shaking from what I can only assume was anger. "Go back to Seto." He added, his voice faltering just enough to be noticed as he spoke Seto's name. Again his personality has changed.

It can't be that easy. "So you give up? Just like that?" I didn't mean to sound like I want him to do something, but with the way he has acted all this time, it didn't make sense for him to suddenly give up; there must be a catch.

"As if I would give up that easily." He smiled and it sent a chill down my spine. "Now that I understand you a little better, I can come up with a better plan to take you out of the picture without killing you."

"Haven't you listened to anything I've said?" This guy seriously pisses me off!

"You haven't said anything worth listening to." He smirked. "Now then . . . kindly get out of my house."

"Gladly!" I spat, watching him the entire time as I made my way to the door. He was far too bi-polar for me to turn my back on him for even a second. He laughed a little in amusement. I'm glad he finds my paranoia so fucking hilarious. That bastard . . . he'll get what's coming to him for sure!

"Why don't I escort you out? I'd hate for you to 'accidentally' break something on your way out." He followed closely behind me after I opened the door and emerged from his bedroom. I could feel him watching me the entire time. I won't lie; it was freaky as hell.

I've never been so happy to see a door in my entire life.

Even as I sped up, Saki was right on my heels until I swung open the front door and hauled ass outside. Fresh air! Freedom! Oh . . . but I would have to wait for Seto to come pick me up. No, no! I would run until I was a good distance away from here and then I would call Seto to come get me. He's tracking me via the GPS in Mokuba's cell phone, right?

"Looks like your ride is here." Saki's voice was barely above a whisper, but he was close enough to me that I could hear him.

"My ride?" Sure enough, Seto's limousine was at the street and none-other than Seto himself was outside of the car with the door open, possibly speaking to Mokuba who was still seated inside. "Seto!" I called out to him, happy to see him more than anything.

The brunet jumped a little as he turned around, blue eyes wide. "Ah, Katsuya . . ." His relieved expression lasted only a fraction of a second before it became a threatening glare at the person that had followed me. "And Saki . . ."

Something seemed different. Whenever Seto had encountered Saki before, Seto seemed afraid. Even when Seto came home from meeting with him, Seto seemed terrified, helpless even. What had changed?

"Seto, this person is a terrible match for you, really." Saki took a few steps forward, still carrying that gun by his side.

I took this opportunity to run to Seto's side. "Come on, Seto, let's get out of here!" I kept my eyes on that gun in Saki's hand. With the way he has been acting, I couldn't trust him one bit. He told me to get out, but who's to say he won't decide to just kill me instead?

"I think he's a perfect match for me, Saki." Seto didn't seem phased. "Katsuya give me a moment, would you? I'm going to take care of this problem once and for all." A smirk crossed his lips as his eyes traveled to my face and then back to Saki. "This ends today, Saki!"

Ends today? Take care of him once and for all? He wasn't going to kill him, was he? No, there wasn't a gun in Seto's hand and I don't think he could hide one in those tight pants of his. He could have one hidden in his coat somewhere . . .

"You're right, Seto, this doesend today." Saki chuckled a bit and shoved a hand through his hair. He completely ignored Seto's retort to his earlier comment. "If I can't have you, then no one should have you. I'll go crazy just thinking about you with someone else." He lifted the gun to point it at Seto and my heart dropped into my stomach, the loud pounding ringing in my ears. "I'd rather you go to the afterlife than be with someone else."

Even though I was inwardly, and likely outwardly, panicking, Seto's eyes had that familiar seriousness in them that I hadn't seen in what felt like ages. I had almost forgotten how cold and aloof he has always seemed to me. Still, it was awkward to see that look when he was in the presence of Saki. The guy had a gun pointed at him, for fuck's sake! I don't care how often it may have happened to him, his life is still in danger and that's a damn good reason to freak out!

Saki returned the stare, grey eyes just as focused and unwavering as Seto's blues. All I could do was watch the standoff helplessly. Any sudden movements and I could create problems for Seto.

"Are you really willing to test me?" Saki questioned, his arm steady and pointed directly at the one he claimed to love.

No. He should not test him! I firmly, and slowly, grabbed Seto by the arm. Did he not realize how crazy Saki is? Did he not realize the weight of what he was saying? "Seto-"

"Quiet, Katsuya. I can handle him." He shrugged my hand away and I reluctantly allowed him to do so. Never once did his gaze leave Saki. Could he really handle this guy? I mean, I know that he can be pretty tough, but every time they crossed paths before, Seto practically froze in fear or had a mental meltdown. How could he go from running away to acting like a badass in the period of one day? No, even as he was dropping me off, Seto looked unbearably worried. Something must have happened between that point and now.

"You can handle me?" Saki laughed and shook his head, "Have you forgotten that I know all of your secrets and all of your fears? I could break you so-"

"You already did that, Kitamori Saki. You broke me two years ago and you tried again a few days ago." Seto flashed a smirk that made me nervous. "But you know what? I've finally put myself back together. I'm not broken anymore. So many people have hurt me in my life, but I've recovered."

I couldn't help but smile at the scene that was unfolding. Saki was starting to look flustered or nervous and Seto looked more confident than ever. It was as though he was turning the tides in a duel or something. Yeah! That's where I've seen that expression before!

Saki took a hesitant step forward, "But just the other day, you-"

"Did I tell you I was done?" Seto reached a hand into the car and once he pulled his hand back out again, he had a gun. So he kept a gun in the car, too? Or perhaps it was the gun that I declined earlier. "Don't move, Kitamori." He pointed the weapon directly at the older man, his hand steady. "You know better than anyone that I'm a great shot. Remember Satoshi?"

I flinched when he mentioned that name. How could he say something like that with that look in his eyes? Well, he didn't become the world's youngest business tycoon for being all sugar and rainbows.

"You wouldn't dare." Saki's mouth was spewing with confidence while his eyes suggested that he feared Seto really would kill him. "Have you forgotten that you're not the only one with a gun, Kaiba?"

"No, I haven't forgotten. I just know that you've never shot someone. In fact, you probably never would. You wouldn't dare shoot me." He lowered the gun to his side, "You wouldn't kill me and you wouldn't kill Katsuya. Hell, you probably wouldn't even be able to take your own sorry life. Stop trying to act like a badass; you aren't in control of this situation anymore." The standard smirk crossed his lips.

I still wasn't about to say a word or throw in a comment of my own, but Seto's confidence was beginning to seep into my pores. Suddenly the situation didn't seem so insane anymore, even though that psychopath still had the gun pointed at Seto. I did feel a bit awkward, though, just standing and watching their exchange. Part of me wanted to sit in the limousine with Mokuba, but part of me also wanted to stay with Seto just in case things began to get out of hand.

"What makes you think you have some kind of control? Were you not listening during our conversation in your office yesterday?" Saki folded his arms, thus turning the gun away from Seto.

"Oh, I was listening." There was a sing-song quality to Seto's voice, "But Saki, have you forgotten who you're dealing with? While you spent the past two years taking random jobs and riding on your father's coattails, I've been changing. I've truly become a Kaiba. I've earned my name and the cold personality that I'm so well-known for."

Saki visibly clenched his teeth, "So you're a Kaiba . . . so what? Your power in the business world is meaningless in this situation!"

"Wrong! It has proven very helpful! You see, many companies come to my company in hopes of obtaining a lucrative business deal. While you were busy harassing my boyfriend, a representative from Muramura Company came to see me." The smirk broadened, practically stretching from ear to ear.

I was waiting with anticipation for the punchline, but apparently I had missed it somewhere along the way. Muramura Company . . . what a weird name. I don't think I've ever heard of that one. It sounded pretty childish though, so maybe it was a company that made toys or something? Then again, why the hell would a toy company have connections with Seto and Saki?

. . . or what if that's actually a code name for a hitman? I know that sounds like something straight out of an action movie, but I'm not ruling anything out anymore. I've been surprised by enough things over the past week to dismiss something as 'too over-the-top to be possible'. Anyway, I really hope he didn't hire a hitman or something crazy like that. Seto said it himself that he didn't want to kill anyone else, so- ah hell, it wouldn't be him killing the guy! It would be the hitman!

Saki took a step backward and brought me out of my analysis of the situation.

"I have no connections with that company, so why the fuck would I care?" He suddenly didn't seem so cocky. Is Seto really on to something?

"Really?" The brunet leaned down into the limousine-

Ugh! And Saki looked at his ass! I swear I will fuck him up!

-and spoke to someone inside. I thought he was speaking to Mokuba at first, but his words suggested otherwise. "You hear that? He says he has nothing to do with you."

No way! Don't tell me that he kidnapped the representative to use as a hostage! Seto wouldn't do something like that, would he? It was working, too! Saki was noticeably shaken as the person Seto was speaking to slowly climbed out of the limousine. Actually, I probably looked just as surprised as he was and even I took a few steps away.

The guy in question was huge! Well, I mean, he was thin and all, but he was so tall! Taller than Seto, even! He had dark brown hair, about the color of Seto's, and brown eyes to match. He was dressed pretty nice, too. A maroon-colored polo shirt, some khaki dress-slacks and a really obvious gold watch. Representatives sure dress nice, but I guess they need to look good in order to get deals. He looked relatively young, too.

Seto simply folded his arms across his chest and smirked at Saki from his place by this stranger. "You see, the representative's visit jogged my memory about this person. You told me about him when you and I were close. I bet you're regretting that now, aren't you? You may know my fears and weaknesses, but I know yours as well, and you can bet everything you own that I will use them to hurt you."

Hello! Hello! Don't worry; he's not a long-term original character. This story is about Seto and Katsuya, after all! Look forward to the next installment soon, this time. I mean it! I already have a good bit of it written!