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I wanna be in another place, I hate when you say you don't understand

Seems like it's not meant to be

I wanna be with the energy, not with the enemy, a place for my head

Linkin Park-Place for my head

Beast Boy sat in his room, crying silent tears that no one but he would ever see. He was crying because these days, all anyone ever did was make fun of him or abuse him. Raven didn't even try to be patient with him anymore and just threw him into any nearby walls when he came near. She had actually hurt him more than usual because he hit the wall really hard and now his leg hurt whenever he touched. It was really swollen and if he what he thought was right, she broke it in three different places. His other leg was pretty much the same story, except it wasn't broken, only fractured.

He all of a sudden felt a wave of depression hit him as he thought, 'Is my life so bad that I think getting a fractured leg from an emotionless ice queen isn't that bad? What have I become?'

Beast Boy just sat there, trying to think of something good when he found out that he couldn't. Cyborg has stopped doing all the fun stuff he used to do with Beast Boy and is snapping at him all the time like Raven. Robin was the same except he threw batarangs at Beast Boy when he tried to talk to him instead of levitating him into a wall. Beast looked down at the gash along his arm that he had gotten from the impact of the batarang and saw that it was still bleeding freely. The only other person in the tower that would have been nice to him was Starfire and she was mad at him because he yelled at Silky for eating his journal. He silently shook and wondered why he even stayed around anymore. All he was to the team was a freakin' punching bag for everyone to hit until it split and broke. He looked to his hands and cried harder as he saw that they were covered in his own blood from when he had tried to stop the gash from bleeding.

He stayed like that for a good fifteen minutes until Cyborg knocked on his door and said harshly, "BB, dinners ready so hurry your scrawny green ass up so we can eat."

Beast Boy looked at the door for a second and then tried to stand but instead felt pain shoot through his legs and cause him to stagger and fall onto his knees. Hard. He cried even harder at the pain he was feeling and looked to see blood flowing freely from the gash on his arm. He sobbed quietly and said in a cracking voice, "I...I can't Cy..."

Cyborg scoffed outside his door and said, "You can't? Why not you little grass stain?"

He sobbed a little harder and said "I...I can't stand CY!"

Cyborg finally noticed that Beast Boy's voice was cracking and that he was sobbing quietly.

He stood shocked at the door and felt fear grip his soul as he heard the desperation in his voice and he said much in a softer tone, "What's wrong B?"

Beast Boy was still sobbing quietly as he said, "I...I can;t stand Cy..I can't...I can't...I just can't do it Cy."

Cyborg was panicking so he said, "Look BB, I'm coming in, don't move."

Cyborg tried the door but it was locked so he typed in the override pass code and entered the dark room. He flipped on a light and top his horror, saw Beast Boy on the ground, his arm bleeding badly and one of his legs was sticking out in such an odd way that it made him cringe just looking at it.

"Help me Cy...please..."

Cyborg looked down at his friend and felt tears sting his eye as he saw his friend lying on the ground, crying and begging for help.

Cyborg whispered, "Who did this to you B?"

Beast Boy looked up at him with tear streaked eyes and said in a voice filled with pain, "Cy...you guys did. Raven threw me into the walls and Robin kept throwing his batarangs at me. I-I tried to talk to you about it but you just told me to go away."

Cyborg was crying now and he cradled his broken friend in his arms as he brought him down to the med bay to fix him up, he said, "What have we done BB, what have we done to you?"

Beast Boy just lay limp in his friends arms as he had passed out from the pain and blood loss. Cyborg cried silent tears just like Beast Boy's as he patched his friend up and stabilized him, hoping that at least now he could try and help his friend. Stifling his tears, he looked at his friend and knew that he couldn't live like this much longer and a plan began to piece together in his mind.


Everyone was eating dinner when Cyborg came in with a mask of seriousness on his face.

The three Titans stared at him for a moment and Raven's eye grew white as she said, "What did the grass stain do this time?"

Cyborg stared at her impassively as he said, "It's not what he did, it's what you did."

She stared at him confused as he said, "Raven, he couldn't get up to go to dinner because you broke his legs."

Her eyes went back to their regular, violet color and said said, "Wh...what? When did I-"

"When you through him into the wall over and over again you emotionless bitch!"

She reeled back as if he had slugged her across the face and said, "I-I didn't me-"


Tears began to fall down her face as everyone looked at her shocked and Robin said, "Raven how could yo-"

Cyborg cut him off as he said, "Robin, don't even think of finishing that sentence. You are just as guilty as she is."

Robin looked at him wide eyed and he said, "What are you talking about Cy?"


Robin looked horrified as he realized that what Cyborg was saying was true and said,


Cyborg cut him off again and said, "Me an BB are leaving. Don't try to stop us."

Star got up and said, "But friend Cyborg-"

"No buts Star." He said. "If BB stays here any longer than he might die and I'm not risking that."

Cyborg turned on his heel and between her sobs Raven choked out, "Wait! Cyborg!"

Cyborg stopped but didn't turn around.

"What." He said coldly."

Raven said, "Please, tell us where your going...please..."

Cyborg was reminded of what Beast Boy had done before when he pleaded for help, and it was all because of them...and him.

He mustered as much venom as he could and said as harsh as he could, "No."

Raven fell to her knees and muttered, "I didn't mean to Cyborg...I'm so sorry Beast Boy.."

Cyborg left the room with his three 'friends' and left to the med bay to go and pick up his best friend and bring him to a place where he could be safe. Titans East.


Cyborg picked up his best friend and dialed Bumble Bee on his wrist phone and waited two rings till her smiling face came up on screen and she said, "What up Sparky?"

Cyborg smiled tiredly and said, "Sorry Bee, I can't flirt right now."

She pouted and said, "Oh? Who says I'm flirtin'?"

Cyborg smiled a little wider and then frowned as he said, "Look Bee, me an' BB need a place to crash at for a little while, that okay with you?"

Her smile also vanished and she said, "Your always welcome here sparky but why do you need to come here? I mean, you got the Titans west right?"

Cyborg's face darkened and said, "Well Bee, that's exactly the problem. Look, just...take a look for yourself."

Cyborg twisted his arm so Bumble Bee could see Beast Boy and when he flipped it around, Bee was all business.

"What happened to him Cyborg?"

Cyborg said, "I'll explain it to you when I get there, alright?"

Her face softened and she said, "Yeah, but it better be one helluva explanation."

Cyborg chuckled and said, "Don't worry, it will be. Sparky out."

He hung up the phone and sighed as he looked again at his friend and said, "I'm sorry BB. I'll try and make this up to you though, I promise."

And with that, he put his friend gingerly into the front passenger seat of his 'baby' and took off in the direction of Steel City, leaving behind three brooding friends and a world of trouble that neither needed nor wanted.

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