My Beloved Link

Chapter 1: History

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Link just turned 20 today. He celebrates his honorary birthday at the Hyrule palace, the princess has invited all of his comrades from his village to complete this hero's special day. The only problem is that Link doesn't feel so excited.

Where am I going in life? Do I always have to rescue princess Zelda from evil? Why does she let herself get kidnapped?

The hero is starting to get tired of the repetitive journeys of rescuing his love. Though she doesn't know it, Link is in deep infatuation with Zelda. Zelda only sees Link as her guardian and a close friend. He is yet to win her heart. As all of his friends started chanting the birthday song, he becomes more and more depressed. A close friend from his childhood, Saria, hands Link a gift. He looks up at her, he had enough of Zelda, he wanted Saria now. He stares into her blue eyes, he wanted to kiss her light green lips. He wanted her. He began to open the nicely wrapped gift, first he untied the red bow that neatly went around the box shaped gift. He then unwrapped the green foil, he started at the sides, then the whole foil came off.

"A red ruby." Link looked at his close friend. He grabbed the ruby from the small box and realized that it is necklace. He puts it on, he smiles.

"Do you like it, Link?" She smiles back at him.

"Yes I do. I love it. Thank you Saria." Zelda pushes Saria out of the way and takes a seat next to Link.

"Here's my present." The gift was wrapped in what seemed to be gold. He quickly unwrapped it.

"Umm, what is it?" Link picks up a cloth not knowing what it is.

"It's your new wardrobe." He then unfolds it to reveal a majestic tunic. It was green, like his old one, but this was softer material. In the front had the triforce symbol. The tunic even came with a gold strap. "As a token of my appreciation and gratitude of having such a great friend, I will like to welcome you to live with my father and I. You will have your own room where no one can bother you." He looks at Zelda, he thanks her with a smile and nod.

"Can I invite people over?" He smiles.

"Sure!" Zelda smiles. Zelda snaps her fingers and three guards enter the through the double doors of The Ballroom. They bring a cake, a rather large cake. The whole cake actually consisted of three cakes, two that were only inches from each other, side by side, and the third is supported by three transparent plastic poles. Each was white and had a different flavor. Link sliced one piece of each and sat down while Zelda made slices for everyone else. He took a bite out of the first one.

"Chocolate." Then he took another bite. "Strawberry." When he got to the last one, he couldn't recognize the flavor, he ate it all up. Zelda smiled at him from the other side of the table.

"Do you know what it is?" She asked Link.

"No, I don't. Can you tell me? It was all too good."

"I'm glad you liked it. It was a special fruit that could only be picked during a specific time. It is only ripe for 36 hours. Luckily your birthday was at that time period, so I was in luck. It is called a, damn, I can't even remember the damn name. I will tell you when I remember it.

Hours later, Link's friends from the village leave. He sits outside of the castle entrance and sees Saria walking by.

"Saria." She stops and turns around.

"Yeah, Link?" He gets up as she walks closer to him.

"I would like to talk to you, if it is possible, right now." He lowers his head a bit. She takes her hand and picks up his head by his chin.

"What is it?" Her voice sounding more passionate than ever, Link looks at her blue eyes and breaths in.

"There is something I want to ask of you, but I don't know what you'll say."

"I will try my best to answer in any way I can. Go ahead, Link." She gives Link a hug, he breaths in deeply.

"Well, I really thought that I would belong in Zelda's heart by now, at first, I really liked her, but she just doesn't think of me like that. Can we go to my room. I don't Zelda to come outside and see me talking about her." Link, stares into her blue eyes. Her lips are so desirable to him.

"Sure. Where is your room?" She moves a strand of his hair behind his ear. He smiles. "Link, you seem very tired. Let's get you to bed." They enter the Palace, they go through the main hall and walk on the red carpet. They pass a few grey statues.

"She said that it is through the west hall, in the second floor." They go up the stairs and enter the west hall. "The 4th door on the right." Her smile disappears. She sees that Link is clearly depressed. They get to his door. On the door was placed a Triforce symbol, a golden handle, and Link's family emblem.

"This must be it. Let's go in, Link." He opens the door and lets her in first. He closes the door behind him.

"This is the first time I have ever been in this room. It seems so, unfamiliar." Her eyes never left Link's, he couldn't hold it in anymore. "Saria, I want you. I wanted you for a long time. I just couldn't tell you. I thought that Zelda and I would be together, but we are not. I have no feelings for her anymore. I always did, ever since the day I met you back in Kokori village. Please tell me you have some feelings for me." He looks at her, her focus left his eyes. She leans back at the wall next to the door.

"I don't know what to say, Link. This is the first time I have ever heard you speak about me that way. It is shocking. Yet, there is something that I must tell you." He runs his fingers through her dark green hair. He meets her eyes. "I had always loved you, Link. I was just to scared and at the same time, I felt like I would not stand a chance against Zelda. I mean…" He stops her and he grabs both her arms and brings her to him. Their lips connected. Her left hand in the his hair behind his head. Their tongues together. They stop. His depressed face gone, her smile returned.

"Will you stay with me tonight, Saria? I don't want to be alone." Her face flushed bright red. She nodded, she wrapped her arms around his green tunic, as he kissed her neck. She removed his brown strap that went around his shoulder and his back. They walk to his king size bed covered with a red blanket. His tired eyes could barely stay open. She unfolds the blanket and they both go under the blanket. He closes his eyes slowly as she removes her green dress. She put her arms around him, she ran her fingers through his golden hair. He turned to face her.

"Take care of me." He gets closer to her, her lips locked with his, she got on top of him. He wrapped his arms around her waist. He turned on his side. "Not tonight. Saria, I do want you, but I am just too tired, I want to sleep and I want you here."

"Anything, I will stay here, I think it's about time that someone looked over you, Link." He falls asleep on her shoulder. She closed her eyes.

"My Link."