-1Chapter 9: The Girl with the Blue Hair

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Link wakes up, finding himself in a nice and warm room. A single picture hangs on the wall across the door. it's a picture of Nayru.


He gets off of bed and walks down t he stairs to find Nayru and Ralph talking to each other. They stop as soon as he opens the kitchen door.

"Hey guys. Long time." Link waves at Ralph.

"Hey, Link! What's up man. It really has been a long time. Look at you, all grown up." Ralph gets up from his chair and shakes the hero's hand. Link gives Ralph a smile and takes a seat. He stares at Nayru for a while.

She gets up suddenly.

"Oh, you must be hungry. I'll fix you something real nice." Link doesn't move his view away from her as she walks towards the kitchen.

Ralph looks at Link as he stares at Nayru walking away. Ralph suddenly understands and nods his head.

"Link, you wait here, while I check up on things. You shouldn't really move, since you've just woken up. Don't worry about a single thing, in time, we'll make things right for you." With that, Ralph gets up and heads towards the kitchen to Nayru.

Ralph approaches Nayru slowly as he tips to her. He places his arms around her waist and gently kisses her neck. He rests his head on her shoulder and strafes from side to side, very slowly.

"Hey, Ru?"

"Yeah, Ralph?"

"Have you noticed that Link's attracted to you?"

"Yeah I have."

"I'm afraid that this will be very awkward when he finds out your pregnant."

"He hasn't picked up on anything so far, so maybe if we can help him find his happiness, through other's friendship, then maybe this won't hurt him as much as it would right now."

"Perhaps you're right, perhaps it would be best if I sleep at the castle for a while. Huh?"

"Yeah." She turns around, finding his lips against hers, his arms working like magic all over her back. He releases his hold and steps back.

"That means that we can't do that either for a while." They both stare at the ground for a second.

"Well, I better get this to Link, then. I love you, Ralph."

"I do to."

Nayru walks in to the dining room where Link waits patiently. She places a plate of hot food in front of Link at the table, and immediately he digs into it.

Ralph walks in with a small bag.

"Well, Link, I'll see you later. I'll be at the castle if you need anything."

"Sure thing, Ralph." Link continues to devour his food.

Ralph continues to look into Nayru's eyes… hers never leaving his, he smiles and leaves the house. Nayru takes a seat right across the table from Link.

"How do you like your food, Link?"

Link starts coughing…

"Oh, I'm sorry, it is delicious… the best I've had for years."

"Well I'm glad you liked it. Hey, I'm going to go out right now, and run a few errands, would you like to come with me? I mean, you don't have to, unless you want to."

Link stops eating and gets up.

"Yeah, I would love to go."

"Great. Let me just go to my room and change before leaving. You can clean up after yourself, right?" Nayru points at Link's plate, completely massacred by our beloved hero. The table now resembles nothing of what it use to be. Splatters of beans, eggs, and buttered-toast completely covers Nayru's gallant dinner table.

"Whoops. I'll clean it. Sorry about the mess."

Link takes his plate and rinses it off, he heads back to the table with a rag, and wipes off all the food in to another rag. He then cleans the table with a wet rag and dries it off with another. He hears footsteps coming from stairs. Nayru, elegantly dressed in her casual blue dress. Link puts on his golden sash and they head out.

Minutes later, they find themselves in the middle of town.

"Link, why don't you go look around and see if you want anything." Link immediately runs to the item shop. Inside, an old friend pops his head from behind the counter.

"Link!" Link jumps.

"Who is that?"

"Link, you don't remember me? It is I, Malon!"


"Yeah, don't you remember me? My father and run a ranch together called, Lon Lon Ranch, you came by one day and you borrowed a horse. Don't you remember anything?"

Suddenly it all goes back to him, and the bracelet that Saria gave him for his birthday falls from his wrist and falls on to the ground. Link immediately fallows and faints.

Link slowly starts to open his eyes. He finds himself in a room he does not recognize. He removes the covers on top of him and walks out the door. He immediately stops. He finds himself in a grand hall, very tall ceiling with red carpet all across the floor.

"I must be back at Hyrule."

"No, you are not."

Link looks to his left and notices a guard walking towards Link.

"Where am I?"

"You're in the Queen's castle."

"Am I still in Labrynna?"

"Yes, sir, you are."

"What happened to me?" Link presses his hand against his brow.

"We do not know yet sir, but we did find you laying on the ground in the middle of town, we immediately recognized you so we brought you here to the queen."

"Queen? You mean, Queen Ambi? I must be in the past, but how? I don't remember jumping portals. I don't have the ocarina."

"Well, that's what we're trying to figure out, sir. The queen is waiting for you in her garden, whenever you are ready."


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