It was almost a year ago now that we found that the ooze that transformed us into mutants nearly 22 years ago had a few more surprises in store for us. Impossible was the first word I used for the changes that occurred in my brothers and myself. Of course, considering that they happened, I had to revise that statement slightly and settled on the word improbable.

I'm not sure, even now, if I actually changed first or if it was merely that the passive nature of my 'gift' was more apparent early on. Frankly, it hit me like a speeding truck. I collapsed on the floor of the dojo, and when I woke up I was reading Leo's mind. I later discovered that when I'm in contact with another individual it's kind of a two way street; I hear them, they hear me. As nice as it would be, I don't pretend to understand how all this came about.

While I was struggling to control my ability, Leo and Raph discovered theirs. Leonardo gained precognition and the ability to change color at will, kind of like a chameleon. His camouflage gift allows him more detail and adaptation to movement than your standard color-changing reptile is capable of though. Additionally, he can change color at will rather than merely adapting to his surroundings. He hid from us for a long time and was, as Raphael put it, 'A real pain in the shell' and 'had a stick up his-' well, let's not go there, shall we? Leo wasn't ready to accept what was happening.

Raphael, wouldn't you figure? He has incredible strength. Now don't get me wrong, he's always been the strong one, but not like this. He also seems to have high resistance to adverse conditions. Since this all started and we got to know our new mutations a little better, we began testing him. Fire, water, getting buildings collapsed on top of him (well, that just happened, we'd never purposely do that), he just gets up and walks away. Now, I'm not saying he's indestructible or anything, but he's probably as close as anyone is likely to get.

Neither Raphael nor myself knew how to deal with our changes at first, and imagine my shock when he came to me and asked for help. I'd never tell him because I know how he'd react, but I am ever thankful that he did. Without him, I don't think I would have gotten through those first few weeks.

Then there's Mikey. He didn't find his new abilities until a while after the rest of us. I'm not sure why that is. Maybe he wasn't in the mutagen as long, maybe he really is younger, maybe the nature of his mutation required more time to present itself. There are any number of possible explanations, but I digress. If Tigger were a turtle he'd be Mikey. Actually, maybe a more accurate description would be a turtle form of a cheetah crossed with Tigger; fast and bouncy, that's our Mikey.

Well, shortly after we all discovered these changes, the Foot, under their new leader, started getting too close to our home for comfort. By the time I got up to the fight, having been preoccupied elsewhere, Mikey had sustained what would, under normal circumstances, have probably been a fatal wound. There was an explosion (I believe I mentioned the building that got dropped on Raph?) and everything got very strange. When I woke up again, Leo told me that I had 'healed' Mikey. That's not really as accurate as if I were to say that I accepted some of his pain. His injuries weren't gone, I'd just transferred some of them to myself. Believe me when I say it hurt. The important thing, however, is that Mike survived and is here with us today. I'd rather spend a bit of time in bed recuperating than lose one of my brothers any day of the week.

We haven't seen much of the Foot lately, but I am absolutely sure that they are just biding their time, and I know that my family agrees with me on that point. There's something big on the horizon, and I don't need telepathy or Leo's precognition to know that. Something is coming, and it's not going to be good. I don't know what it is, but it's there. I only hope we can stop it... before it's too late.

A/N: I must be nuts. TOWCaBeT is still in progress, Imprisoned (yes, the last chapter is coming!) and Family Ties are waiting to be posted (as in, I've finished writing them for all intents and purposes), and here I am starting another story. Actually, that's not really true since this little tale's rough draft is currently weighing in at 11 chapters and is close to being tied up.)