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Chapter 14

There were two guards outside the door, and no doubt that Takeda, or one of his pathetic minions, would be in shortly with another pathetic sacrifice. Amiah hated his 'sacrifices' as not one to date had been a sacrifice at all, they had cost Takeda nothing. Perhaps a real sacrifice, where Takeda actually gave up something of value would sway Amiah's thinking, but the man had yet to give anything of real value. Takeda had come in himself the night before so with luck, tonight would be one of his minions. A sly smile crossed Amiah's features at the thought.

Donatello yawned. It had been a long day and his brothers, with the exception of Raphael, had gone to bed long ago. He glanced at the soldering iron in his hand and decided that it was probably time to call it a night.

"Can I put this down now?" Raphael asked.

"Yeah, just don't-"

Raph dropped the box onto the table, and it landed with a heavy thud.

"-drop it." Don finished with a sigh. He shook his head.

"Have you told Master Splinter yet?" Raphael asked, changing the subject and ignoring the piece of equipment on the table. He wasn't surprised in the least when Donatello looked away from him and refused to answer. Raph sighed in response. "You get two more days." He growled with a frustrated shake of his head.

"Yeah, I know." Don replied.

"I mean it, Donnie. Two days, that's it!"

"I know, Raph! I remember the agreement."

"Monday morning, I'm telling Master Splinter. I suggest you beat me to it."

"Yeah, I know. Goodnight, Raph." Don stood up and made his way to his bedroom..

It was a minion night. A young kunoichi came in with another one of Takeda's pathetic prisoners bound and gagged. Amiah nearly gagged at the thought of faking interest in another of these stupid sacrifices, and decided that enough was enough. Instead of merely taking the offering, Amiah took the female ninja as well.

Don felt a strange buzzing in his head. It didn't hurt, but it was a little annoying. He pushed it aside and passed it off as part of his telepathy. It felt a lot like either Master Splinter or one of his brothers was agitated so he chose not to think much of it and pulled his blanket up a little higher. Rolling over, he tried to sleep.

A brief moment of concentration and the female ninja was, apparently, standing in the center of the room, despite the fact that her lifeless corpse was lying in the corner. Amiah, currently sporting the appearance of the kunoichi, wanted to smile at its accomplishment, but there was a part of its being that felt chastised for killing both the sacrifice and the ninja. The feeling was strange, one it had never felt in its many thousands of years. Amiah sighed and opened the door, walking through without sparing a glance or a word for the two guards. It seemed that this was just going to be too easy. A grin spread across the kunoichi's features. Now to get out of here and find it.

"Hey, Kari!" A young foot ninja called out to the girl. 'Kari' never turned around, just continued walking. "Kari!" The ninja called again a little more loudly, "wait up!" Again 'Kari' didn't stop. The ninja reached out and grabbed Amiah's arm.

Matai akah, veiten Amiah

Donatello sat bolt upright in his bed, turned and dropped lightly to the floor, landing in a crouch. He stood and started gathering up his gear. He put on his belt and added a couple of items to the pouches on it. Next he crossed the room and started pulling on the knee and elbow pads he had discarded before going to bed. His purple mask was tied around his head, and he picked his bo staff up from where it rested, lying horizontally against the wall on a long table. Don walked purposefully out of his room and toward the exit of his family's home. He was not the only turtle who would leave the lair that night.

Leonardo heard some odd noises coming from his brother's room. He quickly and silently got out of bed to see what was going on, and was shocked to see Donatello walk out of his room and head toward the exit of their home. A short attempt to get Don's attention resulted in failure, and Leo wasted no time in rousing his other two brothers and getting them out in the sewers, silently following the non-responsive turtle. Not that Don would have noticed any noise they made, but Raphael was the only one who knew about that. For now, Raph would keep his brother's secret.

Amiah felt a hand on its shoulder and, in a flash of light that would have been blinding had anyone been near enough to witness it, the ninja that had reached out to 'Kari' was reduced to a pile of ash in the hallway. Amiah considered its options and decided to keep its current form, but the second ninja might be useful later. 'Kari' continued searching for an exit.

"Why hasn't he noticed us?" Mikey asked as Don found a ladder to the surface and started up.

"I don't think he's awake." Leo answered.

It was then that Raphael made a decision. Family was on a need to know basis for everything, and right now, Leo and Mikey needed to know.

"And he couldn't hear us even if he was."

Both Mikey and Leo whipped around at the words.

"Say what?" Mikey asked.

"I said, he can't hear us... or anything else for that matter. Not since that night Amiah rose." Came Raph's admission as he chose to fill Leo and Mikey in on recent events. "He didn't want anyone to know. I told him he was nuts, but he insisted." Raph paused for a moment before he grew tired of the look he received from Mikey and Leo. "Are we gonna follow him before he gets himself killed or not?"

Leo shook off his shock and started moving again. They would need to reevaluate their plan of attack for this situation if Don couldn't hear. In the meantime, the deafness would also put their brother in even greater danger now that he had left the safety of the sewers. Leo pushed up the manhole cover and ran for the shadows and the disappearing flash of purple he had seen.

Amiah was almost to the exit when an urgent feeling suddenly permeated the vicinity. Something involving the host. Amiah took stock of its options and changed once more, this time assuming the form of the young man who currently was no more than a scattering of ashes. Amiah watched a group of Takeda's little underlings race down the hall toward the room which now lay empty except for two corpses. Amiah waited in the shadows for the people to rush by, something it had picked up from the two hosts, before

reentering the hallway and continuing on its way.

"What do you mean 'Amiah is gone'?" Takeda thundered at the young man on his knees before him. "How did it escape?"

"It seems to have consumed both the sacrifice and the kunoichi assigned to present the gift." The man informed crisply, though more than a hint of fear could be heard in his voice.

Takeda walked to the window. "This is unexpected and most unfortunate. I expect that this mistake be rectified at once. You are dismissed."

The man on the floor blinked in surprise. "Master?"

"Did you not hear me? Go get it back."

This time the kneeling ninja nodded, stood, bowed quickly and rushed from the room. He did not need to be told a third time that he was off the hook... for now.

Donatello hid in the shadows of a dark alley as he had been taught to so long ago that it was almost habit anymore. A small group of people passed by and he watched silently as they did so. The instant they were gone he made a move for the roof. Never once did he notice his pursuers.

"Where the shell is he going?" Mikey asked as he watched Don jump to the rooftops.

"If we knew that, Mikey," Raph informed him less than gently, "we wouldn't need to follow him. Now move." The red-masked turtle gave his sibling a shove in the direction Don had run off. "Whatever we do, we don't want to lose him."

"Shh." Leo ordered as he began to make his way up the fire escape Donatello had taken to the roof. Mike and Raph were close behind despite the brief conversation.

"Leo," Raph commented as they continued to tail their telepathic brother. "we're getting' awfully deep into-"

"Foot territory. I know." Leo shushed his brothers with a hand gesture and continued to chase Don. Despite their location, Donatello kept right on running.

Amiah, using the form of the young man it had encountered in the hall walked right out the front door of the Foot's Headquarters. It glanced around and decided that the direction it wanted to go was up. This form was not as strong as the first one Amiah had tried on, and the method used to adopt the second form had been rushed. For brief times this would hold, but Amiah reverted to the more permanent form of the kunoichi who had brought in the sacrifice. That victim had been adequately prepared for use in this manner.

"Master Takeda, Sir," The foot operative (un)lucky enough to have been assigned the job of reporting directly to the master greeted as he rushed into the room. "Kari, the kunoichi killed earlier this evening has been sighted a short distance from here. We believe that Amiah may have assumed her form and has used it to escape."

"So go bring it back." Takeda growled, only just managing to retain enough composure to refrain from throttling the ninja who had brought him the information.

"We have two teams on it as we speak and three more are almost ready to go."

"So what are you waiting for?" Takeda demanded.

"There is something else, Master Takeda." The ninja continued. "One of the turtles, the purple one you ordered left unharmed, has been spotted in the area."

"They're still alive?!" Takeda growled in annoyance. This severely complicated matters. "The reptile is no longer of any use. Destroy him and his meddling brothers, and bring Amiah to me! Now!" Takeda snapped before leaving the room. This was a most unexpected and unwelcome development.