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Up ahead Raven could hear the girlish screams coming from their leader being dragged on the cement by Starfire.
"So..Raven..what was your dream about?" She turned and glared at him, "Nothing."
"Right, that's why you won't tell me."
"Drop it, Beast Boy!"
He looked crest fallen, "Fine..why do you have to be so secretive? It's not going to hurt to tell someone anything."
"That's just the way I am, I can't help it." She looked down at her feet.
"Aww, now Rae, I didn't mean to upset you." He put his arm around her and she blushed a pale pink. "I-it's okay."
He lifted up her hood and made her face him. He looked at her skeptically, he'd never seen her blush. "Say, Rae, this dream of your's wouldn't happen to include me, would it?"
Her eyes widened a bit but quickly went back to normal, "N-no, why in hell would you be in my dreams?"
He looked hurt and let her chin go and started walking in the rain again. "I didn't mean to sound mean, Beast Boy, I'm sorry."
"It's okay, I understand.." She stood infront of him, stopping him immediatly. "No you don't. Yes...you were in my dream..but that all I'm going to tell you."
He smiled a bit and looked at her. Her hair was soaked and the grey of the sky made her already fair complexion look even paler. She shifted to her other leg and looked down away from his stare. "Your pretty Raven.."
Her head shot back up and they stared at eachother, both in shock of what he just said out loud. "No I'm not."
"Yes you are, Rae. I'm the ugly looking one." She looked at him.
He was a few inches taller than her now. He'd grown a bit muscular than before, but not much. His face was soft yet sincere at the same time and his dark green hair stuck to his forehead, drenched from the rain.
"You? Well, you may be green, but you are certainly far from ugly." He smiled even more, "Thanks, Rae. That means alot to me," he hooked his arm around her's and kissed her on the cheek and whispered in her ear, "Especially coming from you." He winked at her and they began walking again, following the sound of their tormented leader.
Raven smiled lightly and looked up at the sky, rain falling on her face. 'Maybe my dream can become a reality sometime...' She thought to herself. Beast Boy looked over to her and smiled.
"I love you Raven. I'm not sure why I just suddenly figured this out, but I do. I really do."
She looked at him, "Good, glad the feeling is mutual. I love you too, Beast Boy, so very much." He hugged her.
After a few more minutes of silence between the two new lovers he glanced at her. "So, Rae, tell me, what was your dream about?"
She smiled at him, "Maybe you'll find out for yourself sometime."
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