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Sakura has been taught under Tsunade for the past eight years so she is twenty. She has become the most well known and respected medic-nin in all of the world. She has also learned how to control the slugs from Tsunade. At the age of fifteen she became a chunin and eighteen she bcame a jounin. She is now spending her time at the hospital or going on missions for the ANBU. She is also in charge of all of the medics in Konoha.

Naruto left for two years to train with Jiarya. He came back and within three years became an ANBU captain. He is now dating Hinata. He hopes to one day soon ask for her hand in marriage. He is the new hopeful for the Hokage position. He also now knows how to control the Kyuubi or rather get it to behave itself.

Ino is a jounin with medical experience and a team of her own. She is engaged to Nara Shikamaru. Sakura and her have regained their friendship.

Shikamaru shockingly completed the jounin trials and applied for ANBU, where he is in charge of all tactical plans. Everybody thinks that Ino had something to do with his motivation. They were probably right.

Chouji is also a jounin with a team of his own. He decided that the ANBU wasn't for him, but teaching was. You can still find him with a bag of chips in his hand.

Kiba is now the leader of his clan. Akamaru is fully grown and no longer sits on Kiba's head. Kiba has also earned the rank of ANBU member.

Shino is also a member of the ANBU. He mostly does information gathering. He does this alone because most people are disgusted with his bugs and he prefers to work alone. He is very good at his job because of his chakra bugs.

Hinata studied under Tsunade, but didn't go as far as Sakura because she had the duties of being clan leader. She got rid of the separation of the clan because she felt that it was wrong. She hopes Naruto will ask her to marry him soon. When he does she will forfeit the leadership of the clan and give the title to Neji.

TenTen is a member of the ANBU and is married to Neji. Right at the moment she is off duty because she is pregnant and her job will harm the baby.

Neji is an ANBU captain. He is very excited about becoming a father. He and Hinata become very close over the years especially after Hinata's father and sister were killed in an attempt to kill off all of the Hyuuga clan. Hinata has told him that she will give him the title of clan leader when she is married.

Lee is a teacher of his own cell, of course he's a jounin. He tried the ANBU but decided that it wasn't for him.

Gai is now retired because in the second war against the Sound he lost the use of one of his arms. He now runs a weapons shop.

Asuma is now married to Karueni and they decided to have children in a few years. He decided to stay and teach more cells of genin.

Karueni is no longer a teacher, and is often gone on missions, much to the disappointment of Asuma.

Kakashi is still the same, always arriving late, and reading his Come Come Paradise books.

Tsunade is just about ready to choose a sucessor for the title of Hokage. So far, she's leaning to Naruto. She thinks that he has matured a lot in these past eight years.

Jiarya is still writing the Come Come Paradise series, and he has decided to stay in Konoha.

Orochimaru died at the hands of one of his saboardnents, during the second war. After his death, the country of Sound collapsed.

Kabuto died in the second war due to a kunai to the head.

The Atasuki has pretty much been killed off, except for Itachi and Kisame. Their whereabouts are unknown at this time.

Sasuke returned to Konoha after overhearing Orochimaru's plans for taking over his body. He was put on a two year probation. When his probation ended he quickly flew up the ranks and became an ANBU member. This was all within a year and a half. He still wants to get revenge, but is waiting until he knows that he will beat Itachi. Consequently, his stay in Sound Village changed his personality. He's less reserved, is willing to accept friends, and to love. Though he only has a few friends he considers them the family he needs and lost.

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