Just a tiny drabble this time, folks. Don't worry, I'm still writing FFG as well as other things. I haven't been completely idle. I've been playing with the idea of a mailing list or lj to keep you guys posted. Yes/no? Preference for either? Mind, this isn't a promise to be more prolific, just a little more informative. Anyhow, if you care, let me know. AN for this one: I chose the date somewhat randomly based on the publishing date of the first IY manga(1997). R & R, please. Enjoy!

Just One
Ladymage Samiko

It was just one kiss. That's all. Just one. Nothing to get worked up about. Nothing to pin all of one's hopes on. Even if it was one mind-blowing, heart-stopping kiss. That doesn't make a relationship. It doesn't even make promises, only possibilities. And Kagome had no illusions about what happened to possibilities on this side of the closed well. After all, who could expect a man--particularly a youkai--to hang about for five centuries on the strength of one kiss? It was silly, it was stupid, it was impossible--nothing more than a whisper in time. "Right here," she'd said, "on January 23..."

"' 2002, five PM.'" Kagome froze, then turned, very slowly, afraid it was only her imagination speaking. No. He stood there, made of flesh and blood and bone, beautiful as the day she'd last seen him. Her lips struggled to shape one single word.