DR: Okay, I know I shouldn't really do this, but I just wanted to make sure that you all knew that this story is part one of a series. The Epilogue 'Nights of Passion' (rated M kids, you have been warned!) and the sequel 'Uncertain Future' are on this fine site. And now, part three 'Reuniting the Tribes' is being posted. To fully understand what has happened to the people on Galactica you will need to read my 'Rebuilding Hope' storyin the 'Battlestar Galactica' subsection of this site.

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DR: Maybe... (grins) Anyway, here's a techy description of the Iguanosaur. I omitted the actual stats since they are already in the story:

"Created from the fusion of Leena Toros' damaged Gunsniper and her old damaged Dibison with the organoid Iycan, the Iguanosaur is one powerful zoid. Twice as long as the Gordos and standing a bare 3.6 meters lower than the Gojulas, the Iguanosaur is a massive zoid, capable of carrying some really, really heavy firepower. Equipped with two AZ 60mm Hyper-Velocity Vulcans and four AZ 80mm Pulse Lasers, this zoid's standard armaments are the stuff of nightmares. Add to this the twin 420mm Shock Cannons and its 4 Quad Long Range Missile Pods and the Iguanosaur becomes a deadly force to be reckoned with. Not only that, but this massive zoid, a gentle giant at heart, also has a Grade 3 Hybrid laser/Particle Cannon. While not quite as powerful as a Charged Particle Gun, its strength is still immense, capable of blowing a hole straight through a Gojulas if the zoid itself is annoyed enough.

"But it is not only this zoids immense firepower that makes it remarkable. It has superb amour coverage, with heavy plating covering nearly its entire body. The armour itself is very thick, slightly more than the Elephanders.

"With its heavy weight and wide stance it is very hard to bowl this zoid over, but despite this and all the weaponry the Iguanosaur is very quick on its feet. While no Liger Zero, it is extremely nimble on its feet compared to other zoids of this size. It is also capable of a surprising turn of speed. It is an awe inspiring sight when it does this, since it rears up onto its hind legs and runs like a two legged zoid.

"All this power also comes in handy during a melee battle, an area that most fire support zoids do not excel at. With this much mass and strength even the simple hardened alloy feet are deadly weapons. Very few zoids are tough enough to withstand a kick from this beast, and if you should find yourself being jumped on…

"One thing to note that like most 'Ultimate X' zoids, the Iguanosaur also has provision for a conversion armour system built in. However due to the layout of the armour this CAS system is not as profound as the Liger Zeros or even the Fury's. Only the armour sections covering the hips, shoulders and back can be replaced. This does remove the bulk of the zoids armour and weapons, but allows for a number of potential systems to be installed. So far no conclusive conversion armours have been developed. Most pilots have found the basic armour to be quite enough!"

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