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Arianna's eyes bulged in disbelief. "I am dreaming, I must be. Or, I am dead. Yes. I must be dead." The unicorn stared at the disoriented girl with wise eyes. It stepped closer and Arianna let out a little squeak. "I am dead. I am dead, I am dead…" Arianna kept telling herself. She backed away on her hands and knees every time the unicorn came closer. Farther and farther until… she fell into a pond. She came out soaking wet, mouth agape. She could've sworn she heard the unicorn snicker. "and may I ask what is so funny?" the girl said in her English accent. She was from London, and always loved the sound of the accent. Then she realized, that if she had fallen into a lake and actually felt it, she mustn't be dreaming. She stood still. "I must be mad." She said in a fearful voice. The unicorn strode up to her in all of it's majesty. And stuck it's horn out. Arianna gasped and fell over. She was dry. She looked over her hands with amazement. "Oh god. I am mad." She said. This was not by any stretch of imagination real. It wasn't, it just… "Give it up already. It's real." She heard a voice say. She stood up quickly. "Who s-said that?" she asked warily. The unicorn looked her in the eye. "Me you dimwit. I never thought you could take Cara's place. Nobody ever could. Nobody ever will." Arianna reached out to touch the unicorn. "Yes. Go ahead. If it will confirm your belief. Now let me explain why you're here…" Arianna felt the soft silk of the fur. It was like nothing she could've ever dreamed of. Then she snapped aback into reality. Or… whatever this was. "HOLD ON a minute. I don't want to know WHY I'm here I want to know HOW to leave." Arianna said crossing her arms. Her long dark hair fell in her face and her dark eyes flashed. She had always been a rebel. Part of the reason she had no friends. In her private school, everyone was so prim and proper. She hated them so much. Especially those damn beauty queens. They made her life a living hell. Since they were young the beauty queens had made fun of Arianna's unique style and the things she liked. And the worst of it was, her mother did the same thing. Always trying to get Arianna to "dress up a little" or "try on some makeup" nothing that ever remotely appealed to her. She had shunned all of these ideas, thus shunning her mother in the process. Her grandmother was the only one who understood her crazy life, and her seemingly worthless problems. She always had some inspiring thing to say that would cheer Arianna up. And now that she was gone, she had no one to turn to. Nothing to hold on to. Even her father ran away from her and her mother. Leaving an empty space where she knew her father should be. She hadn't even gotten to know him for he had left before she was born. After he found that her mother was having a girl, he didn't want her. He wanted a boy. Nothing else. Not some twisted girl with a tomboy attitude. Nobody wanted that. The unicorn looked at her with compassion as Arianna still stood with her arms crossed and her head down. "I feel for you." the unicorn said in a voice filled with sympathy. Arianna glared at him. "You wouldn't understand. I want to go home. No, I don't. I want to die. I want to die with my grandmother and never see the bloody daylight again, hear me? NEVER!" she snapped. The unicorn backed away, seeing tears in the young girls eyes. "You can't." it said. She looked at him with a hateful look. "Oh yes I can." She said to him with tears in her voice. "No." said the unicorn. "You can't." Arianna looked at him. 'Why not? No one needs me. NO ONE. Why can't you get that through your thick head?" she yelled shaking with anger. The unicorn's eyes flashed. "Our world needs you. We unicorns need you. our world is in terrible danger. Beloved…" "WAIT!" Arianna cut in. "B-Beloved, you say?" shivers went up her spine at the name. "what does this have to do with Beloved?" she asked forcefully. The unicorn stared into her eyes which by now were filled with fear. "Arianna, how do you know of Beloved? Did your grandmother tell you?" Because whatever you know needs to be spoken." Arianna bit her lip. "No. Grandmother did not tell me. I have visions… terrible visions of her killing unicorns and her impious laugh… and whenever I asked grandmother about her she looked me square in the eye and said I should not ask more than what is needed to." Arianna closed her eyes in vain from the painful memories. The unicorn stepped toward her. "There is much to tell you." he said. Arianna nodded and sat on a rock. "First off, my name is Lightfoot. And this world you are in right now is in terrible danger because of Beloved." Arianna nodded at him to indicate she was listening. "Beloved hates unicorns more than anything in the world and her life's goal is to rid our world of them. This is obviously not good for us unicorns, or any other species in our world." Arianna once again cut in. "Why?" she asked. "Why would this affect the other species if all Beloved wants is the unicorns? And why does she want the unicorns?" Lightfoot glared at her. "I am getting to that. No more cutting in." Arianna tilted her head and smiled an innocent smile. Lightfoot continued. "Our magic is the life source of this world, and without us everything would die. Beloved knows this. She doesn't care though for she is a cold-hearted demon who cares nothing for the magic world. For it destroyed her life years ago." Arianna was listening intently. "As a child, Beloved adored her father. And her father was a unicorn hunter. One day, as he prepared to shoot a unicorn, one of it's relatives attacked Beloved's father and killed him. As Beloved mourned the loss of her father, she decided that from that day on, she would kill all of the unicorns in existence and vowed she wouldn't rest until she did." Lightfoot stared at the locket that delicately clung to Arianna's neck. "There are five portholes into this world and each is encased in a locket." Arianna fingered the golden heart of the locket in disbelief. She had a porthole into this realm? Lightfoot nodded. "Yes, you do. And don't look at me like that because I can read your thoughts fort I'll be doing a lot of that." Arianna crossed her arms childishly and glared at him. "Arianna." He said softly. "Being the keeper of the locket is a huge responsibility. It means you are the defender of our world." Lightfoot looked into Arianna's eyes. "You, and only you can stop Beloved."

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