Memories not lost

Author: Jedi-Bant

Summery: We all know that R2-D2 is not like other droids, he has character and a personality. We also know that at the end of ROTS only C-3PO had his memory erased. So what would happen if R2 decided to share the memories he has of Anakin and Padmé with their children.

Disclaimer: Star Wars and all recognisable characters, places and happening belong to George Lucas and Lucas films.

Authors Note: I have decided that R2-D2 hasn't had enough of a say in any Fan Fictions so i thought i would write my own to try and make up for that.

Authors Note 2: Personally I hate script fics, but I think for some of this fic I am going to have to use this technique, but I will only use it for small amounts of text.


R2-D2 stood quietly in the corner watching his family interact with each other. He knew that Master Luke and Mistress Leia were Padmé's children and so he protected them and their families with every gear and circuit he had and he would continue to do so until he failed to work anymore. He was good at protecting humans too; right from the start he had done so. Starting on the J type 327 Nubian, which had been transporting his queen Padmé to the republic senate.

He was often underestimated as a droid and as an R2 unit, he had been then and he still was now in the days of the new republic, but he used it to his advantage. It was because of this that he still had his memories and C-3PO didn't, after all Astro droids can't talk, so what secrets could he give away? But even if he could he wouldn't betray his family.

Yes, it was his family, after all he had been with at least one member of the family for almost 50 years and he planned to last much longer, he hoped at least until Luke and Leia became one with the Force.

However he was starting to think that he had kept his secrets too well. He had never told Luke or Leia that he had known their parents, specifically their mother or that over the years he had recorded certain scenes and conversations that the couple has shared before and during their marriage. But more importantly Padmé had recorded a diary of events onto R2's memory banks so that she could recall the good times in times of sorrow and remember the bad times so her mistakes weren't repeated.

He had never shared the diary, it was locked away in a special circuit that Anakin had made for him so that only Padmé's voice pattern could delete the recordings, but he felt now that the wars were over and the new republic had been restored that the pair had earned the right to meet their mother, or at least learn more about her and the astounding person she had been. The problem was getting them to stop long enough for him to show them.

Today was one of the rare moments that the entire family was together, Leia had some time off from being Chief of State and Luke had come to Coruscant especially to spend time with her and the children.

C-3PO was standing near the children ready to give assistance when needed and ever present Chewbacca sat near Han talking with the adult humans and all three were included in his family as well, even if not by traditional means. R2 knew that today would be one of very few times he would have to share his secret with them. He just needed to wait for the children to go to bed.

At 7:00 on the dot, C-3PO informed the children it was time for them to get ready for bed and he managed to herd them towards the bathroom to clean their teeth. When they were ready for bed they came out and kissed the adults goodnight, hugged R2 as Pooja and Ryoo use to, and made one last attempt to stay up longer before going to bed.

The small droid started to roll forward but Luke stood up and informed the remaining group that he was going to go home and that he would see them in the morning. R2 stopped in front of him to try and stop him but the human didn't seem to understand.

"Yes R2 your coming too, come on."

Changing tactics he rolled over to the door and planted himself in front of it blocking the exit. Again it was take the wrong way.

"Don't you like us R2? You in a hurry to go home?" Leia asked.

"Alright I'm coming R2." Luke said kissing his sister on the cheek.

But R2 remained in front of the door when Luke tried to open it.

"I don't think farmboy's as good at translating droid as he thinks he is.".

"I'll get 3PO," Leia said ignoring her husband.

She returned a few moments later with the protocol droid.

R2 beeped at him and 3PO translated it.

"He says that he wants to show you all something."

"What does he want to show us?"

R2 beeped again.

"Don't be stupid, how would you know anything about their mother?...If you had met her I would have was not!"

Instead of replying replying R2 played one of the many conversations he had stored in his databanks.

START RECORDING (Read Authors Note at top of chapter)

BAIL ORGANA: Captain Antilles.

CAPTAIN ANTILLES: Yes, Your Highness.

BAIL ORGANA: I'm placing these droids in your care. Treat them well. Clean them up. Have the Protocol Droid's mind wiped.

C-3PO: Oh, no.


C-3PO gave a sound of outrage while Han and Chewie laughed at his expense. Leia however gasped at the sound of her dead 'father's' voice.

"Maybe we should hear was R2 has to say," Luke said moving back to his seat.

R2 beeped happily and moved away from the door and over to where the group was sitting.

Not knowing where exactly to start, he decided on the first time he had met Padmé.

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