Alright guys, this is a note from me, the sorry author, to you,

Don't give up yet!

I have tried to get back into writing this story but I just can't do it yet! I started it some time ago and I seem to have lost my thread, which is so sad! It is so frustrating when a story you are reading gets abandoned and I hate that I have left this one!

I will try to start writing it again, but the problem is my idea for the love story in this has gotten morphed into something else!

My other story La Vie est Merveilleuse is sort of where my inspiration for All Our Yesterdays ran off to. This story starts completely different but there is a love thread in it that I took sort of from Yesterdays so you have to stay with it! Please feel free to read it and I hope it sort of makes up for leaving Yesterdays for so long!

I swear I will try as hard as I can to get re inspired and not leave this story orphaned!

Thank you so much for reading! Please don't hate me!