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The Note

As Inuyasha ran after Kagome, he noticed that they were headed to the well. After several "sits" Inuyasha made it to the well just in time to see Kagome jump in. Growling, he glanced around to see if his friends had followed him and noticed a piece of paper on the ground.

'Why did she run away when she saw me?' Inuyasha thought as he picked up the paper

He noticed it was a list in Kagome's handwriting. It said:

'Pro's and Con's


Pro's: 1. He loves her

2. she's beautiful

3. she's brave

4. she's strong

Con's: 1. she's dead


Pro's:1. I'm caring

2. I'm pretty

Con's:1. He loves her

2. I'm her reincarnation

3. I can't do anything right'

When Inuyasha read this he wondered why she thought those things about herself. He jumped in the well and noticed Kagome wasn't home. He went in the house and up to her room. He grabbed a pen and made a new list on the back of the paper. When he was done he put it on her bed and left to sit in Goshinboku while he waited for her. When Kagome got home later that night she noticed the note on her bed and read it. It read:

Pro's and Con's


Pro's:1. she loved me

Con's 1. she didn't trust me

2. she wanted to change me

3. she wanted to use me

4. she tried to kill you

5. she helped Naraku

6. she wants me dead


Pro's:1. I love you

2. your beautiful

3. nice scent

4. kind

5. trusts me

6. loves me for who I am

Con's: 1. can't quit saying 'sit'

2. flirts with Koga

Kagome, why do you think of yourself in such a bad way? C ya at Goshinboku.


Kagome immeadiately left to down the well thinking he was in his time till she noticed something red up in Goshinboku, in her time and looked up.

"hey." she said shyly

"Keh, stupid wench." Inuyasha said as he jumped out of the tree

"Did you mean it?" she asked as he jumped out of the tree

"Keh." was his reply

That reply caused Kagome to look up and when she did she saw that he was blushing and staring at her. He leaned in closer and closer until their lips met in a soft kiss. When they parted Inuyasha picked her up and jumped back into the Goshinboku where the couple fell into a peaceful sleep.