Chapter T.W.O

"Dobe. Get. Off. Me. NOW." Sasuke gritted out as best he could with his face firmly planted in the dirt. God, this was so embarrassing! Tackled by the dobe! He'd never live it down. And he hoped to any power in his favor (as few as they may be) that his shirt hadn't ridden up. Please, oh please, let his shirt cover IT.


Gazing down at the back of his captives head, Naruto heard something along the lines of 'get off', or something close, mumbled into the dirt. There might have been a 'dobe' added somewhere in it, but – being the kind, generous, person he was – he was going to ignore it for now.

"Shut up" He whispered firmly, bending down close to his friend's ear, "You're in pain, and I intend to help. So deal with it." The last part said as he sat back up, he continued in a conversational tone, "So, are you going to tell me what's wrong or am I gonna have to strip you and see for myself?" Sasuke didn't reply. He didn't move. Actually he went kind of rigid, like a board. A nice, Sasuke shaped, wooden board. Shaking his head, Naruto sighed.

'Fine, have it your way.' He thought, pulling out a kunai and, after tightly securing Sasuke's arms under his knees, grabbed the other boy's collar and sliced his shirt right down the back. Sasuke's rather girlish squeal at this moment caused him to stop halfway down the brunettes back.

"Saaaasukeeee? What the hell was THAT?" giving his teammate an incredulous look. The great Ice-prince himself just squealed like a girl.


'Oh GAWD' flashed through said Ice-prince's head several times. Well, at least his face was in the dirt so he couldn't see the blush that dyed Sasuke's face a striking shade of fire engine red. Very clear on skin as white as his. As any color would be.

Though, in truth, he did have a reason to. Anyone else would have outright screeched at the thought of a knife so close to a brand new tattoo. It hurt enough just rubbing it, could you imagine something sharp scrapping across it? Well, Sasuke sure could, and being the Ice-queen he is, he squealed!

What? You would too! Don't deny it!


Sasuke still didn't answer. Not that he'd been expecting one – like Sasuke would own up to a squeal – but it didn't hurt to ask now did it? Shaking his head for a second time, Naruto returned to his task – de-robbing the Uchiha.

After said task was done, his eyes went strait from the cursed seal on his shoulder (a nice shoulder he might add) to the new making. A little confused, he stared harder at the design between his thighs. 'weeeeell, that's new' he mused, a small grin forming on his lips. Hooking a finger in the waistline of the brunette's pants he gave a slight tug to get a better look at it.

"Well, the age old question has been answered!" he announced to the clearing (which happened to be rather empty besides them) "the reason Uchiha is such a bastard is- (dramatic pause) – the sun rises out of his fucking ASS!"


Not being able to take it any more (where in reality he finally got a chance to move as Naruto dissolved in giggles, though he'd never tell you that) Sasuke jerked under around the blonde, making his tattoo scrap rather harshly against the rough material off Naruto's pant. Not a smart move by any means…


Hearing a hiss of pain brought Naruto back to his senses (along with Sasuke bucking underneath him) and he looked down at the half of his face now showing.

"Bet that hurt, huh?" he asked and, not waiting for an answer, placed his hand over the swirling orange and red inking, he sent a bit of chakra to ease the pain and repair a little of the damage, "I don't see why you didn't think to use chakra on it before (knew you were a masochist), buuut, the real question iiiis- why'd you get it?

Sasuke glared.

"Or is it 'WHO did you get it for?'" as Sasuke went red all over again, Naruto smirked, "'cause, ya know, I think I've seen this mark before. Yes, very familiar. Whose is it? Obviously not for Sakura" he really was having too much fun with this, "and it couldn't be Kakashi's, orange isn't his color. So that must mean it's for, oh! ME? Sasuke! Baby, you shouldn't have!" Wow, he'd never known Sasuke could blush all over like that. Kind of cute, really.


'Fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck…' ( Sasuke)


"Aw" Naruto cooed, bending over to let his lips ghost Sasuke's ear, "there's no reason to be embarrassed! I toooootaly understand. I AM gorgeous after all." Laughing at the odd face Sasuke was pulling (something like 'omgwtf' mixed with 'oh crap') he moved over to his cursed seal.

Now, most people don't know this, but seals – of any kind – are very sensitive. Press or itch it to hard and it really hurts - but if, lets saaay, it was licked or sucked, and, well, that's another story all together! And, after so many years of having a seal, Naruto was well aware of this. So first he licked, just to see how Sasuke would take such an action. Needless to say he was rewarded with a small gasp.


'Holy shit. Oh shit… OH FUCK!'


Can you guess? Yes, that, my friends, is when Sasuke became horribly addicted to seal-sucking. Not that Naruto was sucking hard at the moment, but those first times are always kind of intense.

Naruto chuckled through a mouthful of skin, causing another rather wanton moan to be ripped from Sasuke's throat. Naruto decided Sasuke had obviously never tried this, as he was grinding his hips into the grass like there was no tomorrow and his fists were clutching the blondes pant to hard he thought the material might rip!

'Definitely gonna have to de-sensitize him' he thought, suckling on his teammates seal just a little longer before letting go with an apologetic lick to gauge his reaction. Sasuke just growled/whimpered in annoyance and pushed his shoulder back to the lips hovering just above it. 'Well, can't have that now can we?'

Naruto decided he'd had his fun, for the moment, took the delicate sealed-skin in his mouth again and sucked. HARD. Sasuke yelped and came hard in his pants, hips bucking as best they could while pinned to the ground. Sitting up, he gazed at Sasuke's flushed, panting form, which was somewhat boneless at the moment, and came to a decision that, yes, he could get used to this look. And let's face it, Sasuke would look good after sex.


And that, duckies, is how Sasuke got a tattoo and became a seal-sucking addict. These things aren't really bad, or important, but we had fun none the less, ne?

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