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The mist hung pearly white and a softening gray around the banks of Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry. Term was already in full swing and it was the early morning on Halloween day.


"Yes Minerva?" Dumbledore asked, turning away from the bank of the lake where he was standing to face the wizened witch who now stood before him.

"Why are you out here on a night like this?" She asked, drawling her cloak around her to shelter her from the bitter winds.

Albus Dumbledore said nothing for a moment, turning back to the lake. "I feel an odd presence drawling closer to us, a very odd presence."


"Kaiko Za mugiwara kaizoku"

In a whole other time and place a little ship sailed peacefully along the Grand Line. The occupants of the ship having neither care nor worry pass through their minds.

"GET BACK HERE KUSOYAROU! THAT'S FOR NAMI-CHAN!" yelled the fair-haired chef, Sanji, who had just discovered who had eaten all the pastries he'd been baking.

"HehehehehahaHaHaHaHAHAHAHAHA" The idiotic captain, Luffy, laughed while running full speed around his ship.

Zoro, the green haired swordsman lay asleep under the mast, while Ussop the long-nosed sharpshooter scanned the ocean's horizons from the crow's nest. Nami the treasure hungry red-head who navigated the Thousand Sunny lay sunbathing on a deck chair, lolling in and out of sleep, while Nico Robin, an archeologist, sat not to far away immersed in a large tome of ancient cultures, with Franky sitting beside her, singing some bizzare ballad on his trademark pink guitar. And lastly, Toni Toni Chopper, the crew's smallest and cutest member lay asleep his head resting against Zoro's side.

The playboy chef finally caught up to his odd captain, kicking him soundly in the rear. The black haired Monkey D. Luffy was sent flying by the blonde's mighty kick, landing on top of both the santoryu practitioner, and the ever-lovable doctor of the straw-hat pirates.

"GAH! NANI KUDE YAROU" The swordsman cried, having had practically thefull weight of the insane captain land in his lap.

"WAH!" the little reindeer cried, jumping up and poorly concealing himself behind the large mast.

Nami, having snapped out of her semi-awake state, glared at the boys. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?" She screamed, seeming to tower over them in her rage.

"Nami-chan looks so cute when she's angry," the lecherous chef said, his revealed eye taking form of a large red heart.

"Pfht, Sanji-chan looks stupid whatever he does." The muscular swordsman jeered.

"What was that seaweed head?" Sanji growled, turning to glare at the green haired man.

"You heard me dartboard!"

"Hey! Hey! Look, we're approaching a huge storm cloud!" the tanned boy called down to his friends, waving frantically, jumping up and down, pointing at the large black cloud that was about to envelop them.

It seemed barely a moment later before they were completely surrounded by the large dark cloud, as a thick pearly white and softening gray misted settled around them.

Afterwhat seemed like ages, the ship finally reached land, just not land there were familiar with. In front of them was a large, looming black castle, and bellow them was a crowed of students and adults. It appeared as if they weren't on the Grand Line anymore.

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