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"I told you, I don't have any idea where your friend is!" said Luffy. Harry glared at him.

"It's rather suspicious, isn't it?" asked Harry. "Ron goes off to talk to a pirate, half an hour later he disappears!"

"How do we know your friend didn't do something to Zoro? We can't find him, either!" said Nami.

"Honestly, I can't believe I started to trust them!" said Hermione. Something in her voice said she was hurt.

"Zoro wouldn't kidnap anyone!" said Chopper.

"Oh, so you're saying he didn't kidnap him? I see, it's much easier for a pirate to just kill someone right off, isn't it?"

"Zoro didn't kill anybody!" said Usopp.

"Oh, quit giving me this bull! I'm going to go find Dumbledore! If Ron isn't okay, you pirates are going to suffer for it!"

"Who the HELL gave you the right to blame us?" said Luffy, grabbing Harry by the collar. "Why the-"

"Get your hands off of me!" yelled Harry. He drew his wand.

"It's pretty suspicious that a person in a group the whole school seems to hate goes off with one of 'em and doesn't come back." said Franky. "Roronoa's as strong as a monster, but who knows what kind of dirty tricks a wizard could pull."

"I swear, if you don't let go, I'll-"


"Petrificus Totalus!" yelled Hermione, pointing her wand at Luffy. The wand fizzled, and the spell had no effect.

"Wha-?" stuttered Hermione. "What are you people? Why didn't it work?"

Luffy shoved Harry away from him, causing Harry to fall to the ground.

Hermione decided to try the spell again.

Sanji ran up to Luffy, holding him back. "Listen, you idiot, we might nee their help! They-"


The spell his Sanji straight on. His arms snapped to his sides, and his legs snapped together. He tottered for a moment, then fell to the ground.

"SANJI-KUN!" yelled Nami.

Luffy turned to Hermione. "What the HELL DID YOU DO TO HIM?"


"What'd he do to you?" asked Usopp, running to Sanji's side.

"Serves him right!" said Harry, getting to his feet.

"He- he'll be fine." Said Hermione.

His face twisting with effort, Sanji slowly started to move his arms and legs.

"That- that quick?" asked Hermione. "First it doesn't work on the captain, and now he can get out of it that quick?"

Sanji slowly sat up. "Looks like marimo-head is causing problems for all of us."

Hermione looked at Sanji and Luffy with a face of sheer horror.

"N-no!" said Sanji, standing up.

"What is it?" asked Luffy, urgently.

"I…" said Sanji weakly, "I CAN'T STAND to have such a beautiful woman hate me! I would rather die! I would rather suffer any other tortures known to man than have a mademoiselle have contempt for me! I strive so for the love of beauties! I would rather feel the pain of hellfire itself rather than-"

Nami kicked Sanji back to the ground.

"I told, you, I'm not a pirate!"

Zoro awoke to hear Ron yelling next to him. They were in a dark, gloomy room of a long misused house.

Zoro's hands were tied behind his back, though what kind of rope could hold him he didn't know. Frickin' magic.

"Oi." Said Zoro, glaring at the death-eater standing over them. "Who the hell are you, where the hell are my swords, and where the hell are we?"

"Shut up and quit asking questions, you're getting on my nerves." Said the death eater.

"We're in the Shrieking Shack." Said Ron. "I've been here before."

"That's one question." Said Zoro.

"I told you to shut up, ya pirate asshole!"

"I'll tell you to eat shi-"

The death eater pointed his wand at Zoro. "Crucio."

The pain was swift and horrible. Zoro yelled through gritted teeth.

The death eater stopped. "You ready to shut up now?"

Zoro was breathing heavily, but he maintained his composure.

"I told ya', first, you've gotta eat-"


Ron looked away as Zoro was tortured again.

"We can keep this up as long as you like. I've got all day to get what I need to know from you two."

"You honestly think…" said Zoro, sweat all over his face, "That some pansy-ass wizard can take on a full-fledged pirate?"

"CRUCIO! Let's see how long you can take the pain this time."

Through the horrible spell, Zoro managed a mocking smile.

"D'You… even know… what… pain… is?" he gasped.

The death eater was taken aback. He'd never known someone to be coherent during the spell, and for someone to speak…

He ended the spell, and kicked Zoro in the face.

"Frickin… pansy…"

"Captain Smoker," said Lucious Malfoy, his voice smooth as silk, "Could you tell me what these pirates look like?"

Smoker reached into his jacket, pulling out several wanted posters. He handed them across the desk to Lucious.

Lucious studied the posters carefully. He smiled inwardly, recognizing the green-haired one from the report he overheard from a fellow death-eater. The pirate was being questioned at this very moment, and once night came he would be delivered to the Riddle House for the Dark Lord himself to do as he liked with. At first, Lucious had wondered why the Dark Lord cared so much about a few pirates, but if this Marine was any indication, they could be rather useful after all.

Lucious raised his eyebrows. "Quite a bounty. I wonder how many Beri to a Galleon, and vice-versa… Is this the entire crew?"

Smoker shook his head. "It's rumored that there may be even more of them. They vary quite a bit- few similarities between them."

"And what do you intend to do," asked Lucious, "if you find these pirates?"

Smoker slid his finger across his throat to signify what he intended to do.

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When the man entered the Great Hall, everyone got instantly quiet. From his sunglasses to his Hawaiian shirt to his speedo, Franky (the Hidden King of Water 7) had quite a presence about him. People could not help but to turn their heads and stare when Franky the cyborg and skilled dismantler came into the room. Finally, something broke the silence. A call from across the Great Hall expressing all of the thoughts and emotions the entire student body had for Franky.


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