A short drabble from Miaka's point-of-view, and how she felt when Nuriko gave his life for her. Please let me know what you think of it. Does it make you sad; angry? Let me know! Heavy criticism is accepted.


So perfect in death.

A small lift at the corner of his lips, his hands folded over his chest… It is certainly a beautiful sight to behold…and yet…

I hate it.

How can I like this perfect vision? He looks so calm- at peace, even. But his clothes are whole, unstained. As if he'd simply lain down, letting himself die.

It's all so wrong.

His grey-hued eyes are closed forever, and for a moment, I try to make myself believe that he is only sleeping. But then reality catches up with me, and I realize that he wouldn't be taking a quick nap in the snow. Perhaps he only fainted?

The side of my face brushes his chest, and I strain to hear a heartbeat. But there is nothing… And all I feel are the warm tears falling down my face, splashing gently on his already-cold body.

He fought for me!

He died for me!

He was covered with blood; it soaked the ground all around him, though it did not touch him now. His body was bruised, and he was in pain.

He gave his life to protect me…

And yet, he looked as pristine as the snow around him.

He had hurt, had screamed… He'd been in so much pain… He'd given everything he'd had… and more.

But this unspoiled image of him didn't show his sacrifice. It didn't tell of what he had done for me.

My hand brushes the side of his face, my fingertips tingling at the feeling of his cold skin. "I will never forget it, Nuriko. I will never forget what you've done…"

I bury my face in his chest, my hands clutching at the fabric of his clothing. I want to remember everything about him. How he looked, how he talked…

Even how he smelled.

"I'll remember you always, Nuriko." I take a deep, shuddering breath, letting my tears soak into the fabric of his tunic. "Will you remember me, too?"