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Ancient Runes
By Silver Sailor Ganymede


I have never been able to understand why I decided to take Ancient Runes as a subject for N.E.W.T level: I mean, it's just not very interesting, really; well, not to me anyway. Where will taking bloody Ancient Runes get me? All I want to do is become Minister of Magic, and that doesn't involve studying extinct languages.

I actually fell asleep last lesson, something which went unnoticed by Professor Vectra, but which I got a very long lecture from Lisa Turpin because of. It was all 'Eloise, you could have caused Ravenclaw to loose house points if Vectra had caught you!' It was really, really irritating; I swear, even that Mudblood Granger can't possibly be as annoying or pompous as Lisa is… can she?

What was worse was when Mandy (Mandy Brocklehurst) told me what I had missed – Vectra had assigned us to work in pairs, and I had been assigned to work with none other than the only Slytherin girl in our class… Sarina Moon. I mean, of all the people I could have had to work with, why her! I knew she was a freak even before I found her diary in the Slytherin common room, but now…

I think Vectra must have realised I've been falling asleep in her classes as their so boring, and she's found an even worse way to torture me than taking away house points.

I usually love going to the library… usually: now, however, I was there with someone I found to be… well, let's just say I have never liked Moon, blasted half-vampire that she is.

She looked up from her book as I sat down and said, "You're late, Eloise."

Okay, that was really annoying; I mean who was she to be calling me by my first name? It's just not done unless someone's your friend; and dear Miss Moon is certainly not a friend of mine. I'm going to kill Padma; I should have told her specifically not to ask Moon to meet me in the library. Gods this'll be embarrassing; I don't even know where we are in Ancient Runes; I haven't been paying attention at all since last month!

"Midgen, did you just hear me; I just told you that you were late!"

Midgen… no matter how much I hate my surname I'd rather be called 'Midgen' by a Mudblood like her.

"I know that I'm late" I snapped back. "And quite frankly, I don't care."

She stared over the top of her glasses at me (strange, I didn't know she wore glasses) and sighed, "Look, Midgen, I know that you don't care about what grade you get in this subject, but I for one do. And I'm not going to fail just because some snooty little pureblood thinks that she's too clever to even listen to the professors during lesson time!"

I blinked: okay, then I knew that the Sorting Hat makes mistakes; I mean, what non-Ravenclaw student would honestly care that much about passing such a pointless project! And as for the 'snooty little pureblood' remark, well, if she thought I'd just let it pass then she was sorely mistaken.

"Look, Moon, I don't know why you think I'm a 'snooty little pureblood', but better that than a stuck-up mudblood!"

Sarina rolled her eyes, "I wish people wouldn't use that phrase; it's not only annoying, but it's also politically incorrect."

"What?" I laughed.

"I mean that there is no such thing as 'muddy blood'; all blood tastes exactly the same. I would know, after all."

"Oh yes" I found myself sneering, "you're a filthy half-breed, aren't you. That's obviously where your weird looks come from too."

She glowered at me and hissed under her breath, sounding rather like a snake.

"I should just put you under a very nasty torture curse right now for that remark. However I, unlike you, am not a vindictive little bitch.

"Also, you're completely wrong about my 'weird looks'. My eyes aren't naturally golden, you know; in fact they're black. And as for my purple-tinted hair, well it's naturally dark brown; I dye it, that's all."

"What?" I asked. "How the Hell do you manage to change your hair-colour by killing your hair: I didn't even think hair was alive anyway: what you just said made no sense whatsoever!"

She blinked at me, trying to work out what I had just said… and burst out laughing! I was shocked… okay, that's a huge understatement, I was amazed; I couldn't for the life of me work out what was so funny about the point I'd made.

"Hair dye, nitwit, not die."

Okay, Moon was officially nuts.

"Hair dye, 'd. y. e.' Its a product used by Muggles to change their hair-colour. You really never paid attention in Muggle Studies, did you?"

"No" I replied. "Why the hell would be interested in learning about that subspecies of human?"

"You sound like Voldemort" she said, disgust clearly audible in her voice.

"Is there anything wrong with Voldemort?" I snapped back.

"Well apart from the fact that he's a complete lunatic that behaves as though he's on crack."

I stared at her, torn between laughter and… sheer amazement. She was definitely completely and utterly nuts: I mean, who the hell would even consider the idea of the Dark Lord on Crack. What's more she's both a Slytherin and a half-vampire, and both the Slytherins and the vampires always side with the Dark.

"That's it" I mumbled, "I'm leaving."

"Oh no you're not." Sarina snapped, "we have an Ancient Runes project to do."

"Whatever. I'm leaving."

She growled. "Fine, but you're coming back tomorrow."

"Yeah right", I mumbled as I left the library.

"Yes, I am right. I'll see you tomorrow, Eloise."

I hate that goddamn mudblood!

"What do you mean you haven't even started translating yet!" Lisa yelled at me. "You have to translate the entire book by next month! You'll never get it finished at this rate!"
I rolled my eyes, exasperated, trying to block my ears to Lisa's lecture and to not look at Padma and Mandy, both of whom were laughing silently as they watched Lisa got completely over the top, yet again.

"And I don't know why either of you are laughing either" Lisa snapped at Padma and Mandy. "Honestly, are Lydia and I the only girls in this year with any sense whatsoever!"

She was, of course, referring to Lydia Stevens, the other girl in our year who went nearly as mad as Lisa if she heard that someone was neglecting their studies… well, almost. I mean, I couldn't imagine myself acting as pompously as Lisa: in fact, I rolled my eyes at the mere thought of such a thing.

"Don't roll your eyes at me, Eloise!" Lisa snapped. "Well, if no one is going to even entertain the thought of listening to the logic in my statements, then I think I'll leave the dormitory and go and sit in the common room until someone here regains their sense!"

Lisa left in a right huff. Mandy turned to me and laughed out loud.

"How do you do that to her, 'Lou!" Mandy laughed.

"Don't call me 'Lou'" I snapped. "It's Eloise! E. L. O. I. S. E. Eloise!"

"Well done, you've finally learned to spell your own name", Padma said. Her voice was dripping with so much sarcasm that it would've put Snape to shame.

I took the pillow off my bed, threw it at Padma… and missed by a mile.

"Well, I have divination homework to do", Mandy said, walking down to the common room and leaving Padma and I alone in the dormitory.

I noticed that Padma and I both had the same, amazed look on our faces.

"Divination homework" I said, incredulously. "Who in their right mind would do Divination as a N.E.W.T?"

"My sister does it."

"My point exactly" I replied, and Padma laughed; it's no secret that Padma and her sister Parvati pretty much hate each other; their like… like… what's that muggle saying… coal and milk? No, that's not it… oh I can't be bothered to think of it.

There was silence for a while, then Padma asked, "so, did you and Moon do anything at all in the library earlier?"

"No. Well, no work anyway. Man, that girl is insane."


"She said that Voldemort behaves as though he's on Crack."

Padma stared at me and laughed.

"What's so funny?" I asked.

"Voldemort on Crack" Padma laughed. I grabbed my other pillow and threw it at her: it hit her in the face and she fell onto the floor, still laughing.

It was just then that Lydia came into the dormitory. She looked at me, then at Padma, who was pretty much dying of laughter, and asked, "what the heck's going on in here?"

"Don't ask" I replied.

I like getting up really early in the mornings. Don't ask me why, I'm just weird that way. But then again, it might have something to do with the fact that the Great Hall is always nice and quiet at six-o-clock in the morning. I was the only Ravenclaw in the Hall then. There were only a couple of Hufflepuffs and no Gryffindors, but the Slytherin table was surprisingly full for so early in the morning. And… oh no, Moon and Greengrass were sitting right behind me. Greengrass was acting amazingly hyper for six a.m, but Moon looked as though she was about to fall asleep in her porridge.

You know, it came as no surprise to me that Moon would be friends with Greengrass. I mean, Moon is completely nuts, and Greengrass is Slytherin's answer to Loony Lovegood!

While looking at them, I noticed that Moon had her hair in a style that reminded me of two meatballs with a load of spaghetti hanging down from them, like a character from a muggle TV show I saw once. I also saw that she'd dyed her hair bright green.

"I'm going to kill Theo!" Moon was ranting. "And I'm going to kill you if you ever get me up at this ungodly hour again!"

I felt like laughing at the look on her face as she said this.

"It's only the third time this week I've woken you up at five-thirty" Greengrass said while twirling a lock of her sand-coloured hair.

"Exactly; it's the third time this week and it's only Wednesday. Honestly, getting up so early is driving me nuts. I mean, telling Midgen of all people what I think of the Dark Lord; she must think I'm completely insane!

"Honestly Daphy, if you get me up this early ever again I swear that my brain will die. Let me sleep in until ten tomorrow."

"But you'll miss your first lesson."

"No I won't. Wait, I take that back, I'll meet Midgen in the library at nine instead; it'll be a lye in anyway compared to this, and the sooner we finish that
Ancient Runes project, the better."

"I thought you liked Ancient Runes."

"I do: I just don't want to spend too long on this project; I'd have had the book almost completely done by now, and we haven't even started."

She looked like she was almost asleep again. I had finished my breakfast by that time, so I got up and walked right up to Moon and Greengrass.

"Good morning Moon," I said in a voice that was much more cheery than my normal one. "Lovely morning today. Isn't it wonderful to be getting up so nice and early."

Greengrass laughed. Moon glared at her and then at me.

"I'll see you later, in the library."

"Sure" I said. "If you're actually awake by then."

She gave me a look that could have killed the dead, and I walked off laughing as I heard her snapping, yet again, at Greengrass.

"Right; we're actually going to do some work this evening" Moon said as I sat down in the Library.

"I guess" I sighed. I took out my copy of the book we were supposed to be translating, and found that, surprise, surprise, I couldn't figure out what the hell the runes on it meant.

"You haven't been paying attention at all in class for the past month, have you?" Moon asked, exasperated.

"Nope" I replied.

Moon shook her head, "If you had been paying attention like you should have been, you'd be able to read this entire book by now!"

"Well I can't."

"Right" she said. She began to rummage through her bag, and soon pulled out a crumpled sheet of parchment. She then handed the parchment to me.

I noticed that the parchment was covered in a runic alphabet; from the looks of it, it was the same one that the book was written in.

"You learn that alphabet, and I'll begin translating" Moon said. "However, we'll both be doing the translating tomorrow, so you'd better not slack; I'll know if you have been."

"Right" I sighed.

We sat in silence for a while - Moon writing very fast as she translated the book from runes to English, me trying to memorise the runic alphabet that we were supposed to have learnt. I found that the alphabet was surprisingly easy to memorise, so that was good.

After about an hour, Moon looked up from her writing. She had bright purple ink on her hands, robes and face as well as her glasses.

"Well, I think that's enough for tonight" she said.

"How far have you got?"

"Thirty seven pages out of two hundred" she replied. I gaped at her; I probably wouldn't have been able to do ten pages in that amount of time.

Seeing the amazed look on my face, Moon said, "after Potions, Ancient Runes is my best subject. I am part vampire after all, and all three of our alphabets are runic."

She roughly shoved all her things into her bag. I was about to hand her the sheet of parchment she had lent me, but Moon just laughed and said, "keep it; I don't need it."

As we left the library, I took the opportunity to ask, "so Moon, how did you're hair suddenly become green? Did you use hair-dye or whatever it's called on it?"

"No" Moon muttered. "Let's just say that I got in between Theo and Daphne when they were duelling, and I got hit by a spell. The colour won't come out for the next month, so I'm stuck with green hair."

"Oh well, Moon, look on the bright side" I said, "at least you haven't got bright red hair, because then you'd be stuck with Gryffindor colours for an entire month."

Moon cringed as though she could barely imagine anything worse.

"Yeah, and I'd be hungry all the time; red makes me think of blood", she sighed. "And for Salazar's sake, my name is Sarina, so call me Sarina; 'Moon' makes it sound as though I'm a werewolf. I mean, dad is, but I'm not, so I don't know why I was given the name 'Moon' too."

"Your father's a werewolf as well as a vampire?"

"Umm, yeah", Moon mumbled, looking mad at herself for letting that piece of information slip. "That's why the vampire clans and the werewolf packs have stopped warring. My father was bitten by a werewolf, and a friend of his, who was already a werewolf, was turned by one of the Elders, so we now have a state of truce."

I was shocked by that to say the least, and the silence between us was only broken once we reached the main staircase. I was to go up to Ravenclaw Tower, and she had to go down to the Slytherin common rooms.

"See you tomorrow, Moon" I said.

"It's Sarina, not Moon", she replied.

As I walked back to Ravenclaw Tower I was suddenly hit with a thought.

'Maybe she's not so bad after all'.

Hell… and I thought today couldn't seem any stranger.

The next morning, I met with Moon - or Sarina as she insisted I call her – in the library at nine-o-clock. She was already busy writing when I sat down. I noticed, quite suddenly, that her reading glasses were missing.

"I think Daphy decided to play a trick on me", she muttered when I asked where her glasses were. "She's hidden them somewhere, and now I can't see a damn thing that's close to me. Oh well, it's your turn to translate anyway."

She thrust the book at me and I started working.
After about five minutes, I realised what it was that we were working on.

"Why would anyone want to translate 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' in to Mermish?" I asked. "I mean, this book would be ruined under water."

"I know" Sarina laughed.

We sat in silence for about the next hour and a half, me translating, Sarina reading a Divination textbook of all things, when I saw a character that I didn't quite recognise.

"What's that character mean?" I asked, pointing to symbol which I thought meant fire.

"It means sunlight" she replied. "From what I can make out, that passage is about vampires and… what the heck, that's not right!"

She'd grabbed the book off me and read through the passage again.

"I thought Newt Scamander was an expert, but that's completely wrong!" she said, sounding very, very annoyed.

"What is?"

"Well, it says here that the clans are run solely by the Elders. That's not true; only the Domana line of the Vampyr is run that way. The other twelve clans are headed by the Elder, but the decisions are made by all. Even though the Domana line is a dictatorship, in effect, the other clans are democracies. And also, what it doesn't say here is that the leaders of each coven meet once a decade to discuss matters that are occurring throughout the Vamyric world; that's the council of thirteen, and it's currently headed by Count Vlad Dracul'ah."

"Dracula? I thought he was a fictional character."

"No, Dra-kü-lar, not Dra-queue-la. He's the eldest of us living; he's over ten thousand years old."

"Ten thousand years old!"

"Yes; full Vampyr are almost immortal after all. Most only die if they choose to, or if they're slain for treason against the clans; but that hasn't happened for about two-hundred and fifty years. Seeing as I'm only a half-blood, I can either choose to be turned again – that is very rarely done, mind – or I can continue living as I am, and die at the age of about three hundred."

"Three hundred!"

"Not that long, is it? I mean, Flammel was over six-hundred years old." She paused, gazing off into space, and then blinked. "Why did I just tell you all of that; we're supposed to be working on this project, not discussing Vampyric politics!"

She looked at her watch and said, "Well, I'll see you later, Midgen. I have Divination now."

"I have a free lesson, so I'll stay and work on this." I said, surprising myself with my own enthusiasm. "Have fun in Divination."

As she left, a thought struck me; it was true what I'd said to Padma last night; no one in their right mind would take Divination for N.E.W.T level.

Dinner that night was quite a mad affair. I was sitting next to Padma, and we were both trying not to fall asleep as Mandy droned on and on about her Divination lessons. (She had had Divination twice today; a double lesson with Trelawny; what a nightmare!).

"And then I turned around the Tarot Cards, and I got a…".

"Mandy" Padma said, trying her best not to shout at her friend, "please just shut up will you. I have to listen to that Divination crap all the time at home because Mum and Parvati are obsessed with it. The last thing I want is a lecture on it from you."

"Sorry" Mandy laughed and turned to me. "Anyway, how's the Ancient Runes project going?"

"Fine" I replied. "We were discussing Vampyric politics for about quarter-of an hour."

"Vamyric politics" a dreamy voice questioned, and I realised that, joy of joys, Loony Lovegood was sitting next to us.

"Yes, Vampyric politics", Padma said.

"Do you mean the Ministry of Magic?"

Okay, now I knew exactly why she was called 'Loony'.

"What do you mean?" another, rather interested voice asked, and I discovered that Sarina and her mad friend 'Daphy' Greengrass were sitting right behind us.

"The minister of magic is a Vampire."

At that, Sarina's mouth dropped open; she looked quite horrified.

"Scrimgeour…a Vampire!" Sarina snapped. "That's the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard! I mean, how on Earth could that monster be a Vampire? He was the one who imposed all these recent rules on the 'regulation and control of dark creatures' which, might I add, affected both vampires and werewolves directly. Neither of the senates, Wolvic or Vampyric, are pleased with that, I assure you. I mean, Scrimgeour being a vampire is about as likely as Voldemort being sane; it's never going to happen, and it's ridiculous even to suggest it."

Loony Lovegood didn't really look surprised; she's so mad she's used to people saying things like that about her idiotic 'theories', but as for the rest of us, we were really shocked.

"Now, I'm going to the common room; I'll be able to escape this idiocy then" Sarina snapped, and she stood up and left.

"What's with her?" Padma mused. "Why was she so annoyed about that?"

"Sarina Moon's a half-vampire", Daphy Greengrass replied. "She hates the ministry even more than she hates Voldemort, and believe me, that's saying something."

"Well, the Ministry is run by a bunch of incompetent mudbloods anyway; I for one can't blame her."

Mandy glared at me and I realised that I, being so bad with words and so opinionated, had really put my foot in my mouth this time! I mean, Padma and I are both purebloods, but Mandy is a half-blood, so the term 'Mudblood' was offensive to her.

"Well, I've finished dinner… I'll be going back to the common room, and that's where I'll be if anyone needs me", I said quickly and I rushed out of the hall.

I had really messed up this time. You know, I have this feeling that Mandy will be mad at me for quite a while until I get the guts to apologise. I am such an idiot… wait, I take that back, Loony Lovegood is an idiot for even starting that discussion in the first place. Or did I start it? Oh, who cares? It's just easier to blame Loony Lovegood.

Over a week has passed and I still haven't managed to apologise to Mandy for the 'Mudblood' remark. Yesterday, Saturday, I was sitting in the Common Room… but not the Ravenclaw Common Room… the Slytherin Common Room.

Sarina and I had nearly finished translating that Mermish book; thank god. (We've only got thirty-nine pages left now!)

Anyway, I was sitting in the Slytherin Common Room. It was just like old times when I sneaked in here to see Colette. (Colette, by the way, is Colette Draconisson. She's a year older than I am, but we've been friends for forever.)

Now, if anyone reads my diary like I read Sarina's – which, believe me, they wouldn't dare to do – they may be wondering how I was in the Slytherin common room and how I managed to stay in there without getting kicked out. Well, the answer is simple; Colette is Head Girl – the first Slytherin to get the position of Head Girl for over one hundred and fifty years! You know, most headmasters and headmistresses really hated the Slytherins for some reason. I can't see why. Did you know that Tom Marvolo Riddle was the first Slytherin to become Head Boy in over five hundred years?

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yeah, I was with Colette in the Slytherin Common Room, and even though more than a week had passed, I still hadn't apologised to Mandy for my 'Mudblood' remark.

When I explained all this to Colette, she looked at me and sighed.

"Eloise, how many times have I told you this? Honestly, if I've said it once, I've said it two thousand times. Even if you hate Mudbloods, you don't say the word 'Mudblood' in public." She fixed her bright yellow eyes (yes, she has naturally yellow eyes) on me and scowled.

"I know." I sighed. "But what I don't understand is why Sarina was so completely pissed off at Loony Lovegood for saying that thing about Scrimgeour being a Vampire."

"Sarina, you mean Moon?"


"So, I guess you haven't read the Prophet recently" Colette sighed again, twirling a lock of her ash-blonde hair.

"Why would I read the Daily Prophet?" I laughed. "It's a tabloid newspaper that's full of crap."

"I agree, for the most part. The thing you fail to realise, Eloise, is that there are some interesting articles relating to the Ministry of Mudbloods and their blunderings."

Well, Colette obviously has enough sense to hate the Ministry; well, why shouldn't she? Her father and her eldest brother are both in Azkaban thanks to the Ministry and its anti-pureblood tendencies. Not all Purebloods are Death Eaters, and not all Death Eaters are Purebloods, but just because most of the known Death Eaters are Purebloods – like the Malfoys – all Purebloods are suspected of being Death Eaters. I mean, Colette's sister lost her job at the Ministry when it was found that her father and brother were Death Eaters, but Coralie (that's Colette's sister) had never had anything to do with Voldemort. It's weird the way the Ministry thinks, isn't it?

Anyway, Colette proceeded to 'accio' a copy of last week's Daily Prophet over to us, and show me the front-page article:


Minister of Magic, Rufus Scrimgeour, last night revealed his plans to control the treatment and rights of Dark Creatures such as Vampires and Werewolves.
It is well known that all Dark Creatures sided with He-Who-Must-Not-be-Named during the last war, and so Minister Scrimgeour has taken many steps to prevent such a thing reoccurring. It has been stated that these laws will prevent all non (and part)-humans from working within Wizarding society, and therefore make the world a lot safer.
It has also been proclaimed that all Dark Creatures must register with the Ministry in order that they can be controlled. This system will involve the creature being numbered in order that tracking may be made easier.
The Minister said that "Such a thing should have been done decades ago, and I have every confidence that regulating Dark Creatures will help us to win the war against Lord Vol… You-Know-Who."
This has been regarded widely as an excellent move, however it has met some opposition from Werewolf rights campaigners. The leader of this Movement, Mister Fenrir Greybeck, stated that (continued on page four).

I put down the paper; I just couldn't read much more. It was awful! The way that article was written, it was as though they believed that all Dark creatures are evil, and Dark doesn't necessarily mean evil.

"Do you see why Sarina hates him so much now?" Colette asked. I nodded; yes, I knew exactly why. And they say Voldemort is bad.

I sighed; I knew that there was nothing I could do about those idiotic 'laws', but there had to be something I could do to cheer Sarina up. And then it hit me…

"Thanks Col, I've got to go", I said quickly, jumping to my feet.

"Where are you going?" she asked, but I was in such a rush that I didn't reply; I just raced out of the Slytherin Common Room and headed towards the Library.

I am sitting in the restricted section of the Library, waiting for Madam Pince to close it. You see, my grand plan will, hopefully, both please Sarina and get this darn project out of the way once and for all. Oh, there go the doors. Great, I'm locked in; now I can't put plan 'Cheer up Sarina 'Vampire' Moon' into action.

I was woken up this morning my Madam Pince's shrill shrieking, "Eloise Andrea Midgen! What on Earth do you think you're doing! How on Earth did you get locked in here! And why is there bright purple ink all over your school robes!"

Carry on like that for about twenty minutes and you'll get the picture of what she made me go through. I just hope this plan works.

Madam Pince shooed me down to the Great Hall for breakfast, where I was met by Lisa, who was fuming; Padma, who looked as though she had been up all night worrying; Lydia, who looked rather shocked by my sudden appearance; and Mandy, who looked rather bored.

"Where on Earth were you last night?" Lisa snapped. "Honestly, if you spent all night walking around then you really shouldn't have! You could have lost Ravenclaw a lot of House points!"

"I wasn't wandering around" I replied, beginning to butter some toast.

"Then where were you?" Padma asked.

"Library" I replied.

"What?" Lydia asked.

"I was in the Library; I stayed up all night finishing off that Ancient Runes project; I told Pince I'd fallen asleep, so I didn't get into any trouble. Honestly, I didn't."

"I thought you hated Ancient Runes," Lisa said.

"I do, but I just wanted to get it out of the way," I replied. "So do you actually like Ancient Runes now?" Mandy asked, speaking to me for the first time in over a week.

"No, but I do like Sarina Moon. And Mandy, I'm sorry for using the 'M' word last week; I forgot that such things would offend you."

"Are you really Eloise?" Mandy asked.

"Yes" I replied.

"Well, we should lock you in the Library more often if you behave like this afterwards" Padma laughed. I glared at her and turned back to Mandy.

"So Mand, are we still in a fight?"

"Are you still being a pureblooded bitch?"

"No, I don't think so" I replied. "Anyway, I have to go back to the library. See you all later."

And so I ran back to the Library, leaving my dorm-mates sitting at the table with shocked looks on their faces.

I was sitting in the library, staring at the ceiling, when Sarina finally arrived. Her hair was still bright green, but it fell down loose in a knotted mass, right down to her ankles. Her eyes were not golden but black rimmed with red, just as they had been all week.

"Morning" I said, but she didn't reply.

"Right, what have we got to do?" Sarina mumbled, pulling her book out of the bag as I handed her the essay. She flicked through the essay, looked back at the book, back at the essay and then at me.

"I thought you hated Ancient Runes", she said.

"I do" I replied.

"Then how the heck did you manage to finish this essay? We had about forty pages left to translate."

"Thirty nine", I replied. "But you've been under a lot of stress lately and I decided to finish the essay."

"But... it must have taken you all night!"

"It did; Pince didn't half freak out when she found me here this morning!" I laughed, and Sarina smiled; I mean she actually smiled!

"You know what, Eloise, you're not as bad as you make everyone think," Sarina laughed.

"Erm, thanks, I think", I said. "So, does this mean we're friends now?"

"You want to be my friend" she said, shocked. She gaped at me then muttered, "very funny joke."

"I wasn't joking" I replied. "Look, I've been an idiot. I am not going to be so 'Death-Eater-like" from now on. And you know what else?"


"I think your right; Voldemort probably is on Crack" I laughed and so did she.

Finally, the day this has all been leading up to is here; we're getting our results back; you know; the results for our Ancient Runes Project.

Vectra places our project in front of us.

"Well done Miss Moon, Miss Midgen," Vectra smiles. "Not a single mistake in the entire translation."

Sarina looks at the paper and then at me, "We got an 'O'" she smirks. "Yes, that's brilliant!"

I smirk as well and those smirks turn into full grins as we look at Lisa and Granger, both of whom are looking extremely miffed.

"So Eloise is friends with someone she thought of as an arch-enemy before. Hermione Granger didn't get the highest score in the year for something. Eloise actually likes Ancient Runes. Eloise is acting sympathetic towards part-humans, non-humans and non-purebloods. And to top all that off, there are
Slytherins sitting at the Ravenclaw table", Padma said, looking first at me, then at Lisa, then at Sarina and Daphne, and then back to me. "Have I stepped into an alternate dimension?"

"No" I replied, rolling my eyes.

"Oh god, the way this is going, somebody's going to say something even more ridiculous like 'Voldemort is on Crack'", Lydia muttered.

I looked at Sarina, then Daphne and then Padma and we all laughed.

I guess friendships form in the most unlikely places, don't they?