It was promised…and now it's here! Welcome to the awaited sequel of D.S. al Coda! I'm your host Mika, along with a whole new villain group to boot! It's fun, exciting, and has people from deleted stories coming back to life! WHOO! And now, for the stupid information that all of you already know…

The rating: PG-13, Teen, whatever the hell it is now.

The reason: MUSTARD! Just kidding. There's drama, language, violence, shonen- and shojou-ai, and a variety of other things that go wrong. Oh yeah, gore. Splaying angel guts all over the place isn't exactly G, is it? There will be shojou and shonen-ai in this story! Just a warning for those who don't think they can take it. BUT THE MUSTARD! MUSTARD WILL TAKE OVER THE PLANET! ((runs to hide))

Genres: fantasy, action, adventure, drama, romance, condiments

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Prologue: The Fallen


A girl with short, extremely light brown hair and shockingly green eyes all but flew down a corridor. She herself was vertically challenged, standing at a mere four feet and eight inches. As she walked past people, she drew quite a bit of attention. Some of the people had wings and halos, while others had hardhats and guns.

"Tsukasa, you do know that the partnership has been cleared, and we have now become the White Angel Organization." A tall girl with dark rose-pink hair and clouded blue eyes said. She had wings, but she carried her halo in her hand.

"I know, Zaffiel. It has come to my attention, thank you." Tsukasa, the short girl said. "I also saw to it that Marco will be reporting to me, and that I now head both organizations with this deal. If he wants the fallen to work for him, he must abide with my rules."

"We know that. That we do. The only problem is the rouge one…" Zaffiel said. She began twirling her golden halo around her finger. "I doubt she can do very much now, can she? We've already ridded her of all ties, that we have. Arien is currently taking care of the rest of the necessary things. But we would all like to know: are we going to chase 'Generation Zero'?"

Tsukasa turned down a different hall. "I don't see any reason to. Get Pandora, though…I really want to hurt her. I'm sure you do too?"

"Indeed." Zaffiel responded. "But I'm still confused. Why are you, the daughter of Chaos, helping us? We are fallen angels, that we are."

"You must remember, Zaffiel, that without chaos, there is no order, and therefore no existence in the entire universe. Once the box was opened, hope was freed and made it so she controlled chaos. I no longer had a purpose, and therefore was counted as a fallen angel." Tsukasa explained calmly. Zaffiel nodded and continued to play with her halo.

"Okay, I understand. And what gave you authorization to do all of this?" Zaffiel asked, waving a few of the others off with a wave of her hand. "You are of a rank…"

"That doesn't matter," Tsukasa argued. "What matters now…"

A girl with pale pink wings, a long powder blue braid, and pink eyes came bolting toward them. She stopped before mowing down Zaffiel and bowed.

"Miss Tsukasa – I have completed the task." She said, still in a deep bow. Tsukasa smiled at her.

"Thank you, Arien. Are they in the designated rooms?" Tsukasa asked, signaling for Arien to stand once again. Arien regained her composure.

"Of course! Now, I must be going – I promised to play with Jessica!" Arien said, running off down the hall once again. Zaffiel and Tsukasa continued on their merry way in the opposite direction.

"Well, Zaffiel…it is time to put this plan into effect. We, the White Angel Organization, in cooperation with the Black Ghost Organization, will seal Hope again once more and kill those who opened the box. We will prove that human relations are futile, and that we're better bad guys!" Tsukasa said, opening a door with the press of a button. "And you, my most trusted fallen angel…"

"Yes, I know…that I do." Zaffiel said, gently kissing the younger girl. Tsukasa grinned at Zaffiel. "Tsukasa, you do know that they won't all be affected by what Arien did."

"For that, I have two new cyborgs. They have amazing abilities, and were created by Alexa and Marco themselves. And remember yourself, Zaffiel. You are a fallen angel, and you have a power of your own." Tsukasa turned to a glass wall, behind which the ocean drifted past, and pressed her hands to it. "You can make people feel emotion…"

"I can not. I am not the angel of emotion; I am the angel of storms. You will need to contact a whole different class to be able to pull that off, that you will." Zaffiel said, walking to the glass. "There is no need for angels to live any longer, Tsukasa. The eight children of the two shrines have destroyed Heliopolis and Lunapolis. Our homes are gone, and we are rejected at the gates to heaven. There's no reason for angels to exist and give hope, because there is now hope in the world from Pandora's Box."

Tsukasa turned to look up at the angel. "But, we can change all that."

Zaffiel's cloudy blue eyes widened. "How do you plan on doing that?"

"Gathering a few key people, including all the rebel cyborgs. With the ones we have that are dear to a few cyborgs, they will get all the others and we'll have them all. It's not very hard to figure out, Zaffiel. Once that happens, Omega is sure to sense that an end is near and be drawn to it." Tsukasa explained. "Then we'll pull in Hope, Pandora and all the others."

She and Zaffiel stood for a while, watching fish swim by the window. Arien burst through the door, braid whipping around behind her head.

"Miss Tsukasa – I've been sent to tell you…we have reports of the cyborgs noticing. Oh yes, and we have a runner." Arien said. Tsukasa smiled at Arien, who had dropped her halo in her last bow. She blushed and hastily picked it up. "And Nirine has asked me to remind you that there are rankings higher than Zaffiel."

"Tell her to fuck herself." Tsukasa said. "I don't care what she says, Zaffiel has gone to the top of rankings."

Arien bowed once again and left. Tsukasa turned away from the window. "It's only true, Zaffiel. The rankings still hold, but you have been taken far up from where you were."

Zaffiel bowed her head, returning her halo so it floated about three inches above the crown of her head. "I am honored to be at your service."

"Don't worry about that any longer." Tsukasa said. "You have proved yourself far more worthy than all the Class One Angels in any case. You've even proved higher than Class Two. I don't care what any of them say. Tell them that they can talk to me."

"And your entire plot is…?" Zaffiel asked, before Tsukasa could continue her ranting. Her own blush had deepened considerably from the normal pale tone of her skin. "I still have yet to hear of it."

"Simple. Get Hope and seal her back into the box. Possibly find Helios and Luna and force them to rebuild their cities. It depends." Tsukasa said, taking a seven-foot staff against its leaning post on the wall. It was black with a swirling metal over it, and at the top was a green orb, floating an inch above its base. "It is time, Zaffiel. Let's get this thing started."

"Surely we should inform Enala…?" Zaffiel asked.

"Absolutely not. This is our mission. The time is now or never."