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The Secret Roommate


It had been three years since Trini Kwan, Jason Lee Scott, and Zack Taylor had been Power Rangers. There were times they wished they were Rangers again. Jason had a chance, but it ended too soon. Now, they were going to the same college.

"Why couldn't their rooms have three beds," Trini asked.

Trini didn't like the idea of having to share a room with someone other than Jason or Zack. Sharing a room with a stranger was going to take some getting used to.

"Don't worry, I'm sure your roommate will be fine," Jason comforted her.

"Listen to the former man in red," Zack said.

A small smile came from Trini.

"That's the Trini I know and love," Jason smiled.

"Speaking of former colors, I need to call Kim. I wonder how Florida's treating her," Trini wondered.

"All right, we better get to our rooms," Zack said.

Trini put her head down and picked up her bags. Jason put his hand on her shoulder.

"Trini, remember, if you need anything, anything at all, you know where our room is," he smiled.

"Thanks, see you two later," she said.


Trini opened the door to room 112 to find no one in there yet.

"Well, at least I can unpack in privacy," she sighed.

After she unpacked, Trini decided to call Kim. She sat on her bed and dialed numbers. The phone rang five times when the machine picked up.

"Hey, this is Kim. I'm not here so, well, you know what to do," the machine said.

"Kim, if you're really there, pick up the damn phone and talk to an old friend," Trini laughed. "Anyway, call me when you get this message. You have the number to the college, I'm in room 112."

She hung up the phone and sighed.


Jason began tapping his finger on the desk.

"Damn Trini, how long does it take to pick up the phone," he asked out loud.

"She'll answer, Jason," Zack laughed.

"Hello," Trini answered.

"Trini, Jason here. How's it going over there," he asked.

"I don't know. He or she hasn't showed up yet. What's the real reason for you calling, Jason," she questioned.

"Okay, I just got off the phone with Tommy, and he wanted us to go see him race tomorrow since it's here," he said.

"That's sounds great. Did he say if Kim was with him," Trini asked.

For a moment, you could hear a pen drop.

"Trini, you know that…" Jason began.

"I know, I know. It was wishful thinking because Kim didn't answer her phone," she sighed.

"We all wish the same thing," Jason admitted.

Jason looked down and sighed. He still couldn't believe they weren't together anymore.

"Anyway, I better get to bed. See you tomorrow," Trini yawned.

"Night, Trini, and before I forget, the race starts at noon," Jason said.

"Alright, night. Tell Zack the same thing," Trini replied.

"I'll make sure I tell him," Jason laughed.

Jason hung up the phone land looked over at Zack.

"How's the roommate," Zack asked.

"No roommate at this point," Jason sighed.


Trini woke up to the sound of a ringing phone and running water coming from the bathroom.

"Hello," she yawned.

"Oh I'm sorry, Trini," Zack apologized. "I didn't mean to wake you."

"It's alright, Zack. My alarm clock was about to go off," Trini said.

"Did you get the message," he asked.

"What message," Trini wondered.

Trini could not remember getting a message.

"All the students need to report to the auditorium in thirty minutes. Jason and I will be there to pick you up in ten, sound good," Zack asked.

"Yeah," Trini said.

"By the way, any roommate," Zack asked.

"Yeah, but I haven't met him," Trini sighed.

"Him," Zack asked.

"By the looks of the things, yeah, him," Trini laughed.


Before Trini walked out the room, she grabbed a paper and pen.

Dear Roommate,

Students need to report to the auditorium in thirty minutes. It's 8:00. Meet you there.


Your Secret Roommate


Trini was still yawning. She had tried to stay up until her roommate showed up.

"Trini, did Kim ever call back," Jason asked.

"Yeah, she did. I forgot she worked late on Monday nights," she said.

"How is she," Zack asked.

Trini put her head down. She did not want to alarm them.

"See, that's the thing. She says she's fine, but she sounds like a wreck," Trini sighed.

"I think she's still a little bit shaken about what happen with her and me when Divatox captured us," Jason said.

"That may it," Trini replied.

"Don't look now, but that guy that was eyeing you a few minutes ago is coming," Zack said.

Trini turned and bit her lower lip.

"Hello, Miss, I'm Mike," the guy said.

Trini looked up at the 5'11 young man with brown hair and green eyes and shook is hand.

"Hi, I'm Trini. These are my very good friends, Jason and Zack," she said.

"Nice to meet you," Mike replied.

"Same here," Jason said.

"Um, what room are you staying in, Trini," Mike asked. "I'm in room 112."

Jason and Zack busted out laughing. Trini elbowed Jason in the stomach, Zack with the other.

"It looks like you found… your secret… roommate," Jason said taking breaths.

He was out of breath, as was Zack.

"What are they talking about, Trini," Mike asked.

She turned back to Mike.

"Well you see… we're roommates," Trini said.


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