America: The Next Adventure

This is the first section of my next trilogy of YGO fics! That's right, a whole new epic saga, taking place not long after YLPII ended. I hope you won't mind rejoining Yugi, Yami, and Nazo as they continue to live out their lives as best they can, with the ghosts of the past, present, and future looming ever near them. For those of you new to my stories, most of the past trilogy will be explained as time passes on in these stories.

This is rated T, with a lime section later on (still within the PG-13 limits). The next two stories will be M.

I have no problem with homosexuality. I simply don't think the men of YGO are gay.

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Pairings: Yami/OC, Seto/OC, Mokuba/Shizuka, Honda/Miho, Karim/Isis, Mai/Jonouchi/OC, OC/Rebecca/Yugi/Anzu/OC

/Yugi thought-speak/
/'/Yami's thought-speak/'/

(Fasten your seatbelts. Its going to be a bumpy ride!)

"Judgeman, attack his Curse of Dragon!" The monster brought down his hammer and crushed the dragon, which shattered on contact. Seto smirked with satisfaction. His life points were still at 2100. He held up his Millennium Rod commandingly, his priest robes billowing in the wind. "Now, Twilight Zone Dragon, attack his life points directly!"

Atem shielded his face as his life points dropped down to 1200. The young pharaoh straightened his crown and drew another card. "I place two cards face down, and summon Big Shield Gardna in defense mode." The monster appeared crouched down, protecting his life points from a direct attack.

Duel Monsters was the noble game of ancient times, played to determine the fates of those daring enough to defend honor or justice. Pharaoh Atem and High Priest Seto stood on respective pillars amid the rocky crags of ancient Egypt, the game's place of origin.

Atem's white robes had become increasingly dirty due to the sand and dust kicked up by the monsters. His cape draped over one arm to protect his tanned skin from the blistering heat of the sun's rays, while his other held the cards representing the monsters he enlisted to defend him. Each card held the spirit of a monster who saved in him battle many times before.

Seto took another card. "If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were letting me win."

Atem smirked at his worthy rival. "Who said you knew any better?"

"I sacrifice Judgeman and Twilight Zone Dragon to summon my Blue Eyes White Dragon!" The large, ferocious beast appeared in place of Kaiba's other monsters. "And I use the magic card Monster Reborn to bring back its double." Another Blue Eyes joined the first. Seto chuckled. "Say 'good-bye,' Pharaoh! Blue Eyes, destroy Big Shield Gardna!" The dragon powered up its blast.

Atem raised his arm. "I activate the trap card Holy Barrier Mirror Force! Now your own monster's attack will destroy both of them!" Blue Eyes' attack bounced off of the card and headed back.

Seto raised his own arm. "I activate Attack Nullification!" The blast disappeared. "Not bad. I didn't see that coming."

"You still have another dragon, Seto."

Seto figured that, with his opponent so willing to remind him of the possible strategy, one of the other facedown cards could be a trap. "I think I'll pass this time." He placed another monster face down in defense and gave up his turn. 'If I'm going to defeat him once and for all, I'd rather have all three of my dragons.'

Atem nodded. "Very well. My turn." He drew another card and glanced at it. "I activate Emblem of Dragon Destroyer to summon Buster Blader! And with your two dragons on the field, that make his attack points 3600!" The large warrior appeared, and his AP increased. "I also play Watapon in defense mode." The pink fluff joined the warrior. "Plus one more card face down, and I end my turn."

Seto studied the field. Atem now had three facedown cards and three monsters, one with 3600 AP, one with 2600 DP, one with 300 DP. He was obviously planning on summoning something very powerful. In order to stop that, he needed to get rid of two monsters at least in the next turn, one of them being Buster Blader. He drew his next card. 'Perfect!' "I'll use Cross Scarification, sacrificing one of your own monsters and mine, to summon my third Blue Eyes."

Big Shield Gardna and his own face down monster disappeared, bringing to the field his last Blue Eyes White Dragon. "Finally, I use Polymerization to create my Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon!" The three-headed dragon had 4800 AP.

He was about to call the attack, when a loud, long buzzer sounded. "Time's up," an electronic, female voice stated. The setting faded away, changing completely into the metallic walls of the Kaiba Corp. testing room.

Kaiba Seto removed his goggles. "God dammit," he snarled. "I was so close!"

Moto Yami also removed his goggles. "Don't be so hard on yourself, Kaiba. Be thankful the equipment was not damaged after all!" Yami did not say so aloud, but he was impressed with the Virtual Reality Simulator the CEO had invented a few months ago. For a minute there, he thought he was his past self: Pharaoh Atem, monarch of the New Kingdom of ancient Egypt.

"Damaged machinery is the last thing I cared about in this duel, Moto!" Kaiba angrily removed the rest of the headgear and unplugged his duel disk from the consol. "Let's finish this the old fashioned way, and I'll defeat you once and for all!"

Yami shook his head. "Sorry, but I don't want Keiko cursing me for you being late to your 'dinner-date,' just to satisfy your ego. You haven't had much luck with babysitters since you came back from LA."

"Keep out of my personal life!"

"Right." Yami collected his cards from the disk. But before he put them away, he shuffled through them one more time, looking at each picture, each monster, and sensing their loyal spirits flowing through his hands. Had it really been so long ago that these creatures helped him save the world?

"How does it feel," asked Kaiba quietly.

"Like riding a bike, I suppose." 1

"But deeper than that."

Yami nodded. "I have missed how they feel in my hands."

"Any regrets?"

"Over retiring at the top of my game? No. It's a relief not being hounded by reporters who know nothing of Duel Monsters, or challenges from ignorant, ambitious duelists. I'm much happier this way." He pulled out his favorite card: the Dark Magician. "Thanks for the opportunity to try out this system before you set it up in the new Kaibaland."

Kaiba was off to one side at a closet, exchanging his white trench coat for a dinner jacket. "You're the only one I can have a decent duel with. And I knew you wouldn't turn it down. I'm still the only one in your league!"

"I don't know," said Yami, placing his magician into his wallet. "Yugi and Jonouchi have drastically impr-"

"Don't even compare," snapped Kaiba. "That bonkotsu has yet to win a single championship in any division of the country! And as for your brother, the only reason he wins is because the two of us don't duel anymore." 2

Yami shrugged. He grabbed his black windbreaker and packed his duel disk into his briefcase. "My best to your family!"

"I had you beaten, though."

"No you didn't."

"Yes I did."

"No, you didn't. Check your computer if you don't believe me."

Kaiba snorted, but typed in his password. The electronic voice said, "Considering cards in play, past strategic history, and time since last duel of each play, Moto Yami had an 89 chance of victory. Kaiba Seto, 11." 3

Kaiba scoffed. He looked up just in time to see Yami hold up his hand in good-bye as the King of Games walked down the stairs.

Chapter 1: "I'm Still Here"

September 6th - present day Domino City, Japan

Yami double-checked with his secretary about his flight to Berlin next Wednesday. He went over his schedule of meetings, and he was relieved to see that he had the rest of the day free. This was a rare occasion for the Chief of Kaiba Corporation's Intercontinental Relations Department. He got tired from just the title! But his reputation in the gaming community, as well as his determination, made him a master at his job. Even Kaiba admitted that Yami was invaluable to the company's recent success. His connections with members of the Japanese government (each of them fans) helped clinch the deal for the construction of Kaibaland Tokyo, providing that Yami and his employer gave the senators' sons autographs.

He took a book from the shelf of his bookcase, opened the pages to reveal a small, flat safe, typed in the ten-digit password, and placed his Egyptian god cards in the compartment. His job as an executive was a matter of his life; his job as guardian over the relics of his past was a matter of his honor. He still wore the Millennium Puzzle around his neck over his work clothes at all times. He frequently checked up on Marik and Isis Ishtar, Bakura Yami, and Karim Ayaat. Now that the Kaiba family had recently moved back to Japan, he knew Seto kept the Rod safe.

"What time is my phone conference with Mr. Abboud, Ysako?"

"Nine o'clock tomorrow morning, Moto-san," his secretary replied.

"Thanks. I'm heading home early today."

"Please tell your wife I said hello," she said rather quietly. "I don't think she likes me very much."

'That's because she's convinced you spend more time with me than I with her,' Yami thought as he gave a nod good-bye. 'That's not entirely true since I spend my time in other countries too often to even consider an affair! Who came up with the rule that all secretaries had to be beautiful young women? Not that I'm complaining…'

"Best make it up to Nazo a little." He took out his cell phone and dialed the first number in his address book. "Oy, Nazo-sa. I don't have any more meetings today, so do you want to go out to a movie this evening?" Yami waved to a few people in the lobby. "Sounds good. See you there in about an hour."

It was a crisp, September afternoon in Domino City, and the streets weren't as crowded as they were a week ago, before the fall session of school started. His car was in the shop again (Yami was never a good driver), and instead of taking public transport, he decided to walk home. That way he could have an excuse to drop in on the Kame Game Shop before he met with his wife.

He passed by the school, and scanned for his friends until he remembered that they had graduated that April. Both Ryou and Yami Bakura had moved to Osaka to live with relatives and attend college there. Honda Hiroto now lived in an apartment just outside the city and entered into police academy last month. Jonouchi Katsuya and Moto Yugi, Yami's brother, had applied and failed to get into their choice colleges, so both studied to get in next year. Misaki Anzu, Yugi's ex-girlfriend but still friend, had followed her dreams and moved to New York to study dance and theater.

'That was a sad day,' he recalled. Yugi never once argued with her decision to leave, and was the first to congratulate her on her acceptance into NYU. But everyone could see Yugi's hurt at the airport when he hugged her good-bye. He'd spent the next month in his room, depressed and distant. It wasn't until Jonouchi entered them both in yet another DM tournament that Yugi began acting like his old self.

Jonouchi and his sister, Shizuka, each lived in apartments of their own in the same building. Shizuka now attended Domino High and worked part-time at a baby-sitting agency. This was the same agency Keiko exhausted the resources of at the moment.

Keiko and Seto Kaiba were now officially married and parents of twins. The Kaiba children were well known for being intelligent, hyperactive toddlers who often drove unsuspecting sitters insane. Few could really handle them and live to tell about it.

Kaiba Mokuba was now fourteen and attending high school with Shizuka. Yami had heard a rumor from Honda that the two were an item, but neither Kaiba nor Jonouchi spoke about it. Yami figured that, if they were, the older brothers refused to acknowledge it.

His musings over this humorous situation were interrupted by the familiar sounds of children playing Duel Monsters. He was passing the park near the shop, and the form of a Metal Fish attacking a Giant Rat caught his attention. The young owner of the Rat apparently lost the duel and burst into tears. His opponent, who wore a red cap, started laughing and pointing.

Yami's old instincts of saving the downtrodden kicked in, and he cleared his throat noisily. "A true duelist doesn't gloat over a victory of any sort," he said.

The boy with the cap turned around and gaped. "Ah, wow! It's the King of Games!"

Yami smirked inwardly. Just because he'd not competed in over a year did not mean that he didn't enjoy the title he retained. "And I'm very disappointed that a fellow duelist would laugh at an opponent in such a way."

"But he lost by 3000 points! He's no duelist!"

"Is that so?" Yami walked over to the crying boy, who now looked absolutely mortified. "May I see your cards?"

The boy sniffed and handed over his cards. Yami shuffled through them, taking in the possibilities and strengths of each card. "What's your name," Yami asked.


"Well, Maru, you don't have some of the basic cards that can get you out of certain situations. No Polymerization, Reborn the Monster, or- Hey, you have Marsh Melon!"

Maru smiled. "Is that a good card?"

"My brother has one just like it."

The cap boy exclaimed, "The Jack has one of your cards, Maru!"

Yami tried not to laugh. Yugi's nickname in the gaming world now was 'Jack of Cards,' and Yami teased him about it all the time. Yami handed them back to Maru. "Tell you what: Here's a business card for the Kame Game Shop around the corner." He signed his name on the card. "Ask the owner to speak to Moto Yugi, and he'll give you some free advice on deck construction."

Maru's huge, blue eyes sparkled. "Thank you, Yu-Gi-Oh! Thank you so much!" And he ran off to show the cap boy the card.

Yami watched as two more boys joined him. 'Priceless,' Yami thought.

"Moto-san?" An older woman behind Yami bowed deeply. "Arigatoo gozaimasu."

Yami gave a slight bow in return. "Iie, Obasan. My pleasure." 4

Maru's mother glanced at her son. "He's my youngest, so he doesn't get the attention he deserves sometimes. An autograph from his hero will do him wonders."

"I hope so."

"Do you have children of your own, Moto-san?"

Something panged in Yami's heart. "No, I'm afraid not."

"Well, they are both a constant blessing and a constant worry." She bowed once more. "Thank you again!" She walked over to speak to her son.

Yami gave a sad smile before continuing on his way to the Game Shop. Peace came with its ups and downs, but life was worth it. He held no regrets for returning to Earth and living as a normal person instead of becoming a god. These moments of gratitude and happiness were worth the occasional moments of sadness and jealousy. He had said to Jonouchi and Yugi that, "Life is the most precious reward a man can get." And he still believed that.

He was wondering if he should just go straight home instead of stopping at the shop until he heard his mother's shouts from outside. Normally, Moto Furia was rather quiet, but her temper was something the men of the Moto family feared. "I wonder what Grandpa did," Yami thought aloud.

To his surprise, his grandfather was not the subject of Mrs. Moto's wrath at the moment. Once Yami got close enough to distinguish words, he distinctly heard his brother's name. 'Yugi doesn't get in trouble, unless its grades. But he's a rounin now.' 5 Cautiously, Yami opened the door to the shop.

His grandfather, Moto Sugoroku, stood at the doorway by the stairs leading up to the Moto family's apartment. He turned around at the sound of the bell jingle. "Oh, hey Yami," greeted the old man.

"Yo, Jiichan." He walked beside him. "What's going on?"

"I honestly don't know. Something she found in Yugi's room when she was cleaning."

"Is it yours?"


"Then it might be Jonouchi-kun's."

"I doubt even pornography would get her this angry."

"The phone bill for calling Anzu?"


Just then, they clearly heard Furia yell, "Do not talk to me that way, Moto Yugi! Go to your room and-"

"Kasan, I'm nineteen! I'm an adult! Don't send me to my room so you don't have to deal with me!"

"Then why don't you just get a job like your brother?"

Yami cringed. Both of them hated the phrase "like your brother." According to their mother, Yami was the "Responsible" one and Yugi was the "Considerate" one.

"I won 25,000 yen a month ago!"

"I mean a steady job! Yami stopped fooling around, and you should too! A steady job would be much better for you!"

"Well, if I get an education-"

The door slammed. Yugi roared in frustration, kicked something against the wall, yelped in pain, hopped a couple of times, and fell down the stairs. Yami and Grandpa Moto caught the youngest before he hit the bottom stair.

"What was all that about, Aibou," asked Yami, trying not to laugh.

Yugi cradled his left elbow, face twisted slightly in pain. "Mom was snooping around in my underwear drawer! Why the Hell would she be in my bedroom or my underwear!"

"Laundry," suggested Grandpa Moto.

Yugi stood up, fuming with annoyance. In the past two years, he had grown to be Yami's exact height. At least he would be if he stood up all the way instead of slouching. Unfortunately for those who didn't know them, their similarities of appearance made it difficult to tell them apart. To those who did know them, the brothers' habits told them apart easily. Yami's head stood tall and proud, while Yugi's was perpetually slightly bent. Yami's eyes were bright crimson, Yugi's were a deep purple. Their hairstyles had not changed, nor had their voices, and Yami's was far deeper.

Yami, Yugi, and Grandpa walked to the kitchen in the back of the first level of their home. Yami helped Yugi onto a stool to sit down while Grandpa went to the freezer. "So, Yugi, you're keeping us in suspense! What did she find?"

Yugi sighed. "I was gonna tell you all later tonight, since I just finished the reservations this morning. But I guess there's no point delaying the news now." He caught the packet of frozen peas Grandpa threw at him. "She found my plane tickets for New York."

"You're going to visit Anzu," asked Yami, getting a soda from the fridge.

"I'm going to move to America."

Silence descended on the room. "Yugi," said Grandpa softly, "this is… so unexpected…"

"I didn't want anyone trying to talk me out of it," Yugi explained. He pulled out some college brochures from his jacket pocket. "But I think it'd be a great experience for me. I need to get out of Japan and explore the world on my own! I really need to get away!"

His grandfather smiled sadly. 'Yugi acts so much like his father sometimes, rushing off to prove himself!' He walked over and put his hand on Yugi's shoulder. "If this means so much to you, my boy, I'll support you any way I can."

Yugi returned an appreciative smile. "All I want is moral support, and some understanding. Money I'm gonna work on my own for."

"It's an awful lot."

"I've been saving up for two years now."

'Two years,' Yami mentally echoed.

"What about college?"

"I may not get a chance to go for a while, but this looks like my best bet." He pulled out a brochure for Borough of Manhattan Community College. "They have a pretty good program for Social Science majors, and have a great reputation for international students. Plus, they accept a lot of different kinds of financial aid. If I work hard on my own for a year, maybe, then I can go."

Grandpa Moto shook his head. "Allowance money won't cover basic expenses, Yugi. We're talking thousands of US dollars here-"

Yugi took out a bank statement from his back pocket. "I have 131,1900 yen in my bank account. That comes to about $12,580 American. That includes interest, and doesn't include the expense of the plane tickets."

Yami nearly spit out his soda at the number. Grandpa raised an eyebrow. "That's pretty darned impressive for two years worth!"

"Well, I've won lots of tournaments, and I had a little stashed away for college anyway. And I haven't been buying a lot for myself lately."

"Anything else?"

Yugi grinned. "I have been working hard on perfecting my English," he said slowly in said language. "It is not very good yet, but I will get by."

"You'll need more than that to simply 'get by' in New York City," Yami said gravely in far better English.

Grandpa looked between the two boys. He knew that they held a bond to each other he could never understand. He could also tell that his older grandson was hurting. "I'll leave you two here, while I try to calm your mother down." He left the kitchen and hurried up the stairs.

Yugi scowled at Yami. "Aniki, I was hoping you'd back me up!" 6

"Yeah," said Yami in icy sarcasm. "I'd really back you up straight into one of the most dangerous areas in the United States! I'd be thrilled to help my younger brother throw away a chance at getting into a more decent college, just so he can feel a bit more self reliant and get laid!"

Yugi glared. "That's going too far, Yami!"

"Two years, two years," said Yami, pretending to be deep in thought, "what happened two years ago?" He glanced at the door to make sure the coast was clear. "Does this have anything to do with 'past events'?"

Yugi closed the kitchen door quickly. "Yami, Mom and Grandpa don't remember!"

"Answer me, Aibou!"

"Yes, as a matter of fact, it does!"

Yami folded his arms imperiously. "Are you unhappy here, like you were as Prince Naeem?"

"You know it's not the same as that!"

"I've given you space! I don't force you to remain in Domino! I don't force you to do a goddam thing!"

"But you want to!"

Yami started to deny it, but stopped. "Yes, I want to, because apparently you have a strong desire to be put in harm's way!"

"Its not that, Aniki!" Yugi sat back down beside his brother. /Everything that happened two years ago taught me much, and one is that I will never be satisfied with what's easy for me. Life's too short, and now that I have another chance to live it, I want to test my own strengths. They are the strengths you taught me, Mou hitori no boku! Please, trust me on this./

/'/You'll be too far away for me to communicate with you as often as I do./'/

/Hey, its only about 6,700 miles away/ Yugi shrugged. /And you're gone half the time, anyway/

/'/This is different. You won't even have the security of the other Millennium Item holders nearby. The Shen alone isn't enough against-/'/

/Against what? Nothing magical has happened in ages! I'll be fine. The Shen is the perfect Item to take with me! If I get mugged, I'll heal myself! It'll save a lot on health insurance/

Yami gaped at him. "That's the dumbest thing you've ever said!"

"Its true, though!"

Yami sighed loudly. "Alright, Aibou. I'll help you with convincing Mom. But at least promise to contact me if you need anything."

"Sure I will."

Yami folded his arms. "You can't bluff the King of Games, Aibou! Promise me!"

Yugi chuckled. "You have Mom's temper, you know that?"


"Alright, alright!" Yugi put a hand over his heart, and the other in the air. "I promise that if I really need your help, I'll call you."

"You're WHAT!" Jonouchi Katsuya stopped dead in his path.

Yugi stuffed his hands in his pockets. "Sorry, Jonouchi-kun. I know it seems sudden but-"

"Sudden my ass!" Jonouchi leaned down to look into his best friend's eyes, hoping this was a joke. "I knew ya missed her, but this is crazy!"

Yugi looked up slightly annoyed. "Your view of America is limited, Jonouchi-kun. They don't have cowboys and Indians running around anymore!"

"How could you abandon me like this! First Honda leaves, then Ryou, then Anzu, now you! I always figured you'd move in with me! We got schools here too, ya know!" He kicked a nearby wall. "Fuck!"

Yugi sighed. He was moving the next day, and at least wanted to say good-bye to his best friend in the world. He turned down Jonouchi's invitation to be roommates over a month ago. Unfortunately for them both, Jou liked to brood on certain issues. In the past three years, Jonouchi had neither lost his temper nor his childish methods of reacting to upsetting situations. At least recently he had developed a maturity in dealing with things long-term. So, while Yugi knew his buddy would get mad and probably stay mad for a while, he would suck up his pride and show him some support.

"So," said Yugi, testing this observation, "you don't think I can hack it?"

Jonouchi sighed. "Naw, I think you'll do alright. You're smart enough to survive on your own in a foreign country."

Yugi smiled. "Thanks, Jonouchi-kun!"

"Just stay away from trouble! You're like a magnet for bastards who want to bully easy prey like you!"

"This coming from experience!"

Jonouchi stroked his goatee, which he had grown in the past year. "Yeah, I guess so. Damn, time flies!"

Yugi nodded. In both lifetimes, Yugi and Jonouchi met under less-than-friendly circumstances. As a prince, Yugi went traveling around Egypt, and Jonouchi tried to sell him off as a slave. As a freshman, Jonouchi and Honda picked on Yugi because he never stood up for himself. Both times Yugi saved the other's life and was repaid with the loyal, extreme friendship that held strong to this day. And it was thanks to that friendship Yugi managed to persevere over every obstacle he had come across, past and present. Jonouchi above all others proved he would risk everything to help those he loved, and to help save the world while he was at it! This loyalty earned him to be the barer of the Millennium Eye; he was the only Item holder who was not formally trained in magic, but still managed to wield it.

"Somethin' the matter, Yugi," he asked when Yugi remained silent for a while.

"I don't want this to be a sad thing," said Yugi earnestly. "I've been really excited about going to start a life of my own. Its almost the same as when I…"

"Left and met me the very first time," Jonouchi finished.

"Yeah. I'm not exploring new terrain…" Yugi raised his head in thought. "Well, in a sense I am! I'm starting completely fresh in a whole new environment without any help from anyone I always depend on! I'm going to prove to everyone, especially Yami, that I really can take care of myself!" Yugi's tone shifted. "But I held off on telling everyone because, deep down, I really am happy here. I mean, its not like before, with my older brother forcing me to stay, and I don't exactly have any 'duties' or 'responsibilities' tying me to this city."

"Maybe that's your problem," said Jonouchi out loud. "Too much peace around here. But why America?"


Jonouchi stared directly ahead of them as they continued walking. He knew Yugi and Anzu had been close for years. He remembered how upset Yugi got after she left. Jonouchi stayed by his friend's side always. Yet, as it appeared, Yugi had been planning this 'escape' for ages. Anzu's departure only fueled his desire to leave.

Jonouchi opened the door to his apartment building. "Its about time!"

"For what?"

"For you to start thinkin' of yourself! You have an annoying habit of caring so much about everyone else, you act all inferior all the time!" He punched Yugi's arm as they headed up the stairs and chuckled. "You're finally startin' to act like a man!"

Yugi grinned. "Thanks, Jonouchi-kun! That means a lot coming from you!"

1 "Like riding a bike" – Old saying that means you never forget how to do something.
2 Bonkotsu – means "mediocre", in case no one remembers from last story. In the English version, they changed it to "underdog."
3 Kaiba and Yami's duel - Sorry, Elena, but he would have won. He had Cross Sacrification on the field also. After evading the attack, Yami would have sacrificed his and Kaiba's monsters to summon Dark Magician and attack Kaiba directly.
4 Obasan – means "ma'am" or "aunt"
5 Rounin – An old Japanese term that once meant "lone samurai." In today's world, this stands for someone who is out of work or studies to go to a university
6 Aniki – means "older brother" in friendly terms

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