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It was another one of those rainy days were you felt like there was nothing good to do. Cyborg and Beastboy were playing their game, but weren't even into it. Starfire was watching them, but was as board as they were. Robin was pacing in boredom and Raven was reading as usual. Nothing much was going on and nobody seemed to care. Well, except one.

"OK I can't take this silence any longer!" Beastboy interrupted.

"So what do you want us to do about it?" Raven asked, "It's not like something for us to do would just automatically appear at our door".

Just then, the doorbell rang. Surprised, the titans walked towards the door. They each looked at each other. "Don't look at me, I'm not answering it." Cyborg stepped away "Let Robin answer it, he's the leader". So they all pushed him towards the door. Robin looked at them sternly and slowly opened it. At first they didn't see anything and almost shut the door, until they heard a muffled groan. They looked down. A small blue furry creature curled up in a ball was at their doorstep. Noticing that they were looking down, the creature stirred and got up. At his full height of about two feet tall, he gazed up at them. The titans looked at each other again and looked back down upon it. It was a dark navy blue, except for his chest which was a darker baby blue color. It had two upright ears, huge eyes and a pair of small antenna coming out of his head. He also had two pairs of arms and small little legs. The small spikes on his back twitched a bit as it looked strait at them. Finally, Robin broke the silence, "Who are you?" he asked tilting his head a bit at the strange creature. The creature blinked then stepped closer to them. He cleared his throat.

"My…names…Stitch." He managed to choke out, a bit afraid of the titans.

"Hey I know you!" Beastboy smiled, "You're from the movie Lilo and Stitch!" he grinned and pulled the DVD out of nowhere.

"Hey, where'd you get that from?" Cyborg asked confused.

Stitch, hearing his name, jumped up and happily muttered something in alien. "So Stitch, why are you here?" Robin asked, crouching down to be eye level with the little experiment. "I'm lost." He said looking at the others. "How can you be lost?" Beastboy asked, "I mean you lived in Hawaii!" He pulled a map out of nowhere and pointed to it. "Were like thousands of miles away from each other, and besides, were on an island, how'd you get here anyway?" Stitch shrugged. "Ok then." Raven growled, "I'm gonna go read now, bye." Just then did Stitch look at her. Smiling, he ran over to her and stood next to her purring. Staring at him she pushed him away with her foot. He shrunk down whimpering, and walked away from her. He looked around until he saw Starfire; he walked over to her and said something in alien, and growled. She muttered something back to him in Tamaranian. Stitch looked at her and smiled. He climbed on her and sat down on her sholdier. The others stared at the two.

"He asks if he can stay for awhile until he finds a way back." Star said as she petted his head.

"And you said…" Cyborg asked.

"Of coarse he could stay!" She smiled.

Robin was angry "But you didn't even ask anybody if he could stay or not. How do you know he can't mess up our missions if we bring him?"

"O, ok!" Stitch said as he picked up the titans, at once and set them on the couch. He then took Beastboys DVD and put it into the TV. Taking the remote, he hummed until he came to the part he wanted to.


"He is bulletproof, fireproof and can think faster than supercomputer. He can see in the dark and can move objects three thousand times his size"

Pausing the DVD, he turned "See! Stitch good!" He looked at Robin and went on his knees. "Please?"

"Well…" Robin thought as Beastboy and Star joined the begging. "Alright, he can stay, but he sleeps in your room." He pointed to Star.

"Yea!" Stitch yelled in his fashion, and jumped on her sholdier again.

"Welcome to the team Stitch." Robin said happily.

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