Stitch: Well im back everyone.

Matt: And shes got some wonderful news.

Stitch: Yes it's true, this is the last chapter people.

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CHAPTER 22: Return Home

"Well, this is it."

The titans looked on at their small friend. They had landed behind Lilo's house and was time for them to say their goodbyes. Stitch was happy to be home, but didn't wan't to leave his new friends. He looked at Lilo sadly.

"Stitch don't want to leave my new friends." He whimpered, nodding to the six teens behind him. Lilo sighed. She knew that he wanted to stay home, but understood that these guys had helped him. Raven saw him upset and walked over to him.

"Go," she told the little alien, "Stay with your family." He looked at her and hugged her arm. She shuddered at the sudden gesture but let him. Robin walked over to him.

"We'll keep in touch." Stitch smiled but turned to Experiment Titan.

"What about her?" She had her ears down and looked worried. Whimpering slightly, she walked towards Stitch and sighed. She had nowhere to go. Robin chuckled a bit and walked towards her. He handed something to her. It was a red collar, similar to Stitch's, with a gold tag on it. He pushed a button and it started blinking.

"Would you join our team?" He asked.

"Yes, you are very strong." Starfire added.

The Experiment was speechless. She couldn't believe that they could trust her after, THAT.

"But what about…." She started.

"After you kicked mini-gerbil's butt after what Raven told you, of coarse we can trust you."

"But you need a name." Terra told her.

"I call Dan." Beastboy smiled.

"Dude, she's a girl and Dan isn't a girl's name!" Cyborg shouted.

"Maybe not to you but to me it sounds pretty good."

"How about something like Laura." Terra added

"How about Sam, it sounds really cool." Robin asked.

"Come on, like THAT sounds good."

"Yes it does!"

Hello? What about MY idea?"

"Yea yea it's nice. Dude! Come on, Dan is like, a great name!"

"How about Flarbitnogg!" Starfire said happily. Everyone stopped what they were doing to stare at the girl. She took a step back. They continued.

"So I was saying, Dan is good."

Not better that Ally, that's a name."

"No its not, not for an experiment!"

"How about Lenore." Everyone turned to Raven. They couldn't believe that Raven spoke up over a fight like that. And the fact she said a name they could agree on.

"Splendid idea friend Raven that is a lovely name!" Starfire said happily.

"Yea, nice choice." Robin added.

"Still, I think Dan is better." Beastboy growled.

"Lenore…" Raven turned to the experiment. "Do you like it?" She was in deep thought for a second before turning to the team and nodding happily. Stitch walked over to her and hugged her. Cyborg stuck his head out of the spaceship and yelled over to them.

"Come on guys, I gotta beat BB's butt in Gamestation!"

"Dude you are SO not this time!" Beastboy ran into the ship yelling. The two families chuckled a bit. Stitch looked at the team and sighed.

"Thank you for helping me."

"Thank you for helping us." Robin told him.

"And remember," Terra told him, "We'll keep in touch." Stitch watched them board onto the ship. Right before Raven left, he walked up to her.

"Thank you." She nodded and patted his head. He walked back to Lilo as the T-ship hovered above the ground and quickly flew off. Smiling, Stitch walked back into his house.

It was good to be home.

A week later, Lenore was treated like a full fledged member of the team. The citizens of Jump City were unsure of the little purple powerhouse, but after awhile, they treated her like any other titan. Lenore loved crime fighting and could easily scare some new villains into submission. Even though her powers didn't quite do as much damage as her team, she could still fight as strong as any other. As much as she was a good fighter, she became a good friend. She helped Robin train every day and also helped him track down Slade. Starfire and her would always go shopping and Lenore loved her cooking. Beastboy favored her for her love of animals, even if she did eat meat. Cyborg found her useful when he needed help with the T-car, and beating Beastboy in video games. Terra thought that Lenore made a great team player when they played sports together. Raven and her would meditate on a regular basis and enjoyed reading. She also loved pizza and hanging out. And every day she would call up Stitch and the whole team would tell him about the day's events. Because Stitch was still a part of the team. And their lives were changed for the better.

And it all started on that faithful day when the Teen titans met Stitch.

-The End -

I would just like to say, that it had been fun. I am extremely happy that throughout the whole writing process, all you faithful reveiwers were their for me, even when I was a little depressed. So I would like to thank you all. I would like to thank Matt, Amanda, Mike, Skye, Caitlin, My aunt, Yi, and Karen for letting my put their names (dogs) and personalities online.

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