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Of Passing By

By Tat


I tried. . . I really did try, Rubedo. I was scared so I. . . please don't be mad at me.

Albedo twiddled his thumbs, following a silent Rubedo. The red haired boy had his hands in his pockets, staring listlessly at the trees, he seemed at peace when really his nerves were simmering. He refused to make eye contact with his brother, lest he allow his temper to flare.

It had happened again, like all the other times, Albedo had abandoned the purpose of his training and hid behind Rubedo. In the beginning, Rubedo found this cute, gladly comforting his brother but now it was tiring. He felt burdened to have to save his white-haired counterpart from the malicious universe. Even the butterflies were nefarious.

Rubedo! The name was fresh on Albedo's tongue, but he didn't dare to let it leave his lips. Albedo saw his brother as God, one that gave unconditional love yet abused the returning affection with harsh words or no words at all. He worshipped and feared Rubedo. He strived to be like him, and if possible, something more. But that would never happen. He tried to be brave only to show how worthless he was on his own.

"I'm sorry!"

Upon hearing those words, Rubedo's pace quickened, he was shaking and his blood boiled. He felt Albedo's fingertips graze his shoulder, and he started to run, shoving past fellow U.R.T.V.s, scientists, and visitors.

"Rubedo! Please- I'm sorry. . ." The white-haired boy gasped desperately, his legs shook as he chased his other and he lost his footing, plummeting to the ground. For a long moment he stared at Rubedo, who was slowing down, then at his throbbing ankle.

His God had left him behind again.

He bit his lip, and tears brimmed and tumbled down his cheeks. He didn't care who saw him in his weakness, nothing mattered. The only person who had cared. . . didn't care anymore.

"I said I was sorry. . ."

Advancing footsteps caught Albedo's attention. Cautiously, he looked up, his violet eyes meeting Rubedo's blue eyes. The red head offered his hand, and said in an apathetic tone, "I am a railing beside the stream: he who can grasp me, let him grasp me! I am not, however, your crutch."


A/N: The quote Jr. says at the end is from Friedrich Nietzsche's "Thus Spake Zarathustra". This quote was the inspiration of this fic. I hope you enjoyed this. Please review.

With love, Tat