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Summary: What if Rory didn't run away to Washington after she kissed Jess. Literati all the way…because anything else would be a waste of time and energy

Chapter 3

Okay now on with the story….

Before Rory even reached the bridge, she knew Jess would be there. For one, because she told him she would meet him there, and second she saw a dark figure sitting on the floor feet dangling.

She slowly walked on the planks. Jess could feel her presence before she even reached the bridge. When she came next to him, she sat down next to him.

"Hi" said Rory

"Hey" said Jess

"So, are you regretting what happened today?" asked Jess. Not ready to hear the answer.

"What" asked Rory surprised. "Why would you think I regret it"?

"I'm not sure. Just thought you might."

"Well, you thought wrong. Unless if you regret it, in that case we can forget it ever happened and jus……"

Rory was cut off by Jess' voice

"Trust me, I didn't" said Jess a smirk playing on his lips

"Okay good. I'm glad to hear that."

"Glad to tell you."

They were both left in a comfortable silence. Rory just stared into the water while Jess was playing with a cigarette in his hands.

"So, are you planning on smoking that or mind meld with it?" asked Rory smiling.


"On what"

"What happens"


"Now" said Jess

Rory scooted closer to Jess and brought up her face to Jess' and they kissed sweetly which was filled with a hope for a future together. When they pulled apart after a while, Jess put his arm around Rory's waist and she put her head on his shoulder and spoke.

"Me and mom got into a fight," she said

"Oh. What about?" asked Jess already knowing the answer.

"You. She said you will hurt me and all this other stuff that doesn't even matter because I know she's wrong." said Rory.

"What if she's right?" asked Jess

She was definitely not expecting that. It hit her like a ton of bricks.


"What if she's right about me? What if I do end up hurting you? I did end up breaking your wrist." said Jess

"How could you even think that? And my wrist didn't break it got fractured and it wasn't your fault. Okay? It was that stupid furry thing that came in the way. You just swerved. And I don't care what my mom says because I like you and I want to be with you." Said Rory looking Jess in the eyes.

"Wow, Ms. Gilmore. I had no idea that's how you felt about me." Said Jess smiling.

"Yea well, it was bound to happen. Don't you think? Asked Rory smirking.

"Oh yes. I can't wait till the town finds out. The town Princess falling for the town hooligan. This should definitely be interesting." said Jess sarcastically.

Rory just smiled and turned her head back towards the water and just smiled. She liked the feeling of Jess' arms around her and for once in her life, wasn't thinking if she was making a bad decision or not.

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