Lorna has moved in with the Elric brothers and Winry. What happens when she falls for Al but doesn't know what's under that suit? How will she handle it?

I do not own the characters Ed, Al, Winry or the basis for their past history. They belong to the creators of Full Metal Alchemist. I also don't own any of the fairy tales mentioned. I don't own much of anything…

Warning: There will be some spoilers. Anyway there will be threats of rape and murder. Not too vivid though.

There will also be spelling mistakes due to where Lorna originates from. I allowed some spelling error because it's words she would use. And I don't want any flames on it. I'm from where she's from so I just had her speak the way I do!

Chapter One: Moving In

I walked up to the house that stood at the end of the long drive, my skirt swaying in the wind. The place was two stories tall with a porch that ran the length of the house. On one end was a porch swing, beside that stood a plant in a stone pot. I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to plants so I can't say what type it was.

I looked up to the second floor. One of the bedrooms would be mine. I'd be renting it from a young woman that, from what I understood, was close to my age, twenty one. She lived here with two brothers. The eldest was twenty two while the other was my age.

From what I had heard in town, the younger brother was considered odd. He was said to always wear a tall suit of armor. It seemed to be a great mystery as to why he wore it. While it concerned me, I had little choice. I needed a place to stay and the area seemed perfect for my work. Another factor was the rent; it was little compared to an apartment in town. So I decided to take the room.

It had been a year since I had been brought here. Brought, by some unknown force, to this other world. Over time I realized that most everyone else had been arrived here in the same way. We all seemed to come from different worlds. All of us were from Earth, but from different realities, and different times in history.

Somehow in the transaction of being transferred we all knew there would be no chance of going back. We couldn't go home. Whoever or whatever had brought us here conditioned us so that we didn't seem to mind what had happened. We were all sure that in the afterlife we would be reunited with those from our past worlds. To you it may seem odd that we didn't try to go back. But to us it was a fact, something that was not to be worried about.

And so now I stood outside the house, backpack weighing heavily with writings and drawings. In my suitcase were the clothes that I had collected over the past year. For other than what I had been transported in, I owned nothing.

I looked around, then with a heavy sigh walked up the steps to knock on the front door. I waited; worried that no one was home. There were no cars. 'Perhaps they've gone out?' I thought to myself.

I only had a few moments to ponder this before the door opened. Behind the screen stood a girl close to my height. Her long blond hair was pulled back in a ponytail. It was only a little shorter than my own, though mine was dark brown. She wore a black tank top with shorts and smelled like machine oil, but I wasn't about to say anything.

"Hello, I'm uh… here for the room." I said shakily.

"Oh." She opened the screen smiling, "Yes you're Lorna McNeel right?"

I nodded, thankful I'd found the right house. It was out in the country a ways and a little hard to locate. I supposed it was for privacy. To me that would be all the better for my writings and artwork. The quiet would be a welcome change from the city apartment atLakesidethat I'd stayed in for the past few months.

The girl opened the screen and shook my hand. "I'm Winry." She stated then ushered me past her into the small entry way.

From there I could see into the large living room to my right. The two doors were opened so I had a view of the fireplace. To my left was the dinning room with a long wooden table.

In front of me stood a staircase leading up to the second floor. Beside the stairs on the left was a kitchen that connected to the dinning room. The door to the right of the stairs was closed; I assumed it was a bathroom.

Just as Winry closed the front door a young man stepped out from the kitchen. In his left hand he held a sandwich. He wore a loose tee-shirt and jeans. I quickly noticed that his right arm was robotic. His long blond hair hung back looking very much like Winry's. To me he was quite handsome, although a little on the short side. His mouth was open, ready to take a bite, until he saw me.

"Who is she?" He quickly demanded, looking none too pleased from my suitcase to Winry.

"I told you Edward. I rented out the extra bedroom." Winry explained walking past me to stand on the bottom step. She looked down at him.

"We don't need her here." He whispered, eyeing me suspiciously.

"She needs a place to stay and we could use the extra money." Winry then added in a low cross voice. "You don't work for the state anymore Ed."

He frowned at her and then at me. I saw a gleam in his eyes as he seemed to get an idea. It was one of those a trickster in class would get when you crossed him.

"Hi, I'm Ed." He held out his metal hand to me as if daring me to take it. I did, shaking it while holding my suitcase with the other.

"Hello, I'm Lorna." I smiled eager to gain his favor. "Nice arm." I added, examining it further.

He frowned and stepped back, unhappy with my response. 'Apparently he's not only short in stature but in temper as well.' I thought silently.

I followed Winry upstairs as she described what each of the rooms consisted of. "My room is on the left and yours will be the one at the top. Ed and Al's room is to the right. You'll meet Al later. Don't worry he's not as rough around the edges as Ed."

My eyes fell on each of the doors as the pointed. "Across from my room is the library, where Ed and Al keep most of their books. You can look through them if you want. Ed's study is across from their room."

"So the boys share a room?" I asked aloud.

She turned and smiled. "Yeah, always have, ever since they were little. Just never got out of the habit."

She opened my door and I followed her in. "There's the bed to your right and we share a bathroom there on the left. Just be sure and lock both doors when you're in there and it'll be fine."

It was a full size four poster bed with a comforter set to match the décor of the room. Beneath the windows that overlooked the backyard was a large desk, and on it a typewriter.

'Thank goodness.' I thought.

Beside the bathroom door sat a dresser and beside the bed was a closet. 'This'll do nicely.' I told myself. To Winry I said aloud smiling, "It's lovely."

"Great, I'll let you get settled in." She turned to leave and closed the door.

I sat my suitcase on the floor and shrugged off my backpack onto the bed. Stretching I walked to the window.

Outside was a small workshop, with the door standing wide open. Inside a window sat a small air-conditioner. Through the door I could see several sets of tools. Outside there was metal of all kinds. I knew Winry had something to do with automail, though I wasn't quite sure what that was. Perhaps it had something to do with Ed's metal arm?

I watched as Winry went inside the workshop. She seemed to be talking to someone just within. Perhaps it was the younger brother? I wasn't sure and I didn't want to pry so I began to unpack.

First I took out my folders which held the writings I'd done for various newspapers, as well as some I had yet to distribute. I'd mail the writings in to different publishers and they would send me back the checks. Of course it wasn't the best paying job in the world, but I loved it. They were willing to do the spell-checking and such since I didn't have a computer. In fact, to my great dismay, I found that computers were scarce in this world.

After a while I took out different drawings I had done. None of them were very good, but to me that didn't really matter. All that did was that I enjoyed creating them. So I took the artworks out and carefully made sure they weren't damaged from the trip. I had often crumpled them on accident when packing to move.

Lastly I took out my clothes and shoes which, to be honest, didn't take very long. I didn't have much since I hadn't found a place to settle. The running shoes on my feet and a pair of sandals were all the shoes I owned. I had some skirts and sleeping shorts along with a few shirts and a bathing suit. I'd have to get boots for this winter. They weren't worth caring around all year to only be worn during the cold months.