--Call Me Kindness--

Author Notes:

Hey everyone! Alright, it's the Group of Five's fault--I'm obsessed with Naruto. After about 8 episodes I started writing a fic already! This is a really fun one to write too, there's hardly any romance. If anything, there's a bit of Saukra/Naruto stuff (they're so cute together!). Aside from that, this fic is merely to make people laugh, and I hope I acheive that! There are so many silly situations that Team Seven can get into...oh man, I'm having a blast! Anyhow, please do enjoy my story and reveiw! BTW, this is a very short first bit--it's only the Prologue, the first chapter is pretty long.

Anyhow, go on and read now! LOL!


They always say that the teenage years are the hardest.

So many things change by reaching the age to be officially called a teenager. Many kids acquire a hunger for adventure, some desire acknowledgement of their friends and family while as others cast everything aside and have nothing but complete and utter disrespect for everyone. No two teenagers are said to be the same, but there is something that all teenagers have in common. All teenagers develop a love for something…or someone.

It's at this stage in life that bonds form. These troublesome youth become attached to belongings—books, jewelry; objects obtain sentimental value. Some perhaps latch themselves onto the world's standards, working to better understand the concept of money, wealth, or power and developing an unquenchable lust for the aforementioned items. But for most, it is simple, rather painful, and sometimes…messy. In simple terms, teenagers develop a love for love itself. This entails a person; a relationship. It goes something like this:

Boy meets girl. Boy likes girl. Boy wants girl. Boy tries to get girl. Boy is rejected by girl. Boy gets broken heart instead of girl, which he wanted in the first place. Boy tries to get girl again. Boy is rejected by girl again. And the cycle continues endlessly.

Love's a strange thing. Everyone learns the consequences and advantages to this crazy contraption one day or another, and as it seems—one aspiring Ninja in a place called Konoha Village is learning them slowly. Very, very slowly.

His name is Uzumaki, Naruto.


Chatper One: In Kakashi's Clutches

Team Seven has never looked sorrier. Without a mission--what are the aspiring Ninja's going to do? When Kakashi tells them he has a lesson for them, the whole outlook on the day shifts. For better or for worse? Kakashi-Sensei will decide! Find out in Chapter One: In Kakashi's Clutches!