Chapter 1

A beautiful lady walked down a hallway opening a door. A huge room was revealed with a man sitting at the other side of it. She walked down it standing in front of him.

"Hello Gloria," the man said.

"Hello Mr. Droned," the lady said.

"I suppose you'd like to know your next assignment?" the man asked.

"Yes, I would," the woman said.

"We are trying to kill a man; we've been trying to kill him for the longest time. But we had trouble finding him. Now we know where and who he is," the man said.

"Is my assignment to kill him?" the lady asked.

"Not quite. That will be our job, your job will be to get close to him, and make him believe he loves you, and you will tell us any important information. Once the time is right, we will move in and kill him," the man explained.

"Really? I want pictures, and files," she demanded.

"It wasn't easy, but here," he said handing her a file. She opened it reading on what he did, and looking at some pictures. He was cute; it was going to be fun making love to him.

"I'll take it," she said.

"Good," the man said.

"What is his name?" she asked.

"He goes by Kyle Dossier," the man explained.

"I will get right on it," she said.

One Year Later

Kyle was driving to work. He looked at the picture of him, and his girlfriend, Gloria. She was so beautiful. Kyle was thinking of proposing to her some time. They were together for a year. He'd never forget the day they met.

Kyle was walking down the mall when he bumped into a lady spilling coffee all over her blouse.

"I'm so sorry," he said.

"That's ok. Do you want to help me with it in the bathroom?" she asked pointing to a both genders bathroom.

"Sure," Kyle said. They walked into the bathroom locking the door. She took off her shirt (still having her bra on) putting on a business jacket, and buttoning it up. She grabbed a wipe.

"Would you mind wiping up my chest?" she asked. He was shocked, but nodded taking the wipe and dabbing it over her chest.

"Thank you," she said. They were staring at each other. All the sudden, they shared a kiss.

Kyle kept on driving. After that day, they went on many dates, and after about 5 dates they made love.

Suddenly, his cell phone rang. He picked it up.

"Yes? Ok, I'll be there," he said writing down an address. The meeting he was having today was in a different building than his work one. Kyle drove to the building parking in front of it. It looked abandoned. This had to be a mistake. He checked the address. This was it. Kyle walked inside.

Gloria drove down a street. Suddenly, her cell phone rang. She picked up.

"Hello?" she asked.

"Do-you-love-me?" a voice stuttered.

"Kyle is this you?" she asked.

"Yes, do you love me?" he stuttered again. It sounded like he was being killed. She heard a punch. The men were, killing him, she realized.

"Yes, honey, I love you," she said. All the sudden, she heard a loud bang. Some one picked up the phone.

"It is done," a man's voice said.

"Good," she said hanging up. She didn't feel the best. She felt a little bad that she had him killed. She had wondered over the months if she really loved him. Snap out of it. You did what you had to do. She reminded herself.