Chapter 9

Luke walked down an alley stumbling onto the cold hard wet ground. He landed in a puddle. For a moment he just lay there. Then he slowly prodded his head onto his legs placing his hands over his head as if he were protecting it.

Hot and wet tears rolled down Luke's face. The heart break of loving some one, and then having to let go was unbearable. He was hiding it from himself, but he really had fallen in love with Gloria. But he knew he had to kill her. He felt a complete emptiness inside him. He rolled over lying down on his back. Although he could heal from wounds, he still felt pain, and he felt so much pain for having to let Gloria go. Only this wouldn't heal.

Luke slowly reached inside his coat and pulled out a hand gun putting to his head, and squeezing the trigger. He did this over and over again feeling the pain and the healing of it all in 5 seconds. How was he supposed to put himself out of his misery if he couldn't be harmed? But that's just it. You can't be harmed. You have to complete a task. You have to stop the demon from rising. You'll get to rest after that.

Luke slowly got up pocketing the gun once again. Part of Luke had died that day he was killed in the abandoned building. He was going to finish this. The part that was reborn was the deepest thoughts and rage inside him.

He knew where his brother and Frank Bay were going to perform this ritual. It was the one place that Greg and Luke played as kids. A memory flashed through Luke's mind.

"Greg, Greg slow down. Come on Greg slow down," Luke yelled.

"What's the matter little bro? Can't keep up?" Greg laughed.

"Come one Greg, you're like a foot taller than me, of course you're gonna be faster than me."

"Ok fine," Greg replied.

They walked together in front of an old abandoned factory. Greg smiled.

They climbed up a ladder built in on the side of it reaching a catwalk that, in an accident many years before, had crashed through the outer wall. So the end of the catwalk was just extended out into the air.

It was surprising that Luke was not afraid because they were a good 200-300 feet high.

Greg slowly climbed onto the catwalk followed closely by Luke. They walked into the catwalk still inside the building, which was being held up by really strong rusted pieces of steel. It still was very dangerous though because the end of the steel attached to one end of the wall was blown, so it was only being held by the other side of the wall. The steel came in from one side of the wall, and the catwalk came in from the other, and they met, and the end of the steel just barely held it under it.

Greg and Luke walked down it looking all the way down inside. There were many other catwalks, but they weren't as dangerous, and Greg and Luke loved to be daredevils.

The flashback ended, and Luke slowly started walking to the outer parts of town, the abandoned parts.