Disclaimer: Okay, I don't own Nicol, from Gundam Seed, but I did write the poem.

Here's another poem about someone who died in Gundam Seed. I will do ones for the other characters who died. This one is based on Nicol's last words. In the anime, he heard his mother tell him to be careful, and then he said: Mother…my piano…

I always wondered what he was thinking of when he said that. So I answered it myself


It's so strange

Through the bitter sounds

Of the machine's destruction

I here the sweet soft sound

Of a piano playing in the distance

The gentle melody

The peaceful notes

Drift back to me,

Over the waves of time

I feel my fingers

Dance over the keys once more

The sweet voice of the piano

Sweeping over the audience

As I play for them

I can't hear the death around me

All I can see is white light

Consuming me completely

The gentle oblivion

The kind caress of the end

Sweeps over me

As my melody

Must have swept over

The audiences' hearts

Through the blinding light

I hear the anguished cries

Of my mourning friend

Screaming out my name

I can feel

By a pang in my vanishing heart

My killer's sorrow

Voices drift back to me

Whispering words of love

And kindness

And hope

I broke my promise

I wasn't careful

I was foolish

And rash

And thoughtless

To die out here

Far from the Homeland

But still

I can hear the piano's song

Reaching out to me

From the next world

Calling me home

To a world at peace

Where the ground isn't stained with blood

Where laughter echoes across the fields

And the Song of Peace

The beautiful Song of Peace

Floats down to earth from Heaven,

Sung by the angels of God

I can hear it now,

In sweet oblivion's light

Where I feel no pain

Where my heart is sure and strong

Stronger than it ever was in life

The piano's melody grows stronger

As each moment passes me by

It dances around me

Easing away my regrets and tears

Easing away the guilt

This war had placed upon my soul

I am being called home

Home to a world at peace

Home to a sunrise

Over a pure earth

Brighter now

Stronger now

Kind Death has come for me

Gentle destruction is taking me

I feel my body begin to fade

Consumed by the light

The sounds of the war-torn world

The screams

The tears

The pain

Fades to nothing

As the piano's voice grows stronger

So don't cry

Not for me

I am going home

Home to a beautiful world

Where I will never have to fight again

So don't be sad

Not for me

I'll always be with you

I will find my piano

In the warless world

And upon it I shall play

The Beautiful Song of Peace

So strongly

So sweetly

That is will reach this world

And you will hear me playing

In the sunrise

Of the new day

Don't cry

And don't worry

I will help bring

The Beautiful Song of Peace

Back to the world I am leaving behind

Because I can hear it now

And I want you to hear it too

As the kind light of Death over takes me,

I know I will find a way

To bring you peace

Through the voice of my piano

Mother…my piano…

To Nicol Amarfi, a fellow believer in peace

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