Summary: I had known her just about all my life. But there wasn't any real serious connection. Just the frequent hello, good evening, goodbye took place that I never returned. I never stopped to think about her really. I always thought she was just like everyone else out there. I was wrong though. She isn't like everyone else.

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By: SweetBabyGurl

I sat on the edge of my rocking chair, watching the sun set silently, disappearing below the horizon of calm waters. The combination of blazing orange and pink that shifts into yellow patterns of light reflect off the immobile water and onto myself and the home that stands proudly and firmly behind me. I close my eyes, as if allowing myself to fall beneath the horizon with the sun. Another day has past, and the ache is still there. I imagine it always will be, no matter what I do. The pain of knowing that she's no longer with me will always be there I suppose. I allow the years to replay over in mind, allowing myself a small smile. It all began so many years ago. Fifty five to be exact…


I was seventeen when it all began. I was beginning my last year of high school, finally, as a senior. No more having to prove anything to those who "ruled the school", no more of having to put up with the stupid little pranks everyone pulled as initiation. No more humiliation. It was my turn now.

My name is Li Syaoran. I'm six feet tall on the dot and am captain of the Seijou High's soccer team. I am the proud owner of a pair of amber eyes that anyone can drown in, or so I have been told, and chestnut hair that never seems to want to stay in its place. It's the fall -- September to be exact. In my final year of high school, it was my high point in life. It also made me realize that there were many, too many in fact, low points of my life.

I had seldom people who I called friends. There were only my two best friends and two other girls who were like my baby sisters in fact. The others, to me, were just people I knew and hung out with. Everyone else was just… there. They might have known and cared about me, but I couldn't care less about them.

The first friend I spoke about could be the reincarnation of the devil himself. Hiiragizawa Eriol. He was 6"2 and my cousin. We looked absolutely nothing alike though. He had the weirdest coloured hair in the world. Blue. Now how was he born with blue hair? Don't ask. He also had these eerie looking eyes. They were blue too, almost black. But when the sun hit the glasses that he always wore, you could always see a tint of blue. That's most especially when he gave me the creeps. He always made sure to get a good hit at me whenever he was around. And when he was around, he was always teasing me for one reason or another. And being such a good friend, whenever I need to know something, he always spoke in riddles, making me figure it out on my own. So why call him my best friend might you ask? From the day my father walked out on my sisters, my mom and I, he's been there for me. Plus, he's always the one getting me out of trouble. Even though he gets me into half of it.

The second friend on mine is a real joker. He's the one that always helps me with the problems that I just can't seem to solve and always does something or another to get my spirits up. Takahashi Tai was his name. He was tall, like Eriol and myself, and had light blue eyes with a mop of messy blonde hair. His dad's American so that's why he had such looks. But the name comes from his mom's side. Tai, Eriol and I have all known each other since we were literally in diapers. Our parents were all friends so it was natural we grew up together.

Of course with every group of friends there are always the girls. There was Daidouji Tomoyo; she was the goddess of the school. Everyone wanted her. Hell, who didn't? You had to blind, deaf AND dumb. With the exception of me and Tai of course. Like I said, she's like our little sister. She had the palest and softest skin complexion and soft amethyst eyes. She was tall and slender -- the model kind of a physique with long dark hair the contrasted with her light skin. She was the epitome of beauty. How Eriol managed to snag her as his girl? None of knew.

Then there was another one of the Li cousins. Li Meiling. She was feisty as hell and had a temper that would scare the God of War, Aries, himself. She had long jet black hair set into a native Chinese style, odangos, and fiery ruby eyes that could pierce anyone's soul. Her skin was tanned unlike Tomoyo's but the two girls were amazingly good friends, even though they had the largest personality contrast. She was single, but everyone in the school knew Tai had a thing for her -- except Meiling that is. She often wondered why no guys would come near to her whenever Tai was around. Let's just say that Tai made sure she that would happen fro the first day of junior high when some idiot kissed her cheek. I pity the fool that tries to ask her out on a date.

It was just a group of five of us. Tai, Eriol and I grew up together since we were babies and Meiling with Tomoyo came into the picture in the first grade. Meiling finally came from China when we were six and she became instant friends with Tomoyo who was automatically adopted as another family member. Because of that, our families were unbelievable close. We all practically lived at each other's houses and called everyone's parents mom or dad, whoever had what. That was one thing we all had in common, all of us only had one parent involved with our lives. With me, Meiling and Tomoyo it was our moms that decided to accept us into their lives while with Eriol and Tai, their dads were present. Least to say, we never lacked the "dominating female or male figure" in our lives.

Everything was seemingly perfect. We all came from broken homes but built them back up. The five us were the top students and the guys and I were the top athletes. We would be getting into university -- any university -- that we wanted so we would all be fine for the future. We came from well supported, a nice way of saying rich, families too. So if our grades didn't pull through and our parents didn't kill us, we would always have the money to fall back on.

But it wasn't perfect. We all had our own struggles. We each had different outlets though. But we all loved to cause some kind of trouble here and there. Alright, so maybe a little bit more than that. And unfortunately for us, we almost always got caught. It wasn't for the little things either. When we took all the teaching aides and put them all to the roof of the school, after we photocopied every page of course, and throwing them down from the roof to the begging teachers who needed them back. Damn, that was fun. But when he took over the class for a day no one cared. Pft. If they were only for us we got in trouble. When it benefited others no one would say a word.

So here I sit, my four friends outside the room I'm in, the first week of school and in trouble already. The old and wrinkled principal, Korowais sat across from me, a stern look on his face, his little black beady eyes never leaving mine. Sighing, he reached underneath his desk, slowly taking out several bottles of beer. Then, he pulled out a few packages of cigarettes followed by three pocket knives.

"Mr. Li. Why do you do this to yourself? You're an intelligent young man. You know the rules. If you were going to break them, at least do that off of school property!" Korowais exclaimed in an exasperated voice. Grinning, I lulled myself in my chair, chewing my gum noticeably.

"But if I don't do it here, you don't get as much of a rush," I replied smartly. "So what's happening this time teach? Suspension? Community service?" I questioned before leaning in and grinning, "Expulsion?" I whispered the word. To my surprise, teach smirked right back at me. I leaned back into my chair, no longer rocking back in forth but continued to chew my gum and trained my eyes on him, waiting for his move.

"Oh, of course not Mr. Li. What I have in store for you is much worse," the principal told me, making me blink in oblivion a few times, before raisin an eyebrow as if to challenge me and say hit me with you best shot. "You and your… what shall we call them? Partners in crime? Yes. Well, you and your partners in crime will be doing community service. You will all take turns cleaning the gym top to bottom for five weeks. I'll leave it up to you five to decide how you split up the time."

"Is that all you've got teach?" I smiled, going back to my normal self, almost laughing.

"Why no! I cannot disappoint you after all! I wasn't finished." He started out cheerily before growling the last part, making me gulp nervously. "You will all be participating in the school play, peer mentor programs, student body comities, and of course attending to those who are less fortunate. The homeless shelter. And of course, this will all be done on your free time." By this point, my mouth was wide open, the gum on the edge of my lip threatening to fall out.

"No way in the seven depths of hell!" I growled, standing up and slamming my fist on the brown desk.

"Ah ah ah," he chided me as if I were an insolent child, "any more outbursts from you and I'll just have to make the punishment worse. Send the next one in on your way out."

I glared at him placidly before walking out the door and slamming it shut behind me.


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