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"Lilly are you comfortable, can I get you anything else? What about another pillow or blanket?" James asked his wife anxiously. Lilly just laughed, "James I'm fine the babies aren't due for another few weeks, and your driving us both insane!" James smiled sheepishly down at Lilly," Sorry honey, I'm just so nervous and I want you to be as comfortable as possible." "I know you do, but you're trying to hard! I'm fine, just a little tired," Lilly said with a yawn. James burst into action, fluffing Lilly's pillow, tucking the covers in securely around her, and kissing her on the forehead. "Have a nice nap honey, I'll leave you alone now summon a house-elf to get me if you need anything else." Lilly just waved to him slightly," Bye James," she yawned," I summon you latter." And before James had even closed the door, Lilly was already asleep.

James smiled at his best friends, Remus, Sirius and Peter, who were waiting in the parlor sitting on the three person couch. "So she's okay?" Sirius asked concerned. "I hope nothing bad happened to her, I knew we shouldn't have moved her to Hogwarts so close to the big day." Remus said worriedly. "She's okay right?" Peter said quietly. James sat across from his friends on the sofa," Lilly's fine, the move just tired her out. And it's not your fault we had to move so suddenly, you didn't know Voldemort would suddenly target us. Besides Hogwarts is the safest place until Lilly gives has the babies, plus Poppy's here and she is a very good person to have around during a birth."

"Good we were all worried for a while there." Sirius said, dramatically wiping his brow. Remus and James laughed heartily while Peter gave a weak chuckle. "So have you picked names out for the boys yet?" Remus asked looking at James curiously. James smiled proudly," We are naming the oldest one Damien meaning strength and the youngest Harry after my Grandfather Harold. Lilly picked the names; otherwise their names would be James Jr. and Prongs Jr." The friends all laughed again.

Two Weeks Later

"James I hate you! I hate you I hate you, I hate you!" Lilly growled in pain. "Yaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!" Lilly screamed in pain as another contraction hit. James was hovering around Lilly's side wincing from Lilly's death grip on his hand. "Lilly you're doing fine, breath honey breath." James said anxiously. "Wonderful Lilly you're doing wonderful. Now I want you to push at the next contraction. Push Lilly!" Madame Pomfrey ordered. "Push Lilly, come on you can do it." James said encouragingly inwardly wondering if he will ever be able to use his hand again. "James I'm never sleeping with you again! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!" Lilly screamed pushing down hard, ignoring James' pale face. "I see the crown of a head, push Lilly! Oh I see his little face, almost there! Oh he's so beautiful!" Pomfrey exclaimed wrapping the newborn in a sheet and handing him to Minerva to clean. James smiled down at his wife," He's so beautiful. Just one more honey you can do it."

The oldest son was born at midnight on July 31, after six hours of labor, and his little brother was born nine hours after him on August 1. Mysteriously Lilly and James' oldest son was smaller and thinner than the youngest although he was still very healthy. The oldest also had dark hair and lighter eyes than his brother, who had reddish hair and darker eyes. Lilly and James were happily getting acquainted with there sons and were about to name them when Dumbledore entered the room looking grave.

"What is it Dumbledore? Is You-Know-Who attacking Hogwarts? Are we safe!" Lilly asked panicking and very protective of her babies. Dumbledore smiled slightly," No Lilly, Hogwarts is still safe. I came to talk to you about something concerning your children, or at least one of them." James and Lilly looked surprised and a little alarmed. "What could you want to talk about? They are two perfectly healthy boys, they're perfect," James said forcefully, looking down at the newborns being discussed. "Yes they are perfect, but one will grow up to have the power to defeat Voldemort. In fact he is the only one who can; it is prophesied that a son born on the last of the month, offspring of the flower and the stag will grow into enormous power. Either one could be him since you went into labor yesterday, so choose which you think will be the one and choose wisely." Dumbledore said gravely.

Lilly and James looked down at their little twins; the boys were asleep and unconscious of their parents' scrutiny. They instantly noticed their younger son, although he was born second, was noticeably bigger than his brother. James and Lilly looked at each other and made a decision. "Damien, the youngest is the one; Harry is too small to hold such power." Lilly said convinced, holding the larger son out to Dumbledore. Gently the wizened old man held the baby in his arms, and looked at the small face. "Yes he will grow up to look much like Godric Gryffindor, his hair will probably darken a little and his eyes will be amber. He is a very beautiful baby." Lilly and James beamed at the praise while Harry was lying forgotten in Lilly's arms. This would soon become a regular occurrence.

Because of Damien's importance in the war against Voldemort, Lilly and James watched over him obsessively and many times they forgot about Harry. Damien was a very fussy and demanding baby; he would cry and throw tantrums regularly to get his parents attention. In contrast, Harry was a very sweet baby who rarely cried and laughed easily when there was something to laugh about. Harry learned early that if he and Damien were both crying then his parents would go to Damien and forget about him. But Harry never fought with his brother for their parents' attention, he just quietly watched as his parents fussed over his brother.

Harry was often left alone, no saw his first steps or heard his first word or even saw his first smile. At two months Harry first smiled at a butterfly in the window, Harry could walk at four months while his brother was still crawling. And at six months Harry said his first words to his teddy, "You my famwiwy." His brother couldn't even say, "Ma ma." Harry's first memory was of him being left in his crib while Damien was taken outside by his Dad and Uncles, after that moment Harry remembered everything. Harry didn't know it but he had a photographic memory, and it would make him both happy and miserable. Harry was learning and maturing at an alarming rate, way faster than his brother, yet no one noticed. They were all watching to see Damien do something amazing, to show that he really was the one in the prophecy. And so things went further deteriorating as time went by.