This is my first fan fic and well I do not own tekken but Namco does however I do own a tekken playstation game and a ps2 and the TV and yeah you know what I mean. This is just the intro the actual story takes place from now till the end of tekken 5.So yeah as I have already said do not expect too much and yeah reviews are welcome.

Angry reflections

chapter 1

Hwoarang sat in his small grey cell reflecting and punching the wall with his bandaged fists. Pain shot though his fists but kept going despite the pain after all he had been trained to so at a young age. DAM THEM DAM THEM ALL, He swore out loud at the wall. The guard who stood watch over hwoarangs cell at the embassy was wide eyed staring at the young red head half in fear but yet half intrigued by the red heads rage.

Hwoarang turned around swiftly to face the guard with a piercing look; you have a problem with that he muttered. suddenly the guard was pleased he was on the other side if looks could he said to himself.Hwoarang continued to glare for 5 more minutes and then muttered what ever to himself. The guard shrugged it off and wandered what he had done to deserve this.

Hwoarang calmed himself down and lay casually on his bench he thought it was better to keep his strength he had a strange feeling he would need it some how. This was Jin's fault not that it really was but who else he could blame but his bitter rival. It was then that he clenched his fists and slammed his hand down swiftly onto the bench and yelled, NEXT TIME KAZAMA! NEXT TIME, so loud the cells down the hallway shuddered loudly not to mention the guard from this loud out burst .Straight after he lay down on the bench and fell asleep with that the well shaken guard sighed in relief.

It was 12 hours later that a orderly official came by hwoarangs cell and stood straight and sternly spoke, Hwoarang rolled his eyes army officials all the same to his mind .the official continued to speak, sergeant you have been charged with insoborbanation and failing to follow orders and deserting the Korean military you shall wait here to hear your sentence. The official barked in a loud voice.

'Oh crap Hwoarang thought to himself there goes his match with Jin and sighed he would need a miracle to get out of this mess.

Baek son doo was in the training centre of a Korean military training base waiting for some wannabe Korean army recruits to turn up they so far were 4 minutes late and to baek and the military lateness was a dishonour.

He grew impatient and began to practice his routine for warming up before a fight.

How he wised to train along side some one worthy of his skills like that young boy he had taught so long ago he may been young but he was talented even at that had ogre not attacked him he would have finished the boys training but alas it was not to be.

Just as he was halfway though his routine the recruits arrived with the same same old excuses of the sergeant held us up sensai.He finished his warm up and turned to the group of recruits waiting for excuse as to why they were late. But stopped as one of the recruits Conway he thought his name was talking to another about something every one went silent as baek eyed him sternly he stammered trying to think of a excuse .Sorry sensei but those moves you do were so like this deserter that we caught, Baek was out raged being compared to a deserter that was an insult if he ever heard one. Two other recruits agreed and nodded with him .You see rumour had gone around the base that one recruit had been late and had had one extremely long lecture on late ness ever since no one turned up late to baeks training sessions.

So who was this deserter who was as good as he was he thought to himself.

Tell me boy who is this deserter surely you know something about him, Baek asked intrigued.

There was a moment of silence until one recruit came up and spoke,' sir he's a sergeant I think.

Another one spoke oh yeah he won the last king of iron fist tournament 4 sir whatever that is.

Wow baek thought he must be good to win that I wonder is it who I think it is.

For your info private is a tournament for fighting and now no more chat or you wreck my reputation go train or you shall be for insoborbanation all of you! With that they quickly started training.

So Hehaihaci was still up to no good oh well at least he knew his apprentice was still alive after all these years.

He had a feeling he knew this sergeant and wanted to know more about him in his mind he did not blame the soldier for deserting to enter the 4th tournament and the fact he won was more amazing shame law and laughed to himself.

I hear talking he yelled aback they quickly started to train harder.

From what he had just heard he had also taken many fine Korean soldiers down before capture even more interesting he was considering meeting this sergeant even if he had to use his contacts to do so such as the Ambassador after all they owed him a favour or at least a worthy opponent.

After training he wrote a letter to this deserter after all these years he wished to see how much better his former apprentice was after all he was still very young boy last time he saw him.

The letter was sent now the waiting would begin…..