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Chapter 19

Hunting hawks combine

Asuka was in the hotel lobby chatting to Ling Xiaoyu happily Hwoarang was back in the hotel he had to leave soon but first he wanted to see Asukas results.

The board showing the results was in the lobby it showed that both Jin and Asuka were fighting each other,"both of them eh well I better wish her luck", he said quietly to himself as he walked up to her.

Asuka smirked when she saw him ,"you lost again huh Hwoarang Jins right you should focus more but you did well though", she told him he smirked and shrugged ,"yeah I guess well I'm out now so I guess I'll see you next tournament good luck Asuka kick Jins butt", he said heading for his hotel room to change .


Dam I lost again why do I always lose to pretty boy every time maybe master Baek was right I need to focus more okay next time I'll be better .

I hope Asuka kicks pretty boys butt oh well I'll find out later I guess.

Wait why d I always think of Asuka she's Jin's sister and yet ah this is confusing I do hope I see her again though she's so unlike Jin and I piss him off shame Kazama.

,"watch out Kazama I'll get you next tournament!", Hwoarang yelled out loud at the mirror before heading towards the front desk to sign out.


Hwoarang headed out of the door of the hotel sighing as he left he soon saw his bike parked in its usual place and headed towards it. When he unlocked it and hopped on he took the keys out of his pocket and started the ignition speeding off down the streets.

As he was speeding off he noticed Asuka , Ling and Jin walking around he stopped and got their attention Asuka stopped and headed towards Hwoarang while Jin and Ling followed slowly behind ,"what do you want Hwoarang I'm not giving you another rematch ",Jin stated bluntly.

Asuka smiled and ignored the few comments Jin muttered under his breathe,"Your breath stinks Jin", asuka commented causing Hwoarang and Ling to laugh Jin frowned,"that was cheap Asuka ", Jin retorted annoyed.

Asuka smirked and stated ,"what ever big brother ", aloud Hwoarang grinned and said ,"I love your wit Asuka ", she smirked and replied ,"of course you do oh and Hwoarang are you heading back to Baek are you can you do me one favour?", she asked rather amused by Jins annoyed expression. He smirked slightly ,"yeah but he's going to kill me I'm supposed to be there now anyway so yeah who the fuck cares he'll lecture me either way".

Asuka smiled and asked ,"can you give me a lift to the hotel on your motorbike ,"Hwoarang grinned and took her back to the hotel leaving Jin and Ling to walk when he dropped her off she said ,"well I'll see you next time I guess by the way ",she said evilly as she kissed him he smirked as Jins expression changed from a slight frown to a expression of absolute anger as he was coming round the corner and saw the whole thing. Hwoarang hopped back on the bike, "good luck Asuka I better zap before Jin blows a fuse", he said before leaving both girls laughed at Jins expression.

Jin looked at Asuka frowning and said ,"you did that on purpose didn't you", asuka grinned and snidely replied ,"of course brother and you fell for it drop line and sinker ",before walking off down the street again.

Next day

Hwoarang parked his motorcycle outside the Dojo while stuffing the keys in his pocket Baek was training some kids by the sounds of things he walked in silently and sat down to watch Baek train them .

Baek looked at Hwoarang shaking his head slightly,"you lost didn't you Hwoarang", he asked Hwoarang replied,"yeah but I made it to the last four and next time kazamas so going down", Baek cocked an eye and sighed,"whatever Hwoarang you better change you and me in an hour", he said before looking back to make sure the students were still practicing the routine.

One of the students came up while Hwoarang was still in the room and asked,"sensai who is he", Baek smiled,"my best and most undisciplined student", he said in answer to the Childs question Hwoarang looked a little shocked, "I'm still your best student", he asked in surprise Baek turned back to Hwoarang after scolding a few slacking students,"of course you beat me but your still got far to go Hwoarang".


Hwoarang continued to train in the dojo under Baek training to beat his rival Jin Kazama and as for Asuka ands Jin they fought but Jin came out the winner they destroyed Jinpachi and the Mishima Zaibatsu was claimed mysteriously by some unknown person...


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