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Author's Note- By the summary, this happens at the end of season 4. "The End of the World- Part 3". And they might be a bit OC. Especially Raven, I wouldn't really know how she would act without the influence of Trigon.

Riddles of Change

Words were at a standstill, the need to express their feelings verbally just didn't seem like the right thing to do. Acually they had no idea what had just happen. The people of Jump city looked at each other in confused stares. At one moment, it seemed like Hell had been set loose upon their town, the next moment everything was fine and dandy.

But to the Titans, relief was to small of a word to use at the moment. Not one had said a word since everything had instantly turned from destruction to normal. Raven in front, Robin behind, and Cyborg, Beastboy, and Starfire aligned next to one another. Raven took a step forward, her eyes began to fill up with tears, tears foreign to her eyes. She fell down to one knee, even though she longed for the feel of joy, happiness, crying made her feel weak. But just this one time, she'll allow them to flow. Just in light of the events that had just passed. Her terrible fath . . . No, Trigon, was gone and finally out of her life, her mind, just gone from her entirely. Lost in her own thoughts, she didn't notice her inspiration coming up from behind her. He put his gloved hand on her shoulder, she looked up into his face. A single tear had fallen down her cheek.

The sight she was looking at was truly a sight to behold. The sun just overhead, and Robin's stoic face blocking it from view. Created an effect around his features that made him look godly. Then Raven became overwhelmed with happiness, or something of the sort. The feeling came from the pit of her stomach. Something yet again foreign to her, she didn't have to force the feeling away like she always did. Now she let it go, and she instantly regretted as she jumped up and pulled Robin into a loving embrace.

At first he was startled by her actions, but pushed it aside as he hugged her back. He rubbed her back as she cried into his neck.. He perfectly understood how she was feeling, the whole reason behind her anguish, her loneliness, all the factors that made her life messed up, was gone. And hopefully never to return to her life again. He grabbed her shoulders and pulled her away, she was looking at the ground. Probably out of shame that she was crying. Robin put a finger on her chin and lifted her face to meet his.

"Lets, go home." He whispered, she nodded as that handsome smirk crossed his face. Blackness surrounded the Teen Titans as Raven transported them back to their newly reformed Tower. Once settled inside, the jittery Cyborg could no longer hold it.

"BOOYAA!" Cyborg boomed at the top of his lungs.

"We did it! WHOOOOHOO!" Beastboy wailed. "Time to party." He disappeared through the double doors. Cyborg and Starfire behind him to grab their own festive equipment. Robin and Raven staying behind, at first it seemed uneasy to him. Their relationship had grown tremendously over the pass few months. Robin knows how he feels about Starfire, but that exact same feeling now was starting to strengthen for Raven. Ever since the day she entered his mind when he was being mentally attacked by Slade, they had formed somewhat of a silent bond.

And now here they were, sitting not but a few feet from each other in awkward silence. And Raven was the first to break the murdering silence.

"Robin. . .I deeply appreciate everything you've done for me. Words don't describe how grateful I feel towards you–" Raven was cut short by a hand from Robin, who had a caring smile on his face.

"Don't worry about it Raven. I'm your friend, anything I can do to help." Robin said, but mentally slapped himself by the sudden look of disappointment on Raven's face at the word "Friend". He went to say something else, but was cut off by Starfire, Cyborg ,and Beastboy. Who were all involved in a song Starfire had taught them while they searched for party goods. They came bustling through the doors with loads of equipment. Raven had stood up while not looking at Robin at all. And began helping her fellow Titans by putting up decorations and whatnot. Leaving Robin to beat himself up.

'What's she even mad for, it's not like I've ever shown any interest.' He thought that one over. 'OK maybe I have shown that I was interested in her. But I like Starfire don't I?' He asked himself.

No, not anymore.' a little voice said from the depths of his conscious. At least not like you used to'.

Robin looked over at Raven, who was putting up a banner commemorating the survival of Earth. She felt someone, a certain someone's eyes bearing down the back of her head. She looked out the corner of her eyes and spotted Robin staring at her with the fullest of attention.

'He still has feelings for Starfire though? He doesn't seem like the one to cheat. But their not actually together are they? Maybe I'm just looking to far into things. I mean just because I can actually show my emotions now, doesn't mean I necessarily have to. It's not like they've ever showed any interest in me. Not even Cyborg, and I'm sure he needs someone in his life. But the way Robin hugged me after we defeated Trigon. And the way he looked into my eyes, at least I'm sure he looked into my eyes, mask and all, there's just gotta be something there. I can feel it.' She hovered back down to the floor and the party began.

Somehow people knew the Titans were throwing a bash celebrating the defeat of this Trigon-thingy. Signs had pointed to Cyborg, who had blabbed to every and anyone he could in the past minute. And not but 2 hours after the party had started, somebody had spiked the punch. Beastboy had taken to drunkenly entertaining some girls by forming into very cute animals. Which wobbled all over the floor. Cyborg was showing off his tech to nerds who were caught ogling it. Starfire, being the only one sober, was staying next to Robin, who was falling all over the place. And Raven, who only left after Robin had indeed been feeling the effects of the Tequila, Capt. Morgan, and Hawaiian Punch mixed together. Since he wasn't in his right state, talking to him wouldn't be the best thing to do. And she felt a twinge of jealously because of Starfire's overbearing presence on Robin. So she escaped the party to the cozy sanctuary of her own room.

Where she immediately fell into the deep depression of boredom. Finding no need to start her familiar chant, meditating seemed out the window. Honing her skills was usually boring, not that it mattered though. But now, she was beginning to feel restless. She lighted some candles on her dresser and laid down on her bed, staring at the ceiling as if they were the shape shifting clouds outside. She glanced over at her bookcase.

'I've read every single one of those books. I need some ne–' Her thoughts were cut short, when she spotted cobwebs towards the back of her bookcase. She sat up and peered more deeply into it. She stood up and walked over, throwing books on the ground, until she reached the clump of cobwebs resting on a black and red book. With silver trimmings along the spine.

"Okay, maybe I haven't read all my books. This feels weird though, an energy. I've never felt this kind power radiating from this kind of book before." She opened the book and absent mindedly walked back over to her bed. Sitting down, she flipped to the first page.


It cannot be seen, cannot be felt.
Cannot be heard, cannot be smelt.
It lies behind stars and under hills,
And empty holes it fills
It comes first and follows after,
Ends life, kills laughter.

"Riddles? And they seem to be dark riddles. The answer to this one, has to be. . .DARKNESS!" Raven proclaimed, and as she did, a short burst of the answer, darkness, shot out of the book and disappeared. Raven looked at the area where the black strand of energy once was, shaking her head. She kept on reading.


Dress yourself in darkest black,

And they are darker still.

Always they flee the light,

Though without the sun there would be none.

"Okay, these riddles are starting to get extremely dark. I like dark, I can't believe I've never read this book before. These riddles are a little easy, probably why I've never read this book. The answer to this one. Shadows." She said glumly. She looked around after looking at the book. Nothing had happened. Then the candles on her dresser began to grow brighter, brighter. Until Raven's shadow had grown to an enormous size. Then it soon diminished as quickly as it came. Raven stared down at the floor, her breath began to quicken as the shadow had grown and slowed as the shadow had shrunk.

Stoex Zhiqel Yazentiau

The more that there is,

The less that you see.

Squint all you wish when Surrounded by me.

"So, this book shows the answer? The answer to this seems to be night." And as soon as she said the answer, the candles on her desk went out in a puff of smoke, and she was doused in darkness. And a chill had fallen over her body. Then she quickly warmed up as the candles came back to light. "That was. . . different. It does show the answer. But there must be more to it though. But if it does I can find one that answers love. But. . .this just isn't me. Looking for love, I'm not that desperate. I know, the emotions I've been denied for so long, are all resting inside me right now. So maybe it won't hurt to look, just to see the effects of the answer. . ." She said as she flipped more pages.


Sought out before Lust

Found after Lust

"And of course, this is love." And red sparkles shot out from her book, surrounded her body and disappeared like the rest of the answers. The sparkles created a warm afterglow and warmed Raven, outside and inside. And no sooner had it gone, did someone start banging on her door.

"Raven! What are ya doin in yur room?" Robin yelled as Starfire tried to contain him.

"Robin!" Raven exclaimed, she closed the book and scooted it under the bed and ran to the door. But unnoticed to her, a bright light flashed underneath the bed. Raven opened the door and Robin fell in her arms, causing her to blush. But it went away fast, because he breathed a smile in her face. Then past out.

"Come on, let's help him to his room." Raven suggested, Starfire nodded. And they heaved him to his room, tossing him on his bed.

"Should we, undress him?" Starfire asked innocently, Raven gave her a look, which made Starfire blush. Then looked back at Robin.

"Just his boots, shirt, and cape." Raven said while undoing his cape. Starfire moved to his boots, slipping them off and throwing them on the ground with clunk. Raven began undoing his shirt, which took her a long time to do, because her hand kept brushing his stomach, then his chest. Leaving with a scarlet face and Starfire in tow. They headed back to the now slow dying party.

As they walked back, a eerie breeze brushed passed them, looking at each other, they shrugged and kept walking. But Raven was unsure still.

'That felt just like the energy in that book.' She kept walking though,

Back in Robin's Room

What little light that lit the room was now gone, as an energy crept fromunder the door.Robin lazily opened an eyelid as he suddenly felt cold,.

"Whozat? He leaned on an elbow, struggling to get off the bed, he fell. Staggering up, he grabbed his head while groaning. Shaking it, he stopped when he heard something that sounded like Raven.

"Hello, Raven?" He said.


"Hello, Raven this isn't funny." Like a switch, it was like he was nearly sober. He ran to the door and opened it, he looked outside, but nobody was there. Closing the door, he heard it again.


He whipped around, a bit to fast, because he almost fell over. Robin suddenly had the feeling he wasn't the only one in his room. He put his finger on the light switch, and flicked it on. And floating in the middle of his room, was a ghost. But not just any ghost, a black ghost with red eye sockets. But that wasn't what frightened him, what frightened him the most, was that this ghost looked exactly like he did. From head to toe. The ghost didn't move, it just stared at his semi reflection. Robin took a slow step forward, the silence in the room would cause anyone in the right mind to go insane. Until . . .

Robin, you seem to be in denial. I shall let you know now, Starfire is no longer the girl for you. Robin grimaced. The voice was no longer Raven's, but Robin's now.

"What do you mean, no longer." He asked.

Before Starfire may have been considered the "right one", but not anymore. Your. . .or should I say our feelings for Raven, has overshadowed Starfire's. But before you were not a suitable candidate for The Dark Lady's heart. But recent events have come to light.

He stopped talking. Robin waited for him to say something, but then he heard footsteps outside his door. They grew louder and louder and then the sound shrunk back into nothing. As someone had just walked by. The ghost Robin continued.

Raven had come across an ancient book, one she had not read, one that she had no idea was even there. Because it did not want to be found. Not just yet at least. Not until Raven was free from the control of Trigon the Terrible. And now that she is, the book now exist. And her soul was being called to it, whether she knew it or it not. But Robin had a question to ask.

"But what does the book do?" He had walked over to his bed and sat down.

Ah yes. The book is somewhat of a, in your terms, relationship helper. The book holds many riddles, with many answers. Answer a riddle, it comes true. Like for instance. Me. I am the answer to the riddles she completed.

"What, one answer had something to do with dark, didn't it?" He asked.

One answer was dark, Robin. Dark, Night, Shadows, and Love.

"Love? That seems out of place." He grimaced at the word.The ghost chuckled.

By combining the first three. You shall now be a creature of the night–

"So I'm Batman, big deal." The joke he laid out reminded him of something Beastboy would say. But the ghost didn't find it funny.

No, actually a bat would be something of the sort. Or a vampire to be more precise. Robin froze where he sat, not really sure he had heard him right.

"Um, did you just say, I'm a vampire" He suddenly had a headache coming on.

Yes, I did. But not necessarily. See, she made it extremely complicated by adding the last little ingredient.

"Love. Will. . .will I be able to go out in the day." He asked hopefully.

No. Love does not pertain to that specific term. But unlike a vampire, you won't have the thirst for blood. So Robin, now I leave every thing to you. I'll be talking to you in the future.

"Wait!" Robin jumped up, but the ghost ignored him. He backed up, then shot straight into the chest of the Boy Wonder. Knocking him back on his bed and sending him into a dreamy state.


End of the First chapter

A/N: How'd ya like it. Oh! Robin's ghost, if you've played Kingdom Hearts, Sora's ghost is exactly like that. Except with red eyes in place.