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Chapter 01: Disturbing News

In the place where time could be manipulated and observed, and where destiny could be foreseen and altered, Sailor Pluto stood in front of the Time Gate, frustrated..

For some unknown reason, the Time Gate was acting haywire, emitting sporadic bolts of electricity at its nearby surrounding. Usually, when this happened, it would mean that there was impending chaos threatening to change the future. In this case, there was also impending chaos.

However, there was one difference: she can't stop it. No matter what solution she thought of, not a single one is able to prevent the chaos that would change the future. To make matters worse, it was impossible to alter destiny back to the way she saw fit, which is the birth of Crystal Tokyo.

Apparently, something happened while she was at the sailor scout meeting a few hours ago. Ever since the defeat of Sailor Galaxia and the departure of the Sailor Starlights two months ago, things have been pretty normal. To the sailor scouts, normal meant that there was no youmas or chaos, and where everyone could just get on with their life without having to transform.

This was relaxing for the sailor scouts, but at the same time nerve-racking, since there's never been a period of peace for more than a few weeks before. The majority of the sailor scouts believed that the destruction of Sailor Galaxia meant the defeat of the last great villain. Others, like Ami and Rei, believed that the forces of evil were just bidding their time and preparing for something big. Sailor Pluto, at the moment of the meeting, believed agreed with the majority of the sailor scouts, because before the meeting the Time Gate was acting normal and the destiny of Crystal Tokyo was nearing at the fastest pace she's ever seen. It seemed as if kami-sama was finally giving them their big break.

She scowled at herself for thinking so.

'The future of Crystal Tokyo is dead, a new evil is lurking, and there's nothing I can do about it, but accept it.' She sighed, placing a hand on the side of her face. 'I just finished sailor scout meeting half an hour ago, and now I have to call for another one. Great. Just great.'

Sailor Pluto de-transformed into her casual clothes. Setsuna, which was her human name, teleported out of the Time Gate dimension, anxious to reassemble the sailor scouts once again.

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