Little Secret

by Carrottheluvmachine

Chapter One

The words rang through her head as she felt herself being pinned up again her bedroom wall. He loomed over her, unable to surpress his lust any longer. He ran his hands down her smooth skin, until they reached her waist, which his arms snaked around and hugged her close against his chest. She stared up at him, never expecting him to return her words of love, but he did, and now they were entwined in an act so powerful neither of them could stop even if they wanted to.

Their lips locked together in a kiss, and she began inching over to her bed. Falling down, she pulled him ontop of her, and he straddled her waist, kissing her neck and reaching his arms up to take her shirt off. When he had it off, he tossed the article of clothing aside and reached behind her back, struggling with the hooks of her bra. She used this time to remove his clothes, and stare intently at his muscular figure. Her hands made their way to his pecks, and then down, brushing against his hard abs. Smoothly, her hands reached his back, and played with his long braid, tempting to untie it. She reached his hair tie, and yanked it out, letting his golden locks flow fourth. His hair hung over his shoulders, tickling her face.

She shuddered as he finally managed to free her breasts of their prison. His eyes instantly locked on them, and he grew hungry for a taste. Lowering his body, he playfully began to suck on them, listening to her moan in enjoyment. She arched her back and gave out sharp orgasmic gasps as he moved from one breast to the other. She felt a cold, yet warm sensation fill the one he had just finished, and watched as his mouth covered the only one remaining.

While he busied himself with her breasts, she ran her hands up and down his back, tickling him and making him shiver from her touch. He removed his mouth and stared down at her. A hint of something devilish shimmered in his golden orbs, and she grinned seductively up at him. His hands made their wait to her skirt, and his eyes seemed to ask if this was alright. She nodded her head, and watched as he slipped her skirt off, taking her panties along with it. Once again the clothing was dropped on the floor without care, and his fingers gently brushed up against her area. She prepared herself for what she knew was coming, and gasped painfully as one of his fingers found its way inside of her. The moaning couldn't stop now, and she arched her back once again. He grinned and put yet another finger in, increasing the volume of the moans.

As he played around inside of her, his mouth kissed the base of her stomach. He moved further up, and planted even more kisses, making a trail of lust leading up to her lips. Greedily, he took her mouth into his own, and their tongues slid against each other. He inspected every inch of her mouth, as she did with his. Once their lips slid off each other, his fingers were removed from inside of her. He lay down beside her, smirking. She grinned back at him, and stood up, crawling ontop of him. Now her hair hung in his face, and he brought his hands up to become lost in the mass of blonde. Her blue eyes stared down at him lovingly, this was all she ever wanted; his love.

At last he would give her what she wanted, she had finally won an arguement that had gone on for seventeen years. She had stolen his heart, and he was at last ready to admit that no matter how hard he tried, he could never push her from his thoughts. So came the night of confessions, this night, the night when their bodies would become one.

She brought her lips to his again, and kissed him passionately. "I'll never forget this night,"

He kissed her back, and pulled her as close as possible. "I love you, Winry Rockbell..."

She smiled down at him as his hot breath came in contact with her already warm cheeks. "I love you too, Edward Elric," another kiss was given, and their tongues met again. "Thank you...for everything..."

-Author's Corner-

I know, I know, it's too short, and too romancy...or...too sexual, your choice! This is my first FMA fic to be released, and note: IT IS NOT A ONESHOT! Meaning it will be continued! But, because of the fact that I have school soon, the second chapter may come later than expected...It'll also be longer, this was just the intro!

Please review and tell me what you think! I'm so happy I joined in on the FMA fanfic fun! WHEE!