"Reduced to This"

By Angel Sentier and Lady Parsley

Chapter Seven

Teri thought, at first, that she was being awakened from her favorite dream, only to be brought into her favorite dream... only the reality brought with it, along with the light kisses on the soft, warm flesh of her neck that sent tiny electric shocks up to her not-even-ready-to-wake-up brain, the smell of pork.

Why does my favorite dream smell like pork? was her first thought. It's way too early to think about that, was her second thought. Her third thought, as the sensations continued and began to increase in fervor, was, Maybe I don't mind so much...

"I now understand why you are continuously late for work," Daniel purred against her ear, his breath tickling as much as it tantalized. "You sleep more deeply than anyone I have ever met."

"It's a gift." She shut her eyes, half out of defiance to the morning, and half to take in the barrage of pleasure Danny was raining down on her. She could feel his bare chest rubbing against her upper back, just below the nape of her neck. His hips were grinding against her legs, the movement too deliberate to be instinctive. More than that, she felt the biggest erection pressing against her ass and she sighed deeply.

"Ahhh... There's nothing like a romp through the morning wood," she said, laughing nervously. Danny stopped for a moment, considered, and then laughed along with her.

"That would be absolutely fan-fucking-tastic, I have to agree," he said, between light kisses along her spine which caused Teri to squirm deliciously against him.

"But I guess you have to get to work," she said after a moment, disappointment creeping into her tone.


She blinked. "No?"

"Remember?" he said, craning his neck to look at her, eyes flashing mischievously. "You said that if I stayed, I'd be calling into work today. I've already called Chloe's phone at work."

Teri rolled over to look at him fully in stunned disbelief. Danny Peer just called in to work... for her? A wide grin lit up her face as she threw her arms around his neck. "Danny! I think you just got your balls back!"

He buried his face against her shoulder for a moment, trying not to snicker. "You really think so?"

"Well, I didn't say they'd been reattached or anything..." She leaned up and kissed him playfully. "I think maybe you're just holding onto them." She kissed him again, for a bit longer this time. "Mmmm... Or maybe I should check and make sure..."

Teri ran her fingers from his chest, down his stomach, which caused him to giggle and then hastily try and cover it up. She quirked one eyebrow. "Sensitive stomach?" she asked.

"Maybe a little," he admitted, sheepishly.

She gave a small wicked smile. "Oh,. I see definite possibilities in this..." However, her smile turned into a frown as her nostrils flared. "Is something burning?" The pork smell she'd almost forgotten or maybe had been ignoring was changing into a slight charcoal aroma.

Danny's eyes widened and he leapt from the bed. "The bacon!" he exclaimed. She was afforded a momentarily stunning view of his well-sculpted backside as he ran down the hall toward the kitchen. He returned in a few minutes with a large tray, full of food.

Teri sat up. "You made me breakfast?"

"I hope you don't mind," he said, placing the tray next to her. "The bacon's a little... crisp."

The man boggled her senses. "Mind? My kitchen hasn't seen food since I moved in here! Did you not see the overabundance of take out cartons in the fridge? You defrosted arctic bacon for me and then tried to cook it... I'm overjoyed! Now, get in this bed and feed me, damn it, and then fuck the hell out of me!"

And she wasn't sure, but just before he moved to do her bidding, she thought she saw his cheeks turn pink a little. That was worth any amount of crisp bacon. Just as he was lifting a forkful of eggs and cheese to her lips, however, the phone rang.

"Ugh," sighed Teri in mild frustration. "Just ignore it. It's only Chloe calling to tell me how late I am for work."

The phone rang five times before the message machine picked up.

If you know I'm asleep, you're better off hanging up. I'll get your message when I'm good and ready. Bye! Beeeeeep.

"Where are you?" came Chloe's panicked voice from the machine. "I know you're always late, but you can't be late today! Ginger's not even late today! She was early! EARLY, Teri! You know what this means! The world is coming to an end! The universe is imploding! Oh, my God, I can't breathe..." Her message dissolved into heavy breathing for a few moments.

"She sounds really upset," said Danny. "Maybe you should pick up."

"Nah," said Teri. "She does something like this every morning. Although Ginger being early is a new one..."

The heavy breathing continued for another few seconds. "Is it wrong that I'm kind of turned on?" asked Danny.

Teri thwacked him in the arm as Chloe resumed talking. "Okay, okay, I can breathe..." She took one more deep breath. "All I have to say to you is, where is Danny's body because you must have killed him. Or you brainwashed him. Either way, his body isn't where it's supposed to be and it needs to be here!"

She pushed Danny onto his back, climbing on top of him. "Would you consider this killing or brainwashing you?" she asked, conversationally.

"If you want it to be, sure," answered Danny.

"Come on, Teri, I need you to wake up now," continued Chloe. "Come on, please, Teri! I'm asking you, I'm begging you, please answer your phone! Get up and get to the phone, get up, get up, up, up, up!"

Teri grinned down at Danny. "You heard the woman, come on, submissive boy, get up, chop chop!" she said, clapping her hands for emphasis.

"That is so wrong," he said, shaking his head.

"Shut up, you get off on it."

Completely unaware of what was going on at that end of the phone, Chloe went on. "At least answer the phone and tell me what's going on, because I am confused as all hell! Ginger's here early, Danny's not here, Jeff looks like he got beat with the same bat Danny got beat with... the kind with wings and teeth... and I don't know where Tessa is but I loaned Jeff the company jet and--"

Ceasing to listen after that almost nonsensical tidbit of knowledge, Teri looked at Danny, fear and terror growing in her eyes as her smile quickly faded. "Just a minute..." She very regrettably climbed down from her perch and stumbled to the phone. "What is this about loaning Jeff the company jet?" she said into the receiver without preamble.

"Good morning to you too!" said Chloe. "Where the hell is Danny? And why are you not at work? And why is Ginger at work? What the hell is going on!"

"Stop yelling at me, you're going to give yourself another panic attack!"

"Too late! About an hour too late!"

"Calm down before I kill you."

"You'd have to be at work to do that."

"I'll go into work to do it and then I'll leave. Why did you loan Jeff the company jet? Let's think about this for a minute... You handed a several million dollar piece of machinery to a waiter? That's one hell of a tip, Chloe!"

"I had to! He had the puppy eyes!"

Teri paused. Chloe was making less sense as this conversation went on. "What?"

"They were there, and he was looking at me, and... I gave him the jet."

"...You need Thorazine!"

"Shut up! You didn't see the puppy eyes! It was like this big sad puppy was looking at me, begging me for food! I couldn't say no to the puppy eyes, he restored my faith in men for a moment!"

"And we all know how much you love animals... You're psychotic!" Teri took a deep breath. "Okay, puppy eyes aside... WHY did you give it to him?"

"He couldn't find Tessa."

"He knows where she lives! Doesn't he have her phone number?"

"She left last night for New York!"

"What? Okay, you're definitely not making any sense."

"I know!" said Chloe, only steps away from beginning to wail, and Teri knew that once she got started, she wouldn't stop.

"Okay, okay," she said, attempting to be calm. "Why don't you meet me at the Canard and you can explain everything over ice cream. You like ice cream, ice cream will make it allllll better..."

"We can't go to the Canard, Jeff isn't there! They beat him up! Weren't you listening?"

"Who's they?"

"I don't know! Something about dishes and a vat of knives... He got beat up, okay?"

"You do realize that there are other waiters at the Canard, right?" She shook her head, holding the phone away from her ear for a moment and taking another deep breath. One of them had to be sane for this conversation to continue and it was still way too early in the morning for it to be Teri. "Look, I can't deal with you when you're not making any sense. Do you realize what I'm giving up right now by talking to you? Rock hard abs! Hot fudge sundae! It will be mine!"

There was a pause as Chloe presumably added things up. "Oh, please not today," she begged. "Please Teri, for the love of God and all things holy... Not today! The devil doesn't like it when you play with her toys, she gets mad! Any other day but today! As your friend, I'm begging you... Please send Danny to work!"

Teri paused, considering. "After I'm done with him," she said and hung up. Chloe damn well owed her this much.

"After you're done with me?" asked Danny as she came back to the bedroom.

"It won't happen today," said Teri. "I have way too many wonderful fantasies running around in my head for me to be through with you all in one day. But I'll settle for a few before I send you off."

Danny smiled. "Well, what first?"

"First," she said, imperiously. "You need to get up, find your clothes, and go get me some more ice cream."

"Where are my clothes?"

"I've hidden them in strategic places around the room."

He got up and started by checking under the bed... pulling them out a moment later. "Um... I've found them," he said, a slightly confused look on his face.

"Okay, so I'm not very strategic." She hopped back up on the bed. "Well, go on! I'll be waiting."

Obediently, he bowed his head. "Yes, Teri," he said in a soft tone.

A thrill ran up her spine, different than the ones she'd experienced earlier. Yeah... she thought. I think I could get used to that.

To be continued...

AUTHOR'S NOTE: With my apologies, I have to admit that these stories will probably never get finished. I have been asking to write more for nearly a year now, and getting no response. So, it is with deep regret that I put this story and the two we had yet to write on indefinite hiatus. Not my choice, I'm very sorry.

Sincerely, Angel Sentier

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