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Some AE spoilers. A little drabble-ish thing from Thief King Bakura's POV. Because I do have a tendency to take his side.


I don't remember much of that night. My eyes and ears felt separate from the rest of my body. I saw what was going on in front of me, but I didn't comprehend. I heard their screams, but I didn't acknowledge them.
And then the screaming stopped. The invaders disappeared. There was silence.
Mindlessly, I stumbled out of my hiding place. Everything was dyed with red—the walls, the ground, the weapons scattered about.
I looked for my mother—couldn't find her. My father—couldn't find him. Everyone I knew was gone. Why had they left me?
There was a creature that I found that night—a monster, I suppose, about the size of my father, with a terrible face and a snake instead of legs. But I wasn't afraid. Somehow, I knew that this monster was mine and had come out of me.
I collapsed in front of it, exhausted, and the snake wrapped around me to keep me warm. I fell asleep in the streets with that creature protecting me.

People say that when a person goes insane, his mind "snaps." He suffers one too many times, so something in his mind suddenly changes. He sees things that aren't there, and he cannot think and reason like a normal human.
I never felt any "snap." To me, it was as though my mind had gone to sleep at some point during that night, pulling away from the terror of the massacre in front of me.
When it woke up the next morning, the world had changed.
Not me.

No, Logic says. You are the one who changed. Your way of perception became skewed; you became unable to think straight and could think only of revenge.
You went insane.

But listen. I will tell you, Logic, how I reached my conclusion that the world had changed—that the world had gone insane.

When I woke up in the morning, everything had changed color. Everything was now covered in red or rusty brown. If I scratched at the color, it would flake off and get stuck behind my nails. But I felt unclean when I touched it.
Is color change not a severe change of the world?
My parents and everyone I knew were gone. I couldn't even find their bodies. I'm not a fool; I'd encountered death before. Even I know that bodies don't simply vanish.
Apparently, people can disappear completely from this strange, changed world.
(Yes, I know now that they are dead; that realization and acceptance came with time. Even better, I know who killed them.)
Another change to the world: my dear monster, my protector, my Diabound. Suddenly there was a monster that I controlled, but there had never been a monster before. And I know for fact that Diabound is real and not some mindless delusion. I know because I have heard people's dying screams as he attacked them; I know because he has helped me into many, many tombs by walking through walls. But most of all I know because I can just tell. He is my Diabound—of course I can tell.
Is not the sudden appearance of monsters a change in the world?

Of course, I will not say that I have not changed at all. I grew, after all, became older and more mature, learned more of the world.
And most of all, I adapted to the changes of the world.
I adapted to living alone; I adapted to having Diabound. I adapted, and I thrived the way I was.
Isn't adaptation a completely "normal" response? Isn't it a good one?

You see, don't you, Logic? I never went insane.
The world went insane.
I adapted.